The Scorpion Clan Coup (Alternate Timeline)

This is where I am going to post a relatively brief synopsis of the Scorpion Clan Coup Storyline run by myself (Christopher Hand) that included, as players:

Bobby Turman (Shosuro Atari), Eric Samuels (Akodo Unmei), Jeremiah Sager (Isawa Ujina-uo), Kyle Carroll (Matsu Tadaka), Jack Vaughn (Keikenna), and Gabe Turman (Togashi Gohan).

This synopsis will include a base “touch” on each of the major plot points and will likely flesh out into a more detailed section of information when others post in the forums things that I missed, forgot to write down, or they feel is important to include.

Also, this synopsis will have the wind-down of the actual Scorpion Clan Coup itself and the link to the gap in history from Scorpion Clan Coup to the start of the Clan War (Alternate Storyline) Game. [Need a new title for that storyline.]

From Scorpion Clan Coup to Clan War Beginning

The Scorpion Clan Coup (Alternate Timeline)

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