The Ruby Dojo

Members of the Ruby Dojo

The Ruby Dojo in the Imperial City is the training grounds for the Emerald Magistrates and home of the Ruby Champion. The Emerald Champion also possesses an estate here.

  • shodan beginner with solid basics
  • nidan starting to understand a little bit
  • sandan intermediate, able to instruct beginners
  • yondan junior instructor
  • godan instructor
  • rokudan senior instructor
  • nanadan master instructor
  • hachidan god of the style

Soshi Kiyotaka, Ruby Champion

A junshin who devoted himself to the law. Though his family placed him within the Soshi magistrate school, even they were displeased to see that his dedication to the letter of the law was absolute. During an investigation, he outed one of his own family which earned him no favors from the Scorpion and especially from the Soshi. The only reason he was not cast out is because he was recognized by a Seppun who had him assigned to the Emerald Magistrates. He has excelled as a magistrate and though loyal to the Scorpion they have chosen to never test whether he would choose the law of them again. He has picked up various languages during his travels and has seen been to the Jewel of the Desert once during an investigation. The Unicorn think he’s neat.

* * * * *

The Imperial Dojo: Seppun Style Instructors

Seppun Masaru, Sandan of the Seppun Style

Born into the lap of luxury, Masaru was given his position on no merits of his own but birthright. As such he is a passable leader with little experience. He has a penchant for finery and while a talented swordsman, he is young. His Sensei hoped to mold him into a Seppun worthy of the family name.

* * * * *

Seppun Rei, Yondan of the Seppun Style

An intelligent young samurai-ko and promising student, Rei exceeded her Sensei’s expectations in every way. She was rewarded for her impressive pedigree a position as an Imperial Magistrate. While attending a case Phoenix lands she was informed of her mother’s grisly death in the Imperial City. Outraged, she has vowed to hunt down and convict those responsible even if that means death.

* * * * *

Seppun Sen, Godan of the Seppun Style

Seppun Sen is a paragon of Honor, grasping onto the mantle of Duty with a fervor. No one doubts Sen’s abilities which is why he personally serves as a member of the Emperor’s personal guard. His eyes are sharp – expected of the Miharu – and nothing escapes him. He has a firm demeanor, adhering strictly to etiquette as any situation demands.

* * * * *

Seppun Harada, Rokudan of the Seppun Style

Harada serves the Seppun House as a formal champion, ready to draw his sword in the name of Imperial Honor. He is renown as an accomplished duelist and with his natural good looks and confidence (arrogance), he has become a favorite of the ladies in the Imperial City – whom he has no problem entertaining. As part of his post he is the steward of a minor Nemuranai to assist him in his duties. The Sensei is attempting to groom him into becoming the next Head Sensei.

* * * * *

Seppun Kojima, Nanadan of the Seppun Style

A master of the Seppun style of swordsmanship, Kojima is one of the most respected Imperial Legion commanders in Otosan Uchi. His age speaks volumes of his ability as his hair has grayed, he is a heavily decorated veteran personally recognized by the Emperor, and he refuses to retire. As long as he can maintain his post and serve, he feels he can continue commanding for another ten years. With a powerful knack for leadership and keen mind, few can deny his ability. However, it is said this all came at a price: scholars and shugenja have found his connection to the Void has been severed entirely.

* * * * *

Seppun Izumi, Hachidan of the Seppun Style

As the Head Sensei, Izumi commands a great deal of respect. Her life has been dedicated to mastering the art of the draw and her skill is so great she has been accepted into the ranks of the elite Kenshinzen of the Crane. She has bested multiple styles from many of the finest dojo in the Empire: Akodo, Bayushi, Kakita, Mirumoto, Shiba… She is even currently writing a new treatise on iaijutsu whom some believe will have a place of Honor next to Niten and The Sword. It is said her dedication is owed to a ronin duelist taking her left eye when she was a younger samurai-ko during a duel. While the stories are unclear, it is said she found the man a year later and killed him in a duel. Needless to say, she has a distaste for wavemen.

* * * * *

The Seven Great Students

These are the seven students recognized as greatest of their particular clan style. They are not necessarily the best duelists in the Imperial City, but are considered the best within the Ruby Dojo (and the Emerald Magistrates).



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The Ruby Dojo

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