The Daimyo's Council

Rikishi’s Advisory Council

Rikishi, the Ronin Daimyo had a Lion father (Kitsu Domen, an Akodo Tactician) and a Scorpion mother (Yogo Amira, actress). Domen has died recently under mysterious circumstances and Yogo Amira has gone missing, presumed dead. Rikishi is a charming, honorable and skilled warrior, but not known to be perceptive. He seeks to honor his ancestors (Lord Seto and Lord Ieyasu, his mother’s ancestor) and prove his worth

Abbot Zenshin, member of the Daimyo’s Council is a former Kitsu shugenja who was forcibly retired for unknown reasons. He is known for a subtle corruption in his abuse of power as Abbot. A power behind the throne.


Gion Kaiyoikomachi once had Kitsu Domen as her Danna (patron). She is the Okaasan of the House of the August Moon (the Gion “family” holding). She is trying to set up her protégé, Saikaku Ichidai-Onna, to be Patroned by Rikishi. She is hoping to use the ronin daimyo in order to further the power of the Gion Family and increase the power of the court of Kurogane Hana.


Miya Santomu is an aged Imperial Shisha, Cartographer and former Shikken. He is far beyond the age of retirement and is terrified of death. He is holding on to the last vestige of importance as advisor to Rikishi – he does not wish to become a monk. He is a former ally of Yogo Amira.






The Daimyo's Council

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