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General Ekohikei NPCs

The Ekohikei (Inner City) Information

Known Political Opponents

Knowledge gained from Ide Tenseko (the Master) and other sources.

  • Doji Kurotema v. Otomo Nishige (Syndicate)
  • Ide Tenseko v Sentaku Syndicate (via her traitorous former servant, Tsuyuge at the Inn of the Last Cherry Blossom)
  • Mondai Ketsu v Sentaku Syndicate
  • The Artisan War “Performers Faction” v. “Crafter Faction”
  • Internal and External Clan Conflicts
  • Conflicts between Governors and the Sentaku Tribunal

OOC: All information below can be found in the Otosan Uchi book 2. That book also details a lot more specific information.

Government of the Ekohikei

Each of the four districts of the Ekohikei (Inner City) are given two primary areas of the government. Two clans are assigned to each section and their areas of importance are purposefully different from each clan’s normal areas of expertise. The Hantei believed that this would be the best way to expand each clan’s mindset and broaden their horizons.

The Governor of each district oversees most of the day-to-day activities.

Each district has two official members of the Sentaku Tribunal. It is the purpose of the Tribunal to oversee matters relating to their district’s areas of importance. Further, it is the purpose of the Tribunal to sign off on travel papers allowing someone to enter the Ekohikei or the Forbidden City. Finally, the Sentaku Tribunal is the first roadblock to getting an audience with any high-ranking member of the Imperial families and the Emperor himself. No one can be allowed into the Ekohikei without the express written permission of the Sentaku Tribunal.

Additional Notes:
A combined quorum of the four Ekohikei Governors and the Sentaku Tribunal oversee the appointment of Toshisoto (Outer City) and Ekohikei (Inner City) Governors. At least one of these individuals MUST put forward a candidate for appointment or they stand zero chance of taking the position.


  • Areas of Importance: Politics and Social Disputes
  • Governor: Doji Kurotema (recently Kakita Foruku)
  • Tribunal Members:
  1. Crane: Kakita Foruku (dispossessed governor; disgruntled)
  2. Dragon: N/A; see Kitsune Miru
  3. Kitsune Miru is the Minor Clan official aide to the Sentaku Tribunal. He is nominally connected with the Crane and is a junior member of the Sentaku (thus able to be overruled in nearly all cases).

Additional Notes:
There are two Crane and Lion members of the Sentaku Tribunal.


  • Areas of Importance: War and All Things Martial
  • Governor: Ide Ukuri (friendly to heimin)
  • Tribunal Members:
  1. Unicorn: Utaku Geshiko (daughter of Ukuri; hunter, harsh and belittling)
  2. Lion: Matsu Kori (seen as haneko, or “soft” by her family; lover of art)

Additional Notes:

  • Ikoma Gumuri is the Governor’s known aide.
  • There are two Crane and Lion members of the Sentaku Tribunal.
  • The combination of Kori and Geshiko leads their Sentaku court to be quite unusual and tends to discourage petitioners unless absolutely necessary.


  • Areas of Importance: Economy and Mercantile activity
  • Governor: Hida Reitaan (tragic father; go lover)
  • Tribunal Members:
  1. Crab: Yasuki Maro (famous liar and storyteller)
  2. Crane: Daidoji Jikkyo (merchant; shady)

Additional Notes:
There are two Crane and Lion members of the Sentaku Tribunal.


  • Areas of Importance: Religion and Faith
  • Governor: Shiba Kagi (torn, manipulated by Sentaku)
  • Tribunal Members:
  1. Phoenix: Isawa Tenjaku (self-serving, emotional terrorist)
  2. Scorpion: Bayushi Kijensen (Junshin, powerfully determined)
  3. Lion: Kitsu Tanagi (emotional, chaotic)

Additional Notes:
There are two Crane and Lion members of the Sentaku Tribunal.

Other Notable NPCs:

The Governor’s Voice
This position is chosen from among the four governor’s to represent the whole of the Ekohikei when the Emperor needs to speak to them on matters of governance and state. This position is chosen at the end of each winter during the period of examination of law when the Emperor returns.

  • Most recently, Shiba Tagi served in this position. Until he was ousted by Kurotema, Kakita Foruku looked to be a strong contender for the next year.

Lion Clan Army Commander
This individual is always in charge of the total defense of the Ekohikei and commands the military and Imperial Legions. She is responsible for patrol assignments of the Ekohikei and can technically take command of all military forces in the Imperial City (though that has rarely ever happened).

  • Akodo Matoko (p63)
  • Matsu Miuku (Matoko’s daughter): Miuku was secretly in love with Moto Ujiaki, the Unicorn Ambassador

The Kanrinin (Caretakers)
These individuals oversee the care of the Forbidden City and Ekohikei (Inner City).

  • Asako Yoshenga, the Imperial Advisor, oversees this organization

The Mondai Ketsu (“Fury of the Hantei”)
This organization functions as the immediate arm of the Hantei in dealing swiftly with otherwise complicated matters of state. They are known to be brutal and swift, often seen as dishonorable in their methodology. They are generally hated by the Sentaku Syndicate, all criminal oyabun, and the Imperial Bureaucrats because they “cut through the red tape” carefully cultivated by those groups. The Phoenix and Crane see them as unruly and prefer to avoid contact when possible due to their peace-loving nature.

The Mondai Ketsu train with each other and have the ability to petition the Emperor to force their students on the sensei of other clans whenever they so desire. Each member of the group is trained in the ways of (at minimum) two separate schools. Mechanically, this is often represented by the Multiple School advantage, but just as often it results merely in Lore: Clan skills and shared kata.

The Mondai Ketsu are stationed at the Fox Embassy in derelict buildings after being recently ousted from the Unicorn Embassy.

  • Kitsune Sojin, Commander (Rank 5 Seppun Guard). Has a particular hatred for Moto Ujiaki and the Unicorn embassy
  • Kasuga Serizawa, Logistics Officer
  • 50 known samurai within the organization.
  • ~40 bushi of various schools
  • Remaining members are artisans, diplomats, and shugenja

Details on the Mondai Ketsu





NPCs of the Ekohikei (Inner City)

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