Murabai - Hojize, Hinjaku

The Murabai District (Hojize/Hinjaku)

The Murabai District is run by the honorable Matsu Murabai who served on the front lines of the Lion-Crane Conflict. Murabai was such a skilled commander that she became the focus of the Crane political machine. The Doji built up her reputation in secret to the Emperor and then in open court suggested that her remarkable acumen and leadership would be put to better use as a Governor of the Toshisoto. Murabai was disappointed in teh move, but she is so loyal to the Emperor that she has thrown herself into the art of governing and actual done a good job thus far.

The islet district has been assigned to the Doji who suggested in court that Murabai take over her district as a way for the Hantei to show he understood the political maneuver. It is now run by Doji Yunagi, a man who despises the post and stays as far from the eta as he can.

Notable Locations and Patrons

  • Chi-Yomi’s home/forge is Location #249

Chi-Yomi’s house is a fine estate mostly made up of places of honor for the numerous blades she is creating, the forges, material, et al

Chi-Yomi’s home is near the street from the Clan Guide Houses (#251, 252, 254, 256, 257, 258, and 260 (p37 Otosan Uchi); also across the street is the home of Ikoma Amido the Mad (p37), Windows of the Soul (bldg #253) Meita; fans and masks; and All Things Remembered (#259 – Geshiki; ritual supplies) and the (Hojize) District Courts

Kakita Chi-Yomi’s story is a fine example of bitter charity. Nearly two decades ago she crafted a beautiful sword as a gift for the Emperor’s niece. Now because of the influence of the imperial Families the Seppun and Miya have commissioned her to make 200 more. At first it took her 2-3 months to craft each blade because each one is a true work of art. She has perfected her process, however, and can accomplish one blade every 5 weeks. She has 8 blades left to create and her pact will be complete. She plans to retire (she is 44 now) to the far southern Crane lands, well away from the hub of politics.





Murabai - Hojize, Hinjaku

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