Lion Army Information

The Armies
of the Lion Clan

The Lion armies are quite literally the basis on which all other
Clan armies are constructed, and the measuring tool against
which they are compared. The traditional army structure used
(with some modifications) throughout the Empire is the one
first conceived and implemented by the great Akodo One-Eye
over a thousand years ago. That system remains in use by the
Lion today. almost completely unaltered save for a few minor
changes that have proven necessary due to the opponents the
Lion face in the modern era.
The four armies maintained by the Lion Clan adhere strictly
to the principles of war established in Akodo’s treatise. Leadership,
with variations made only when the writings of the Kami
dictated that such things should be allowed. Fortunately for
Akodo’s descendants, Leadership is surprisingly vague as to
when such decisions should be made, allowing Lion officers
and commanders a considerable degree of discretion as to
how to alter their forces when anticipating a conflict against a
known enemy_ Regardless of variation, the typical structure to
which Lion armies adhere can be summarized as follows:

Squadron (Guntai) – The squadron is the smallest unit
deployed by the Lion when a matter that deserves military
consideration arises. It is not uncommon for entire companies
to be made up of squadrons that spend extended periods of
time away from the army’s headquarters on duty assignments.
These squadrons are generally referred to as patrols. Unless
specifically modified for a particular mission, a Lion squadron
consists of twenty men and their gunso, or sergeant. The
twenty men in a squadron hold the rank of hohei, or private.
One is typically selected to aid the gunso, and is promoted to
the rank of nikutai, or corporal.

Company (Kaisha) – Although squadrons can operate
on their own, the company is the basic building block of the
Lion armies. Lion companies typically spend a considerable
amount of time training to work as a cohesive unit, and to
work in conjunction with other companies, ensuring that no
matter the size of the force, the individual companies within it
are always prepared for the engagement. A company consists
of seven squadrons and is led by a chui, or lieutenant, and his
command staff. A standard company command staff consists
of five additional officers.

Reserve Company (Yobihci Kaisha) – Reserve companies
are the only units within the Lion military where customization
is considered perfectly normal. Akodo envisioned
these groups as flexible combinations of specialized troops
that could support the line infantry companies, and that philosophy
has served the Lion well for over a thousand years. A
reserve company typically consists of six squadrons of varying
types: two squadrons of shugenja and yojimbo, trained to
use their abilities in conjunction with military operations, two
squadrons of military engineers, and two squadrons of cavalry.
A reserve company is commanded by a chui and his command
staff in the same manner as a regular company.

Legion (Daibutai) – The prevailing philosophy among Lion
tacticians is that any battle, no matter how severe, can be won
by a single Lion legion – albeit under the right circumstances
and if it is properly led. Lion legions are autonomous entities,
and are typically only combined together when battles of a significant
scale are anticipated. (The Lion, however, anticipate
such things with regularity, so it is not uncommon for legions to
be deployed en masse.) A legion consists of four companies and
one reserve company, which amounts to roughly 750 troops
commanded by a taisa, or captain. A _taisa _and his legion answer
to a _shireikan _(commander), and beyond that to the rikugunshokan,
or general, of the any to which the legion belongs.

Army (Go-hatamoto) – The army is the largest military
organization considered to be a single entity by the Lion Clan.
The Ikoma and Akodo Families both maintain a single army,
and the Matsu Family maintains two. A go-hatamoto consists
of approximately 48 legions, meaning that each of the four
Lion armies consists of approximately 36,000 troops, for a total
of 144,000 trained soldiers willing to go to war on behalf
of their Clan at a moment’s notice. Of course, these numbers
fluctuate according to battle losses and non-combat attrition,
so it is rare for all four armies to be operating at full capacity.
But they seldom fall below three-quarters strength and do not
remain at that level for very long: the Lion will not endure
such a thing.

Lion Army Information

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