Letter to Shosuro Sakura


Dejiko-chan is dead.

Her betrothal to Ikoma Zai has ended, and with it her life. She gave to me a last gift, one I had no opportunity to refuse. Her final haiku.

I will not shame myself or you with words laden upon with weak emotions. It is not our nature.

What is in our nature is to act upon this. I wish to help Ikoma Zai understand his loss. My loss.

In order to do this, I must ask your help. By the time this reaches you I will have passed my gempukku and become an adult. I ask your help not as a child asks his mother, but as a Scorpion asks his clanmate.

Dejiko-chan and Zai have a child, a son named Ichiro. I would ask that you send correspondence to Otomo Banu beseeching him to remand custody of the child to me on the grounds that he is unfit to act as parent to Ichiro. His actions led his wife to such shame that she took her life, and his indiscretions with other women and low behavior were a deciding factor by no uncertain means. As testimony for my request of the Otomo Courts, I offer that I was entrusted with Ikoma Dejiko-san’s last thoughts in this world. The boy is all the remains of her essence and thus it is fitting and proper that I be named his guardian.

My custody of the child will be used to further the interests of both the Scorpion and the Otomo in ways that will make themselves apparent in time. I take it as an incidental benefit that it will allow me to strike at the heart of an enemy.

Kami keep you safe,

Shosuro Atari
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Letter to Shosuro Sakura

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