Letter to Isawa Saku

This scroll is delivered to Isawa Saku two days after leaving Crab territory. It is heavily ciphered (45 roll @ TN 15 W/ 2 raises)


Winter Court is fast approaching, and there are many things ocuring there that will demand both our attentions. Primary among those for me is a matter concerning Ikoma Zai. A line has been crossed, bringing the matter into a very different arena. It is time for the final act of our torrid drama to be played out. I have set the stage, gathered the actors, and written the lines. All that remains is for the curtain to rise in some 4 weeks from now. I come to you, most august friend, seeking help in keeping the actors on their marks by both spiritual means and those concerning the office of your rank. I will not speak to you of this in person, for I do not wish compiance on your part to be implied should matters not go accordingly. I will send my servant Makato with any word I need you to be aware of.

May the Void keep you in harmony,

Shosuro Atari (personal chop)

Letter to Isawa Saku

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