Letter to Isawa Keikenna

This scroll arrives to Keikenna three days after leaving Crab Teritory. It is heavily ciphered (30 roll @ TN 15 w/ 2 raises)


I need your assistance in a matter concerning Winter Court. I suspect that you have skills that would serve this purpose in a most satisfactory manner, and which you may be uniquely qualified to undertake. If you accomplish this task to my satisfaction, I shall see to it you are richly rewarded. Speak to no one of this matter, for it is delicate as the petals of the cherry blossom. My attendant, Makato, will approach you with the specifics of the details upon your arrvial at Winter Court.

May the fires within you burn brightly,

Shosuro Atari (personal chop)

Letter to Isawa Keikenna

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