Letter to Bayushi Goshu

Scroll calligraphy

Bayushi Goshu-sama,

It has come to my attention that Ikoma Dejiko has comitted seppuku while in attendance at this most august assembly of the empire’s finest. In my posession I have a correspondance from her that I believe to be her last. I have reason to believe that Kakita Yoshi-sama has a letter of similar, but perhaps not complete content. The last thoughts of Ikoma Dejiko are most damning of her betrothed, Ikoma Zai, in the eyes of her Crane family. I believe it to be in the best interests of their offspring, Ichiro, to be remanded to the care of his Crane relatives. With your permission, I beleive it within the scope of my means to arrange this charitable endeavor. Being a matter of delicate approach given the high station of Yoshi-sama, I will of course remitt all written materials in my care concerning Ikoma Dejiko, her husband and child, and Kakita Yoshi-sama to your office if deemed appropriate and neccessary.

Pursuant to this I also wish to secure the katana of Dejiko-san into my care, to be held in trust for the child Ichiro until such time as he may rightfully claim it. Dejiko-san’s final haiku was delivered unto me personally, and as such the blade that it cradled during her final moments should be kept with it until such time as Ichiro-chan has passed gempukku. I believe Yoshi-sama can be persuaded to see the correctness of this proposal, especially in light of imperial influences brought to bear in its execution.

Your humble servant who awaits your enlightened guidance,

Shosuro Atari

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Letter to Bayushi Goshu

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