Imperial City Character Creation

Character Creation

The Father’s Home is a throwback game, set long before our current changes and outside of those modifications. The game will be set in the year 1113, ten years prior to the Scorpion Clan Coup. Feel free to search the L5R Wiki for the current situation of that era, but I will add more information that is relevant to our game as I can do so.

This game will focus on the goings on of the most important city in the world: Otosan Uchi, the Father’s Home. We are going to delve into the inner workings of the politics, underworld, social and physical drama of that realm with whatever characters you feel like making.

Another theme of htis game will be prominence. You may make whatever you wish (within reason) and you may apply nearly any story and RP background you wish. If you want to be the bastard child of a Hantei, the daughter of a daimyo, the Reborn incarnation of a family founder, whatever you want, you can do. No Ratlings or I kill you.


In an effort to encourage non-traditional or underused schools and other mechanics, I am rewarding any players with bonus experience as listed below.

80 XP

Limit to 15 points of advantages (not counting Ancestors)
Limit to 10 points of disadvantages

Normal purchase rules apply. This is well before the changes in my game with the magic and strangeness. So, no bushi buying Kiho or things of that sort.

Everyone must have a total of at least 5 points in skills of something which would make you useful in a highly political city. This is deliberately vague. It could include the obvious Courtier, Etiquette, Sincerity, Perform, Acting, et al. However, even if you are a duelist or a craftsman or something of the sort, you need something else to keep you on a level playing field with the other powerful NPCs in terms of politics or underworld activity.

Note: Limits are not a “hard rule.” If you have a character concept that goes beyond those limits and can explain it well, I may allow it.

Karma Points and Disadvantages

The following is a retooled version of the Karma Point system specifically meant for the Clan Series. Because we will be switching characters more often than in a normal game, Karma Points are going to be a means of reward that will translate between the games. A player will gain Karma by helping flesh out their own back story, tying their story to other characters in interesting and game-rewarding ways, helping design encounters and NPCs, and so on. In general, exceptional role playing and anything that enhances a story will be grounds for a karma point reward.

Ignore all previous rules for Karma Points and use the following:

  • Each player will receive 1 Karma Point at the start of the campaign.
  • Each player will receive 1 Karma Point for a well-developed background.
  • A player may earn a Karma Point in game for the above listed reasons. I reserve the right to reward further and am willing to take suggestions on reward.
  • You may spend a single Karma Point once per session to gain 5 experience.
  • You may spend a single Karma Point to re-roll any one roll.
  • You may spend a single Karma Point to force any NPC to re-roll any one roll.
  • You may spend a single Karma Point to awaken an item as a nemuranai on par with a Sacred Weapon.
  • You may spend two Karma Points to further awaken any item that is already labeled as a nemuranai (this increase must make sense in game and may be used on the same item over and over).

In order to encourage player upkeep of their disadvantages, I am going to use the optional rule in the L5R Core Book regarding experience. This is meant to encourage players to choose disadvantages they want to see during play. The story will be bettered by your flaws and the awesomeness with which you play them.

If one of your Disadvantages affects you or the story in a significant way during an evening’s story, you will gain +1 Experience point at the end of that session





Imperial City Character Creation

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