Establishing Character

Game 2: Establishing Character


Ashidaka Koutetsu at work

Game 2

Experience and Rewards

  • All PCs Present: +8xp (Jason, Charlie, Kyle P.S., Logan)
  • All PCs unable to make the game: +6xp (Kyle, Other)
  • +1 XP towards Lore: Otosan Uchi, Lore Underworld, Lore: Heraldry, or Lore: History
  • Current Karma Points: K.P.S. (3); Logan, Kyle, Jason, Charlie (2)
  • Usagi Kinotu gains Status 3.0 (Juramashi District Magistrate) and +2.0 Glory for the Status gain.

Out of Character Notes

  • Date: 10 May 2015
  • Link to Calendar, Seasons, Date/Time: Calendar and Time
  • Went over Duty Points in the Way of the Daimyo section of Emerald Empire. Decision that we will not use these until/if a player purchases the World of the Daimyo 5pt Advantage OR a player achieves a Status of 5.0 or higher. Until then, it would be a waste.
  • Karma Point Conversation: Help label people in the Google Sheets by section for Karma Points. Assignments listed at the very bottom of this Log with the link.
  • Wealth Breakdown: 50 zeni (Copper) = 5 bu (silver) = 1 koku (gold)
  • Confusion and Travel in the City: Discussed that it takes hours to find your way around the Juramashi District because of its confusing nature. Finding areas outside of the district takes even longer and typically requires you to stay overnight in the district to which you travel. There are maps of the district and city and scouts for hire within the Juramashi who will guide you. Scouts cost 1 zeni to take you around Lower Juramashi, 2 zeni for Upper Juramashi and a full bu to escort you elsewhere. If you have a legit map or a scout you can cut down your travel time by half or up to three-quarters. You can also attempt a Lore: Otosan Uchi (Juramashi/District) roll. TN is 15 where you live, 20 in other half of Juramashi and 25 elsewhere in the city. Raises reduce time by finding shortcuts and avoiding road issues. Finally, you can purchase the Way of the Land advantage for each district of the city (but not the whole city). If you get a chance to spend a lot of time in the Ekohikei (Inner City) you can purchase Way of the Land for the whole thing.

In Character Events

*Year 1113, Month of the Hare (April), Days 14 and onward (next game will start in Month of the Dragon (May) Day 18 *

Family Is Everything and the Harried Swordsmith

Ashidaka Koutetsu received a long, meandering letter from his sisters (twins) Ichiko and Niko talking favorably about Ichiko’s love interest in the Imperial City, Bayushi Akedare. The letter discussed many factors winding about for long, confusing sentences.

An excerpt:
Please, brother, send us information about the city every day! We long to be there with you and dearly wish we could come. Your words and descriptions of our most glorious capitol, being so close the Emperor himself are a welcome respite from the boring day-to-day life here. – Ichiko and Niko, The Twins

Later in the week, Koutetsu visited Kakita Chi-Yomi, the harried swordsmith, in her district/home Murabai – Hojize, Hinjaku. They discussed the history and story of the Blade of Execution, Chi-Yomi’s plight. Koutetsu visited All Things Remembered run by “Old Geshiki” and discovered a strange shop of ritual items and materials that Chi-Yomi regularly visits. Geshiki promised Koutetsu that if he were to take a set of Kawaru coins and return in a month after the coins had time to acclimate to him she would tell his fortune.

Geshiki informed Koutetsu that Chi-Yomi’s favorite place to eat is a movable food card called Nunzo’s Noodles. She also revealed to him a set of rare and exotic metals for the purpose of forging, to include bloody iron ore from the Twilight Mountains.

Chi-Yomi appeared somewhat annoyed at Koutetsu for disturbing her, but the combination of a gift (an origami flower in the design of flora from her home; Ejio Rolled 41), the noodle stand, and Koutetsu’s remarkable feat of reforging a broken Kakita Blade wore her down. They discussed the history of the Blade of Execution:

It was created over 350 years ago by a daimyo of the Ashidaka named Koen. He was a master swordsmith, skilled politician, and moderate duelist.
The blade was thought lost over fifteen years ago when Kakita Hitsu who wielded it was ambushed by a ronin gang in Kosaten province.
Chi-Yomi knows that there were rumors around Koen, rumors that suggested he made up for his lack of iaijutsu skill by smearing his opponents in court and utilizing poison on the blade. This, she says, has caused the blade to take on his hubris and weaken. “It is what weakened it from within and allowed it to be broken and used by that assassin who targeted your karo, Doji Kurotema.”

“The sword is upset at its breaking and filled with anger and shame. The use your master Kurotema seeks to put it to will only exacerbate the problem. It will take in the hubris and dishonor of its victims and combine its reduced state and lowly post. You have done remarkable work, Ashidaka, but I fear your work will be undone in time.”

“You should find a reason to break the blade and take its shard, purify them, and craft something new.”
Karma Points Assignment and Link

Conversation shifed to Chi-Yomi’s plight: I can taste the freedom from my task. Mere months, less than a year, and I will be done. But it so very far away.” Chi-Yomi agreed to teach Koutetsu as long as he is capable of crafting a blade to he standards. (Create a Std katana with TN of 35 on front/back roll with at least 2 total Raises).

Downtime Information:

  • Koutetsu accepted taking on a Rank 5 Favor (Social Disadvantage) from Old Geshiki in order to “purchase” the bloody iron ore from the Twilight Mountains. Over the course of the month downtime he used the ore to forge a blade with a total of 3 successful raises. He will be taken on as Chi-Yomi’s apprentice, this blade counting as one of the 8 that she has remaining (now 7). It will take roughly 5 weeks per blade (per person) to make them.

The Art Scene and the Yunaki Governor

Doji Ejio has begun to discover the various artists within the Juramshi District and reached outward to the other districts for information as well. Discovered that the private home of Kakita Yasu (Otosan Uchi book p42) is a key meeting place for existing artists. Yasu is a retired dance instructor whose home has become a museum of the art of dancing.

Later in the week, Ejio went to the Yunaki – Meiyoko District to deliver his gift of a statue designed in his rare and exotic new style of sculpture. The statue, inspired by Soshi Ayami at the Winter Court of Kyuden Doji, is received favorably by the Governor. However, Ejio gets very little time to speak to Yunaki himself as the Governor must deal with matters of family. “Young Meiyoko (12 years old) is at it again” – Yogo Mamoru.

Ejio’s meeting continues with Bayushi Yashino, a smooth and attractive man with a glib tongue and clever wit. He tells Ejio that “Your statue will be placed at the entrance of the Maze of Wisdom. Perhaps Ayami can take you to visit it sometime." (Soshi Ayami is assigned to the Governor as an advisor).

During the course of the conversation, Yashino assigns Ayami to Ejio as a liaison on the matter of the arts. He also asks a favor:

“I will help you find artists within the Yunaki District. I will show them your marvelous work and help to develop a network of such men and woman, my friend. I will place Ayami here in charge of the task.
“I ask a favor in return.”
“There is a specific palatial estate in the Lower Juramashi I have had my eye on for quite some time. You see, my aunt wishes to come to the city and visit the temples and shrines of the Ochiyo district in the hopes that she can retire there as a servant in the Temple of Lady Amaterasu. When she arrives, I wanted to gift her with a fine estate within which to stay until her retirement. I have had some difficulty securing the location for the year myself…personal issues with the owner. If you could do this for me, I would be most grateful and owe you.” (Favor 2 if rented, Favor 4 if owned).

Yashino also suggests that Ejio should create a new statue with Shosuro Meiyoko as the inspriation.

Afterwards, Soshi Ayami takes Ejio to the White Stream Oolong to have a meal and discuss a potential artist’s gala. She suggests that he speak to the Governor of the district north of the Juramashi, the Hayasu. She says that Shinjo Hayasu’s district is the wealthiest in the Toshisoto (Outer City).

Benefactors and Libraries

Spectre (Borei) awakens to discover a strange and plain box waiting for him. Inside is a note with a single koku bearing a strange mon. He fails to discover the meaning behind the mon now, but later finds out that it belongs to the Third Assistant to the Chief Exchequer of the Imperial Treasury, Miya Motodomo.

Under the koku, the note says:
We have much in common. I hope to develop more. I have done my research and you should do yours, child of Sun Tao. Go to the Kuroka Library and ask there about a man named Tamedaore and his Thousand. – Your Benefactor

In his rounds of collection, Spectre makes his way to the Kuroka Library and eventually speaks with the owner, Shosuro Himeko, a fat junshin. In the course of the conversation she instructs Spectre on how “The Process” goes: “Say something nice, offer a bribe, then I will help you.”

She asks for Spectre to “bring me sweetmeats from the stall down the street (a bu in total)”

Spectre gains the Trait on his CCG Card: Sweetmeats Man

Himeko talks of Tamedaore and “his Thousand men” and suggests that she could find information on the subject if he were to help her with an issue. "I have had little time to engage in research as of late.” She has been the target of theft in the past few days. Men who brazenly come in, harass her with their numbers, and steal away valuable documents – mostly lists of houses and deeds, but other knowledge as well. She asks if Spectre would be willing to do her a favor and scare off the men. If so, she will do the research for him for free.

Spectre waits for the men to arrive and teh interaction occurs:

“You the one been looking with his evil eye in all the wrong places. You some kind of demon, eh, come trying to prey on us pragmatic men? Well, Ichita’s boys take no shit, we don’t like people stickin’ their noses in.”

Spectre trounces the three men in short order using the narrow confines of the shop to force them to come at him one at a time. One of the men, the one who spoke at the start with the staff, gets away, but Spectre kills the other two. He discovers that these men congregate at the broken section of the Outer Wall that Metsumoto is trying to repair.

On his way out the door he literally bumps into Kakita Kaiko, dressed down as if on Musha Shugyo. She speaks quite harshly to him, but when she looks into his eye, she will take a step back and leave without a word.

His last words to Himeko: "I’ll need your taxes the next time I come.”

The Introduction of Usagi Kinotu

You have no idea the time. You have been down here for hours, maybe days, seeking them out. You followed three men and a woman each speaking in a coded tongue. You know they are part of some conspiracy and you followed them down into the earth, into caves below the city
You had no idea the network of caverns would be so extensive. For a while you stayed with them in the rough hewn caverns, but eventually they transformed into crafted walls and passages.
You heard them meet another group. Passwords and whispers and talk of plans within plans and then most of them left.
Then they brought in the young girl.
She was but a child, no more than four or five years old. You saw their intention. They prepared the girl to kill her, to sacrifice her to some dark ritual. They had a shugenja whispering into her mind and they brought out implements of torture and pain.
So you attacked.
You killed the shugenja first, then one of the three men before they knew you were there. They were on you, but they weren’t samurai and they did not have your speed.
Well, most of them didn’t.
As you finished off the last two men you heard it. Gurgling blood and death. The woman had slit the girl’s throat as you fought on. And she had turned and fled. There was nothing you could do for the child.
So you chased the woman.
She was fast and knew her way around the tunnels. But you are Hare.
Up ahead she erupts into a hidden room in a building above ground. You follow her hoping to slow her down.

Kinotu chased the strange woman up into the Tower, one of the two called the “Antlers of the White Stag” overlooking the Bay of the Golden Sun. The inside of the tower was an acrobatic fight seeing the woman using blood magic to stay fast and ahead of the Hare while she dropped objects on him from above. Over the course of long moments and many acrobatic feats (many achieved by sheer luck), Kinotu eventually caught up to the woman on the top of the Tower.

As they fight on the top the Cultist realizes she is going to be killed. She casts a spell with a powerful dark blade hoping to kill the Hare along with her. He launches her over the side where she promptly fills with fire kansen and explodes.

After the fight, Kinotu notes a hunting party returning from the huge Imperial forest outside of the city. Before he can depart back down the tunnels a Bayushi and Doji guard meet him in the tower and escort him out. The hunting party consists of Governor Shosuro Yunaki and Karo Doji Kurotema (of the Juramashi). In the course of the conversation and explanation, Kurotema lets the Hare know that this woman and others are part of a criminal element plaguing the city. He “offers” (read: orders) Kinotu to take on a position as a City Magistrate with jurisdiction in the Juramashi. He suggests that if the Hare fails to take the job then the Shosuro Governor will be forced to press the matter of the Hare causing violence in his district.

Kinotu is assigned a home in the Lower Juramashi in the same part of town as Spectre’s. He later discovers that the area below the Tower has caved in.

Otosan Uchi NPC and Location Breakdown

Ok, for extra Karma Points, I need some help indexing the Otosan Uchi books. It is boring work and tedious and if we split it up it will take less time. I need this so I can have an easy reference (and you can as well) for the people and places of Otosan Uchi.

Let’s assume that I am using nearly all of them in MY timelines instead of in 1123.

Kyle Patrick Smith is currently going through and doing ALL of the Artisans.

Jonathan Logan Turman has been asked to start doing Locations. Under the Locations Sheet on the Google doc, do all locations in a District that are NOT private homes. Private homes will be listed with the NPCs themselves. 3 Districts = 1 KP
Do Hayasu, Hidari, and Higshikawa

Jason Weeks, if you are interested, I need whatever e-mail you want me to link you the Google Doc on (I’ve sent it to faustus28). If you are willing, I would like you to go through and do the Locations of 3 Districts as well.
Do Hinjaku, Hojize, and Juramashi.

Charlie Lane, same as with Jason. I’ve sent it to your Cortney/charlie email, but if you have a better one send it to me. If you are willing, I would like you to go through and do the Locations of 3 Districts as well.
Do Kosuga, Meiyoko, and Ochiyo

Latka Reilly, same as with the above, but I don’t have a good email for you. Send me one. If you are willing, I would like you to do the Locations of 3 Districts.
Do Toyotomi, Tsai, and the Kanjo (this one is in the Ekohikei – Inner City).

Let me know if you are unwilling to do a section.

As a note, limit 1 KP each unless I ok you doing more. You can do more work if you like, but I’d rather not toss them out like candy all day long.

Establishing Character

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