Legends of Rokugan

Interlude - The Great Golden Victor

The Great Golden Victor (Kitsu Domen)


The Glorious Tale of the Great Golden Victor

The scroll is a copy of The Glorious Tale of the Great Golden Victor. It has become one of the more popular stories in the Lion Clan and tells of Kitsu Domen’s defense of Kyuden Kurogane Hana against the army of Bayushi Rekisen-Jo. The events described therein take place decades earlier when Domen was a young man and before he married Yogo Amira.

According to the legend, Kitsu Domen boasted to the Scorpion general that he could complete seven heroic tasks that the Scorpion had never seen. The Scorpion Rikugunshokan called a temporary truce hoping to call the Lion’s bluff and demoralize the defenders. Domen lived up to his words and completed each of the tasks below:

  • He cut five arrows in half in mid-flight.
  • He wrestled a bull to the ground with his bare hands.
  • He swam underwater for the entire length of the moat.
  • He leapt from the roof of the Star Observatory.
  • He shattered a boulder from the local quarry.
  • He struck more quickly than his own shadow.
  • And he defeated the general’s personal champion.

Faced with such physical prowess, the Scorpion had no choice but to admit defeat. He led his forces from the field and Domen became known as the Dai-Kinboshi, the Great Golden Victor. It is known that not long after this the Bayushi made arrangements for Domen to marry his niece, Yogo Amira.








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