Legends of Rokugan

Interlude - The Avenues of Power


The Avenues of Power

OOC: The following was created with the idea in mind of tying in the Out of Character goal of “owning Kyuden Kurogane Hana” in some fashion with the story. The simple removal of the Abbot Zenshin from his strangling base of power will not deliver unto the PCs the entirety of the Kyuden. The group of you will have to secure other avenues of authority and power in order to stake a claim. You do not have to follow up on the details below In Game. Instead, if you wish to respond on the OP site, we can post back and forth as to how you are “securing” your power base.

IC: Each of the Avenues to Power below has a couple of the NPCs of Kyuden Kurogane Hana (and outsiders) who might help you secure it. Each NPC has a Driving Force in parentheses that the PCs could play upon.

Alliance: Obviously, this works well with anyone. Secure enough alliances and you can use favor and the power of popularity to get what you want. However, the individuals below are susceptible to alliance for alliance’s sake:

- Doji Ronshouko, the Crane Ambassador (Driving Force: With utmost Honor, prove her value to the Crane)

- Yoritomo Harui, the “real” Mantis Ambassador (Driving Force: Status of the Mantis)

Wealth (Commerce and Trade): While the crass and crude institution of wealth is beneath most samurai, possession of large quantities of koku greases the wheels of most political endeavors. Each of the individuals below are particularly interested in commerce, trade, and wealth:

- Yasuki Jin, Crab Ambassador (Driving Force: Personal Ambition; Glory; Wealth)

- Yoritomo Gendou, the “dirty” Mantis Ambassador (Driving Force: Power; proving he is ‘better’ than all others)

Spiritual: The soul and religion cannot be underestimated. A poor divination, mystical damage, or other supernatural powers can dramatically alter the political standings in any given court where they are prominent. Each of the individuals below has a vested interest or power in the Spiritual realm:

- Abbot Zenshin (Driving Force: Unknown)

- Asako Nishi, Phoenix Ambassador (Driving Force: Creation of Peace, spiritiual and Political to prove that his lifelong pursuit has not been a failure)


- Shosuro Mieko, Scorpion Ambassador (Driving Force: Improve the Standing of the Clan by traditional “Scorpion” means)

- Ide Bujun, Unicorn Ambassador (Driving Force: Increase Wealth of the Unicorn to send aid to his Crab allies)

- Suzume Hin, Sparrow Ambassador (Driving Force: Attain Any and All political favors)

- Gion Kaiyoikomachi, Head of the Gion Family (Driving Force: Maintain political relevance for her “family;” be sponsored as a samurai vassal)

Marriage: Marriage is an oft used avenue to power. Strong marriage alliances could be the key to the necessary leverage for taking Kurogane Hana. The individuals below have a particular interest in the realm of Marriage:

- Daimyo Rikishi, Single lord of the castle (Driving Force: Prove his right to lordship)

- Otomo Hiroshi, Imperial Historian (Driving Force: Elevate the position of the Kyuden; locate a wife)

Glory and Infamy: The power of reputation can move mountains. The individuals listed here are focused on reputation, glory, and the status that it brings:

- Ikoma Kazue, Lion Ambassador (Driving Force: Discover a tale that renews her hope/interest in life)

Military: Of course, brute force and military authority have considerable sway over the dominance of a province. The individuals below are key players in the military realm of power:

- Matsu Hotaru, Defender of the City (Driving Force: Protection of this place of Ancestors and Honor; serve the rightful lord)


- Daidoji Ninku, the Emerald Magistrate (Driving Force: Duty)

- Kitsuki Rinjin, the Macabre Scholar (Driving Force: Serve his clan well while indulging in his gruesome pastime as much as possible)

- Ide Hito, Unicorn Seneschal (Driving Force: Personal, not known)

- Natsuko, Ronin Scholar (Driving Force: Knowledge)

- Miya Santomu, Aged Advisor (Driving Force: Fear of fading into the unknown)






I will try to be using my contacts with Yasuki Jinn-Kuen to try to win over Yasuki Jin with wealth or possible increase in status within the Yasuki Family. I plan on conversing with Asako Nishi about the conflict in the courts. Also trying to get closer to and learn more about Shiba Akiko.

Interlude - The Avenues of Power

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