Legends of Rokugan

Interlude - NPCs from the Battle of Tsuma

Whatever Happened to…?


NPCs from the Battle of Tsuma

The following is a quick and dirty of the current goings-on for some of the NPCs from the Topaz Championship and the subsequent Battle of Tsuma. Red means that the PCs don’t need to know this yet.

Kuni Retsuhime, Daughter of Kuni O-Yama: Retsuhime remained in a coma for days after the Battle of Tsuma, her soul warring with that of the Onisu of Fear, Kyofu. At one point, an Asahina fetishist noted a small jade disk that she carried, bundled and wrapped within her provisions. It was quickly understood that the item is a cursed nemuranai. Doji Seiyami was asked to touch the disk to see if she could understand any further detail.
- Seiyami’s vision showed her a Retsuhime controlled by the same Dark Lord that was inside Hakai, the Onisu of Death. Daigotsu, Dark Lord of the Shadowlands, placed the stones within the town of Tsuma himself. As Seiyami’s vision ended, Retsuhime screamed in agony, thrashing about, and died. Then, just as swiftly, her body reanimated and the overwhelming power of Fear caused all to shy away as she fled, deep into the Crane wilderness.
- Kuni Retsuhime is the new Onisu of Fear

Hakai, Onisu of Death: Shamed by his defeat at Tsuma, Hakai was left in Yume-do for over a year to understand his failure. When Daigotsu returned him to the land of the living, he ordered him on a series of tasks. As he accomplished each, the Onisu kept thinking back to the samurai who defeated him…pondering their deaths…

Yoritomo Ko: Still missing (GM Notes)

Susumu, Imperial Advisor: Doing things. And Stuff. One of which is to become the PCs secret Patron, sending them to Kyuden Kurogane-Hana on a mission for the Emperor.

Yasuki Jinn-Kuen, Yasuki Daimyo, Master Coin: Doing things. And Stuff. One of which is to keep an eye on Fujiko and, after he arrives at Kyuden Kurogane-Hana, give him some information.

Doji Midoru, the Emerald Champion, “The Corpse”: Continues being the Emerald Champion (GM Notes)

Akodo Hitomi: Is raised from the dead by Bloodspeaker allies of the Onisu and taken along with many others back to the Shadowlands. Hitomi discards his old name and joins Daigotsu and the fledgling Spider. He now serves as a Tainted “ronin” named Gunden (Daigotsu Hitomi) and has sworn vengeance against Bayushi Konitsu (Nemesis)

Heigai/Ginawa: Haunting Bayushi Konitsu. What a dick. [Not anymore!]

Kitsuki Genki: Was the paramour that Seiyami tricked; Is in awe of Seiyami’s skill and is secretly trying to arrange a marriage to the Doji. He believes her honorable and high status.

Kitsuki Iweko: The new Daimyo of the Kitsuki Family

Yoritomo Zenwadi: Becomes the pre-eminent trader of the Mantis, overseeing a vast network of allies and merchants within Rokugan

Shiba Tsukimi: Awakens as the Soul of Shiba when Shiba Mirabu dies. She becomes the Champion of the Phoenix.

Utaku Lao-Kira: Slain by Ikoma Ijidai, Jun’s father (member of the Lion’s Shadow) in vengeance for the “dishonor” that Jun brought to the family by casting aside his Betrothal for Lao-Kira. The Utaku now shows up, occasionally visible to Jun, just at his periphery.

Toturi Kohatsu: Dead. Wandering as a spirit upon the Lake of Sorrows.

Tadaka Eideiyohime: Spends the majority of the next few years in Ryoko Owari Toshi accepting what duels Ikoma Jun sends her way; she has spent a Winter Court studying with the Kakita and another with the Mirumoto Swordmasters as well as one within the Isawa lands, understanding her duties as shugenja. She has learned many styles and defeated dozens of minor challengers. Her lack of courtesy in Bushido and aggressive behavior has caused her to win 7 lethal duels (two of which were technically illegal), the final being against a Kenshinzen who felt slighted by her words; she is remarkably rude and not at all well-liked among the Imperial Bureaucracy

Tadaka Nobunaga: Spends time at Gisei Toshi studying old forms of magic (Pure Blood Magic) (His Driven Focus); he disappeared after the last Winter Court, rumors of a journey into Gaijin lands following in his wake



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