Usagi Kinotu

Deadly quick bushi brandishing two tantos and a grim smile.



Rank 5 Insight 230 XP 0+(2 for Lore: Maho) Kharma 2
Air 3 Reflexes 3 Awareness 4
Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 4
Fire 3 Agility 4 Intelligence 3
Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 3
Void 3
Armor TN Bonus +3
TN To Be Hit 36
Reduction 1
Initiative 9k3
Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Tanto (throwing) 10k5 6k3 Range 20’
Tanto (melee) 9k4 6k3 Range 20’
Katana 5k4 6k2
Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 15 Earth x 5
Nicked +3 21
Grazed +5 27
Hurt +10 33
Injured +15 39
Crippled +20 45
Down +40 51 Must Spend Void to Act.
Out 57 Cannot Act.
High Skills
Acting AWA 3 8k5 Reduce TN for Disguise by 5 No
Craft: Cartography INT 5 8k3 Otosan Uchi No
Courtier AWA 3 7k4 +3 Insight No
Etiquette AWA 5 10k4 Courtesy; +3 Insight; +1k0 to Contested Rolls No
Investigation PER 3 6k3 Notice No
Lore: Heraldry INT 1 4k3 No
Lore: Law INT 1 4k3 No
Lore: Maho INT 5 8k3 Iuchiban, Rituals; Free Raise on Rolls w/ Emphases Yes
Lore: Shadowlands INT 3 6k3 Shadowlands Powers No
Lore: Underworld INT 2 5k3 No
Lore: Otosan Uchi INT 1 4k3 Juramashi No
Medicine INT 3 6k3 No
Meditation VOID 1 4k3 Fasting No
Sincerity AWA 4 8k4 Deceit, Honesty No
Bugei Skills
Athletics STR 8 10k3 Run, Climb, Throw Yes
Ignore Moderate Terrain Penalty
Battle PER 3 6k3 No
Defense REF 2 5k3 Yes
Hunting PER 2 5k3 Yes
Jiujutsu AGI 1 4k3 Yes
Kenjutsu AGI 1 4k3 Yes
Knives AGI 5 8k3 Tanto; No Penalty for Off-Hand Yes
Merchant Skills
Craft: Poison INT 3 6k3 Fire Biter No
Low Skills
Intimidation AWA 3 7k4 No
Sleight of Hand AGI 1 4k3 No
Stealth AGI 5 8k3 Sneaking No
Simple Move is Water x 10
Honor 1.5/4.5 Glory 10.3 Status 6.9
Infamy 1.6 Taint 0.9 Shadow 0.0

Usagi Bushi / Ujina Skirmisher
Rank 1 Speed of the Hare In any situation where you have room to dodge, jump, and otherwise maneuver (GM’s discretion), you may add your Athletics Skill Rank (5) to your Armor TN, except when in the Full Attack or Center Stance. Your Water Ring is considered one higher for purposes of how far you can move with Move Actions.
Rank 2 Master of the Quick Blade The Ujina are trained to fight with a tanto in each hand, cutting their foes to death with swift and deadly strikes. When fighting with a knife in each hand, you gain a +1k0 bonus to your Initiative Rolls and a +1k1 bonus to your damage rolls with knives.
Rank 3 Swift As Lightning Your attacks with unarmed strikes, knives, or Samurai-keyword weapons are considered simple actions.
Rank 4 Iuchiban’s Method The high-ranking Bloodspeakers realize they are meddling with the Taint, but have learned ways to mitigate this, in part by shunting the corruption off onto their misguided followers. You learn two Maho spells of your choice and gain a Free Raise for Spell Casting Rolls with Maho spells. When casting a Maho spell, you may reduce the amount of Taint you gain by 1 point for every 2 additional Wounds you take when casting the spell. (This cannot decrease the Taint gain below 1 point.) However, if you are using someone else’s blood to power the spell, you may instead use this technique to transfer the Taint for the spell onto that person, at the rate of 1 point of Taint for every 2 extra Wounds inflicted. This can reduce your own Taint gain to 0.
Rank 5 Reichin’s Style You may perform the Feint maneuver for only 1 raise, and your damage bonus from a successful feint is not limited to your Insight Rank x5.

Koshin Blessing Dojo
Water 3 Koshin’s Blessing Style While in the Attack Stance and wearing Ashigaru armor or no armor, you gain a free raise on all Athletics skill rolls.
Daredevil +3k1 on Athletics with Void Point +3 Pts
Duty Points (2) Patron of the Shrine of Koshin +0 Pts
Luck (3) Declare a Reroll, 3/Session +9 Pts
Perceived Honor (3) Others see you with +3 Honor +6 Pts
The Daimyo’s Path Can Purchase Master Sensei Level 3 Features +10 Pts
8 Duty Points
Voice +1k1 on Perform Skills with your Voice +3 Pts
Way of the Land (Juramashi) Know my way around +2 Pts
World of the Daimyo (2) 10 Duty Points +13 Pts
Dark Fate Reduced to 1 Wound instead of 0, 1/Session -3 Pts
Haunted (Ghost of Bloodspeaker) Honor Ancestor or Incur -1k1 Penalty 1/Session -3 Pts
Shadowlands Taint Gain 0.5 Ranks of Taint -4 Pts

Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, 6 Tantos, Ashigaru Armor, Traveling Pack, 3 Koku

Sprinter’s Ashigaru Armor: Wearer Gains Swift 2

Koshin’s Map: If the owner has 5 or more ranks in Craft: Cartography, the map will reveal the topographical layout of the surrounding area out to the entire district that the character is in. The map is always up to date.

Family Heirloom (Hare Clan Tantos): A pair of tantos that have been passed down the line of Hare Clan Champions since the founding of the Clan. (2k2 damage, returns to wielder when thrown, counts as Jade, grants +3k2 on all rolls to resist Shadowlands taint and maho effects )



Usagi Oda (Father). Current Hare Clan Champion that was quick to action and short in speech. He dealt with everything quick and decisively. He assigned Kinotu the mission in Otosan Uchi and sent his other son and daughter to Otosan Uchi as well to find his daughter a suitable husband, preferably an influential Crab or Scorpion.

Usagi Taku (Mother). Died during childbirth.

Usagi Ozaki (Brother). Future Hare Clan Champion and an older brother that has a little bit of an overbearing big brother attitude and always checks up on Kinotu. He was sent to Otosan Uchi along with his sister, Usagi Tomoe, to help her find a husband.

Usagi Tomoe (Sister). A serious, but shy girl. She would normally appear meek and agreeable, speaking when spoken to and waiting until others spoke their mind. She was sent to Otosan Uchi along with her brother, Usagi Ozaki, to find a suitable husband.

Usagi Kinotu was born the son of the Hare clan champion and brother to Usagi Ozaki. He grew up as a normal bushi of his clan if not a little bit more adventurous than some. His partner in mischief when he was younger was Fuzake Senji. They would often venture out into the woods to practice their skills where their parents wouldn’t scold them for causing mischief such as provoking dangerous animals and running away to see if they could outsmart or outrun them. Kinotu was faster, but Senji knew how to ask the earth kami for their blessing to escape into the earth to get away. Senji would also create obstacle courses with the earth for Kinotu to try clear in the shortest time possible. It was during one of these innocent times that they could hear a commotion occurring in the woods not too far away. There were voices from their kinsmen shouting orders in angry and harsh tones along with a few explosions now and then. They decided to investigate to see if they could help. Within a couple of minutes, they heard someone coming and decided to hide just in case it was an enemy. What they saw shocked them. It was a man in brown robes covered in blood with several slash marks on his forearms and a knife sticking out of his back. Kinotu knew from his training about maho that this man had clearly tried to summon kansen to do his bidding. He stumbled about clearly in pain from the knife sticking out of his back as he tried to flee from the bushi that were pursuing him. Kinotu and Senji looked at each other in grim determination both knowing what they had to do. They ambushed the would-be Bloodspeaker. Senji summoned rocks of jade and threw them at the bloody man. Kinotu threw one of his daggers and it hit home clear in the chest. The creature screamed in pain and rage. It raised itself to its full height as it stared at the two young boys. His head leaned unnaturally to one side and his smile showed long sharp teeth,“Hello little rabbits…” He raised one hand and claws sprouted from his fingertips. He then used them to slash his other wrist while speaking an ominous chant. Spikes formed from the blood and sprang from his arm to impale Kinotu in his left arm and Senji in his shoulder. They both fell to the ground in pain. The creature then leapt at Senji. To Senji’s surprise, the blood-soaked thing impaled itself through the heart upon the spike sticking out of his shoulder. The jarring impact caused the young boy to scream out in agony. The creature then grabbed his shoulders and pulled himself deeper onto the spike until the man laid on top of him and was whispering some evil chant into the boy’s ear. Kinotu was still reeling from the pain in his arm but found the strength to throw his tanto square in temple of the creature. With that, the creature slumped dead on top of Senji and the blood spikes turned into liquid again. The bushi from the Hare clan arrived and quickly dismembered the body of the bloody man and burned it. They then tended to the boys’ wounds. They were both shaken up but they would live.

Years later, they both reached gempukku and had to go their separate ways. Senji was sent to the outer borders of the Hare clan’s lands to assist with healing during border skirmishes. Kinotu with his fast and wild nature was given the duty of courier to carry top secret messages back and forth to commanders throughout the clan’s lands and to any other clan that they needed correspondence sent to. Upon the first day of his new assignment, his father, the Hare Clan champion gave Kinotu a family heirloom of two twin tantos that had been passed down the family line since the founding of their clan. He was told to use them in defense of the clan and their interests. Kinotu loved his duty and enjoyed traversing over the expanse of the empire. He wore his trademark custom suit of ashigaru armor as he did not wish to be weighed down to the point where he did not deliver his messages in time. Over the course of a couple of years, the armor began to feel much lighter to Kinotu and he felt he could run even faster as if the armor knew the importance of his mission and wanted to assist him. He began to gain a reputation of being one of the fastest runners in the empire that didn’t use spells to assist him. He of course gained glory in various footraces over time. When he traveled to where Senji was stationed, he would always try to visit. He was always happy to see Senji, but Senji more and more became distant as well as angry. This happened to the point where Senji refused to see him. It wasn’t until later that Kinotu found out why…

One day, Kinotu was given a message by his father saying that he had heard about a Bloodspeaker in a village to the south slaughtering innocent people. It further said that other members of the Usagi were on their way but Kinotu was closer and would get to the village faster than anyone else. He was supposed to get to the village and engage the enemy to distract it long enough until the others could arrive and assist. Kinotu then sped off to the village tanto in hand. He arrived at the village to a gruesome sight. Blood and bodies were strewn everywhere. Even women and children were among them. He climbed to a roof top to gain a better vantage point to find the maho user. He couldn’t find him at first, so he jumped from rooftop to rooftop as quietly as he could. He finally heard a ominous laugh and a child’s whimpering coming from inside the building he was standing on. He scaled down the side and peeked in. The was a figure in brown robes with sharp nails dripping with blood looming over a small toddler. Kinotu immediately threw one of his tanto into the creature’s back. It howled in pain and wheeled about towards Kinotu. Upon it seeing him, it stopped and raised itself to its full height with its head lulling unnaturally to one side. “Well hello again my little rabbit,” it said with a smile showing off it’s razor sharp teeth stained with blood. Kinotu backed away in horror. It was Senji! At least it was him physically mutated in a similar manner to that creature they had killed so long ago. “What have you done to Senji, Monster!” Kinotu roared. ‘Senji’ let out a high pitched cackle," Nothing he did not let me do. I have been living inside of him for years merely offering advice and power. He was reluctant at first as does most of my hosts, but he eventually came to see things my way until there was nothing left of him." “Enough! I will finally destroy you and set his soul free of your evil clutches,” Kinotu said as he summoned the dagger in the creatures back into his hand and charged the beast. They fought back and forth with blood spilt on both sides. At the end, Kinotu charged and stabbed both daggers into the creature’s back near its heart as he did a somersault over the creature’s head. Its knees buckled and its head began to slump. Then suddenly, the ‘Senji’ creature turned around and gripped Kinotu in a tight bear hug. The tips of the tanto sticking in the creature had poked out the other side and were now digging into the Hare’s chest. “You want to know how I survived all these years and took over your friend’s body? Let me show you as my last dying breath,” it said as a dark chant poured from its mouth. Kinotu’s chest felt like it was on fire as he could feel the creature’s blood flowing into his body through the tanto wounds in each other’s torso. Kinotu cried out and summoned his tanto out of the creature’s back and into his hands where he then repeatedly stabbed the creature in the ribs. The creature’s grip released as it stumbled back laughing,“It is already done. I am now a part of your soul and eventually I will consume you as well.” It then slumped to the ground dead. Kinotu then passed out from the blood loss only to be awakened later by his comrades to had burned the entire village to the ground and purified it.

Months passed. He wished that he could end his life and that of the monster that had attached itself to his soul, but every time he tried the creature would somehow keep him barely alive. The creature had enough control to keep him and his host alive but no more than that. Kinotu knew that his soul would be damned if he died before getting the creature exorcised from his soul, so he waited and kept the secret to himself. He grew bitter and angry. He then devoted his life to extinguishing the threat of Bloodspeakers and their ilk. This caused him to be assigned to Otosan Uchi on the tip that there was some unnatural magic being performed in the city and news of some mysterious disappearances. His natural voice mimicry and ability to disguise himself made him ideal for the task. One night, he stayed at an inn in a shady part of town when he woke up and saw that someone had sneaked in through his window and stolen all his money and his twin tantos that his father had given him. He tried to summon the blades to him, but it seemed as though they were too far away. He vowed that the thieves would know what it was like to suffer and writhe in pain for the crime they had committed…

Usagi Kinotu

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