Mirumoto Tsunake

Dragon Bushi


Mirumoto Tsunake

Dragon Bushi

Rank4 Honor4.5
XP57 (55 spent) Glory5.2
Insight217 Status1
Kharma2 Taint0
InitiativeInsight+REF k REF7k3
Armor TNREFx5+5+Armor+bonuses33 = (3×5)+5+5+(4+4)
ArmorLightTN Bonus +5
Twin SisterTwin Sister[Baku’s Yari]
Attack14k5 = 10k7Attack14k5 = 10k7Type?
Damage3k2+STR+1k0 = 7k2Damage2k2+STR+1k0 = 6k2Type?
Notes9s & 10s explodeNotes9s & 10s explodeType?
Wound LevelTotalItems
Healthy (+0)15Light Armor
Nicked (+3)21Sturdy Clothing
Grazed (+5)27Daisho – Twin Sisters
Hurt (+10)33Traveling Pack
Injured (+15)39Tanto
Crippled (+20)45[Baku’s Yari]
Down (+40)51
Out57Koku: 5
CalligraphyINT59k4+10 to break code or cipher
Lore: ShugenjaINT15k4
Lore: TheologyINT48k4
MeditationVOID37k42 void restored
DefenseREF36k3Keep a previous defense roll if sustaining Full Defense
HorsemanshipAGI37k4May full attack
IaijutsuREF58k3Ready Katana as a free action
Free raise Focus Roll
KenjutsuAGI711k4Emphasis: Katana, Wakizashi
Ready sword as a free action
+1k0 Damage
9s & 10s explode on Damage
Mirumoto Bushi
Way of the DragonNo penalties for dual-wielding
Raise or lower TN by 5 for spells targeting me
Armor TN bonus of School Rank
The Calm in Midst of ThunderWhile in Center Stance bonus to Iaijutsu rolls of kenjutsu rank
Strong and SwiftAttacking is a simple action
Furious RetaliationDuring reactions target enemy that has attacked me, +3k0 to attack next turn
Heart of the DragonIf you attack twice, receive an off hand attack as a free action
Dragon Swordmaster
The Silence of Two StrikesMay spend Void twice per turn
Mirumoto’s StrengthIn iaijutsu duel, always gain the 1k1 from Assessment
Harmony and PrecisionIgnore opponents reduction
Ancestor: Mirumoto+1k1 to all AGI rolls, +3k1 if school skill9
Sacred WeaponTwin Sisters Blades: +5 TN to disarm attempts against you3
Ally: Bayushi Baku4/48?
Ally: Hosoku4/48?
LecheryTemptation (Seduction) rolls receive an extra +1k1 against you2
BlackmailedRumor started that I deflowered Mirumoto Hitomi1
DishonoredRumor of my transgression with Hitomi5
DrivenFind the rumormonger and restore my honor at any cost2
Sworn Enemy: KachicoBad mama-jama5
Bad fortune: LingeringWill fail an important roll in my future3?
Strength of the Dragon+3 to Armor TN
Spinning Blades StyleExtra attack for 3 raises

Bio in progress

“Some people say I am a coward. A samurai’s duty is to protect his lord. Are they so simple-minded that they cannot see that two swords serve their lord better than one?” –Mirumoto

Mirumoto Tsunake

Early years: buke, first son of a local magistrate to the city of Heibeisu, situated between Shiro Mirumoto, Phoenix Lands, and Yushosha Seido Mura.

Training in Mirumoto Dojo: exemplary skill in kenjutsu, moderate duelist.

Gempukku: Twin Sisters Blades

Early Military: Assigned to garison of Shiro Mirumoto, later to Kyuden Tonbo. Well known for frequenting the geisha houses.
Tsunake was given the rank of Nikutai , a squad commander, and assigned a unit of Samurai tasked with delivering high-ranking missives between commanders. Other squads in his regiment were focused on interception of enemy orders.

Incident with samurai-ko (Mirumoto Hitomi), no actual evidence, but prior reputation.
Dishonored, stripped of rank, sent to front lines of Toturi’s Army

In patrol in Hare(?) lands. Encounter Ogres(?) Unit wiped out. Flee and head for Hare stronghold to inform daimyo of encroachment upon their lands.

Encounter two strange individuals, blackout and wake in former Scorpion lands.

Temple of fortunes x and x

Awakened by Hosoku, little memory of flight.

Mirumoto Tsunake

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