Ronin, Ishiken


Void Acolyte, Ronin

Rank 2 Insight 171 XP 0 Kharma 0
Air 2 Reflexes 2 Awareness 2
Earth 2 Stamina 2 Willpower 4
Fire 2 Agility 2 Intelligence 4
Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 4
Void 4
Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Tetsubo 5k2 6k3 Reduction -2
Armor TN Bonus +3
TN To Be Hit 18
Reduction 0
Initiative 4k2
Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 15 Earth x 5
Nicked +3 21
Grazed +5 27
Hurt +10 33
Injured +15 39
Crippled +20 45
Down +40 51 Must Spend Void to Act.
Out 57 Cannot Act.
High Skills
Calligraphy INT 2 6k4 Cipher No
Divination INT 2 6k4 Yes
Games: Go INT 2 6k4 No
Games: Shogi INT 2 6k4 No
Lore: Heraldry INT 1 6k4 No
Lore: Bushido INT 1 6k4 No
Lore: Mura Sabishii Toshi INT 1 6k4 No
Lore: Elements INT 2 6k4 Void Yes
Lore: History INT 2 6k4 No
Meditation VOID 4 8k4 Yes
Tea Ceremony VOID 2 6k4 No
Medicine INT 2 6k4 No
Investigatio INT 2 6k4 No
Bugei Skills
Defense REF 2 4k2 Yes
Hunting PER 2 6k4 Yes
Heavy Weapons AGI 3 5k2 No
Low Skills
Stealth AGI 1 3k2 No
Honor 3.5 Glory 0.5 Status 0.5
Infamy 0.0 Taint 0.0 Shadow 0.0

Void Mystic
Rank 1 The Void’s Caress The Void Mystic, born with a close attunement to the Void but lacking any conventional training, does not need to acquire spell-scrolls. You may cast any Void spell up to your current Mastery Level, expending a Spell Slot as normal. Mechanically, the spell is cast as normal, but you do not need to speak aloud to cast your spells. You may only cast each Spell once per day, and you may never cast Void spells above Rank 5. You also gain a Free Raise to the Divination Skill (a by-product of your attunement to the Void).
Spells: As noted above, you may cast any Void Spell within your Mastery Level
Option: If the GM feels the Void Mystic’s limited spell abilities are too confining, the Mystic may be granted one additional Spell Slot for each Insight Rank he attains.

Touch the Void Dragon Void 4 – Certain orders of the Brotherhood are adept at aligning their chi with the dominant Element in the environment around them, drawing strength from the world. While this Kiho is active, one of your Rings and its associated Traits are considered one Rank higher. Which Ring is affected depends upon the environment. Mountains increase Earth, the seashore increases Water, the plains increase Air, the desert or volcanic areas increase Fire, etc.
Ishiken-do Void shuggy +8 Pts
Ancestor: Miyuko You are considered to be one School Rank higher for the purpose of casting
spells (Mastery level, Spell Casting Rolls, and spell effects).
+12 Pts
Friend of the Brotherhood Purchase Kiho at normal cost +2 Pts
Sage Lore, motherfuckers +4 Pts
Touch of the Void 2k1 for Void; TN 30 Willpower or be dazed after spending Void -3 Pts
Can’t Lie Can’t lie; TN 20 Willpower to avoid correcting a known lie -2 Pts
Epilepsy Keep Charlie away; TN 15 Willpower roll to avoid seizure during stress -4 Pts


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