Bayushi Kiwadoi [Chris Drennan]

Bayushi Kiwadoi


Emerald Magistrate – Kurogane Hana

Minister of Justice

Former Topaz Champion

Scorpion Bushi

Rank4 Honor2.2
XP17 Glory10.1
Insight222 Infamy0
Kharma3 Status5.5
InitiativeInsight+REF k REF+1k19k5
Normal TNREFx5+5+bonuses25 (30) = (4×5)+5+x
Armor TNREFx5+5+Armor+bonuses30 (35) = (4×5)+5+5+x
Sunetra’s Shosuro BladeWakizashi
DamageSTR+4k2+1k0 = 9k2DamageSTR+2k2 = 6k2
NotesFree Raise: FeintNotes
Wound LevelTotalItems
Healthy (+0)20Light Armor
Nicked (+3)28Sturdy Clothing
Grazed (+5)36Daisho
Hurt (+10)44Traveling Pack
Injured (+15)52Sunetra’s Shosuro Blade
Crippled (+20)60
Down (+40)68
Koku: 5 Bu: 0 Zeni: 0
+3 Insight
+3 Insight
2nd Search no TN penalty
+5 contested rolls
+1k0 damage
Lore: AllINT5k4Sage
Bayushi Bushi
The Way of the Scorpion+1k1 to Initiative
+5 Armor TN vs. opponents w/ lower Initiative
Pincers & TailFeint for one Raise
The Dark Sword of Bitter LiesVoid Point to reroll any roll with no TN penalty, keep either
Strike from Above, Strike from BelowMelee attacks Simple Action
The Pincers Hold, the Tail StrikesOnce per encounter, spend Void point, complex Melee attack, Target Stunned, Earth roll TN = dmg during Reactions
The Topaz Champion
Soul of PromiseBonus Void points equal to highest Ring only useable to enhance School Skill Rolls
Advanced School
Ally: x2
Ancestor: Bayushi+1k0 to School Skills, Void Point +2k2 School Skills, Kharmic Void 8
Kharmic Tie: Bayushi Konitsu5 / session +1k1 attack rolls5
LeadershipDuring Reactions, ally +1k1+School Rank to Initiative6
Prodigy+1k0 to School Skills12
SageAll Lore treated as having 1 rank4
Social Position+1 Status [Overriden by Emerald Magistrate]6
Kharmic Tie: Ikoma Jun1 / session +1k1 attack rolls 1
Bad Fortune: Evil EyeOne Amber eye, one Dark Brown 3
DrivenObscure or destroy all knowledge / history of [Dark Secret]2
Air 3Breath of Wind StyleDuring Reactions: Initiative gains +2
Duty Points
2 Ally, Leadership
4GM Upgrade
5The World of the Daimyo
8The Daimyo’s Path
3Peasant Quarters+1 all Feature benefits
3Willow World-2 cost Court Chamber, Magistrate Station, Garrison
3Accommodations+33 high-profile guest quarters
1Court Chamber+6 Duty Points (Ambassador)
1Magistrate Station+18 Magistrates, -3 criminal outbreak/mo
1Garrison+4 Duty Points (Warlord)
1Farmlands+2 Koku / mo
1Marketplace+4 Koku / mo
3Theatrical Connections+4 Glory
1Writs of Passage+0.2 Status
1Light Infantry1/1
2Heavy Infantry3/4
1Horsemanship 1
GM Upgrades
Trait 3Reflexes 3
Skill 5Investigation 5
Skill 4Courtier 4
15xp SkillsEttiquette, Kenjutsu, Sincerity 2,3
3 EmphasesKatana, Notice, Deceit
36xp TraitsStamina, Willpower, Strength 3
12xp AnythingKata: Breath of Wind Style (3)
The World of the Daimyo (5)
The Daimyo’s Path (10)
6xp Advantages/DisadvantagesThe Daimyo’s Path (10)
Trait 4Perception 4
Remove Dark Secret: Kolat[Mother’s side, obscure Ancestor Shiba Kolat Sleeper Agent killed Asako Inquisitor.]
12Perception 3
16Reflexes 4
18Void 3
12Awareness 3
1Kharmic Tie: Ikoma Jun
16Awareness 4
16Agility 4
16Intelligence 4
16Strength 4
5Iaijutsu 2,3
16Stamina 4
16Willpower 4
6Investigation 6
4Etiquette 4
4Sincerity 4

Father: xDadx , Master Sensei at one of the Bayushi dojos
Mother: xMomx , Duelist Shiba married into family

Parents met at Topaz Championship. During the Iaijutsu duel, their match ended in a Kharmic strike. Developed relationship that sparked into love. Result of duel was seen as a fortuitous omen and the families sanctioned the love and arranged the marriage.

Twin sister of Bayushi Konitsu
Both trained at father’s dojo

Raven black hair frames a delicate face, though most do not often get a good look at the upper half of it. Kiwadoi rarely removes her mask, usually only in the presence of friends & family. It covers the top half of her face, the visage of some form of demon crafted in white, and highlighted in black. What could be described as a tail extends down the left side of her face, hugging her jawbone. Standing almost as tall as her brother, she is much taller than most Rokugani women. Her basic provided armor is a little more ornate then most, which means it had one or two more small lacquered pieces. Perhaps the smith had a few extra nice bands of material from a previous project for a higher ranking samurai and decided to throw them into a basic set as he would have no other use for them. Whatever the reason, Kiwadoi takes great pride in her armor and always makes sure that it is cleaned and buffed to a shine.

Normally stoic and quiet, others might mistake Kiwadoi as being submissive to her brother. This is hardly the case, as the two have had some tremendous battles that would best be regaled over a large bottle of sake. In truth, she is often observing her surroundings, picking out potential threats and hunting for clues that might give away a samurai’s weaknesses.

Utterly loyal to her family and clan, Kiwadoi is completely faithful to Bayushi’s promise to Hantei: Protect the Empire, no matter the cost to self, clan, or honor.

Kiwadoi is the type of person who realizes that life as a samurai in Rokugan is a game. One that is not always fair, and one that she has every intention on winning. She fully intends to parlay her bloodline ties to the Bayushi line and her skill into a position of social power. Governor of a major family holding has a nice ring to it.

Topaz tournament
*Tsuma, Crane Lands
Konitsu and I arrived with little fanfare to the town of Tsuma. At the gates we were greeted by a fellow Scorpion, a Bayushi. I believe his heraldry marked him as Paneki, an Emerald Magistrate. He bid us enter after checking our papers and one of our traveling companions [Scorpion James] recommended an Inn that was favorable to those of our clan.
*Inn of the Last Light
Brother and I made our way to the Inn of the Last Light and found a desirable table. One of the servants inquired as to our tastes, and soon brought us sake. An odd note was that she bore a necklace with Sunetra’s personal mon. This was a favorable Inn indeed. A Lion and Mantis bushi could be heard over all, their conversation loud and boisterous. Akodo Hitomi w/ Yoritomo Zenwadi I later learned, two Topaz contestants. They caught brother’s eye and Konitsu approached and was offered drink. Konitsu accepted, and brought the sake back to our table. Hitomi feigned anger and swung at brother. Doji Seiyami diffused Hitomi. Shared drinks with Hitomi, Seiyami, Ikoma Jun, and Yoritomo. Yoritomo insinuated I was Konitsu’s servant and offered to pay for my services. That swine! He departed and Doji offered to take us to clean the roadsweariness from us before presenting ourselves to the contestant registration.
*Dinner and pleasantries.
Emerald Champion – safety paramount at this years tourney.
*Inn of the Last Light (Between Heraldry & Sumai)
Arari – room
Liquid Void
Scorpion compound

Investigation: Yoritomo
Athletics: 1
Heraldry: Doji Seiyami 0
Sumai: Kitsuki Iweko 1
Law / Etiquette / Bushido: Doji Seiyami 0
Horsemanship: Doji O 1
Archery: 1

Bayushi Kiwadoi [Chris Drennan]

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