Ashidaka (Kakita) Koutetsu

Ashidaka Koutestu's Character Sheet




Rank 5 Insight 243 XP 1 Kharma 2
Air 4 Reflexes 4 Awareness 4
Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 3
Fire 4 Agility 4 Intelligence 4
Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 3
Void 4
Armor TN Bonus +5
TN To Be Hit 30 (35 Armored)
Reduction 0 (3 Armored)
Initiative 9k4+12
Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Twilight Mountain Blade 10k4+8 7k2 Fear 3, Nemuranai
Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 15 Earth x 5
Nicked +3 21
Grazed +5 27
Hurt +10 33
Injured +15 39
Crippled +20 45
Down +40 51 Must Spend Void to Act.
Out 57 Cannot Act.
High Skills
Artisan: Gardening AWA 2 6k4 No
Calligraphy INT 2 6k4 No
Courtier AWA 3 7k4 No
Craft: Weaponsmithing INT 8 12k4 Katana Yes
Etiquette AWA 3 7k4 +3 Insight; Courtesy Yes
Games: Go INT 1 5k4 No
Investigation PER 1 4k3 No
Lore: Bushido INT 1 5k4 No
Lore: Heraldry INT 1 5k4 No
Lore: Law INT 1 5k4 No
Lore: Otosan Uchi INT 1 5k4 No
Lore: Swords INT 3 7k4 Kakita Blades No
Meditation VOID 4 8k4 Regain 2 Void Points; Void Recovery No
Sincerity AWA 3 7k4 Honesty Yes
Tea Ceremony VOID 1 5k4 Yes
Bugei Skills
Athletics STR 2 5k3 No
Battle PER 1 4k3 No
Defense REF 5 9k4 Keep Previous Roll; +3 to Defense/Full Defense Stance No
Iaijutsu REF 6 10k4 Readying Katana is Free Action Yes
Kenjutsu AGI 6 10k4 Katana; +1k0 DMG Roll Yes
Kyujutsu REF 1 5k4 Yes
Merchant Skills
Commerce INT 1 5k4 No
Assessment 11k5+12
Focus 12k6+22
Strike 11k5+13
Honor 5.7 Glory 10.9 Status 6.9
Infamy 1.0 Taint 0.0 Shadow 0.0

Kakita Bushi
Rank 1 The Way of the Crane The study of the sword demonstrates the many ways in which the art of Kakita’s technique can be applied. You add twice your Iaijutsu Skill (12) to all Initiative rolls. You gain a bonus of +1k1 plus your School Rank (5) to the total of all Attack and Focus Rolls while assuming the Center Stance. This bonus also applies during the Combat Round following one in which you assume the Center Stance.
Rank 2 The Speed of Lightning Enemies who are slow or weak of spirit are doomed to failure. You gain a bonus of +2k0 to the total of all attack rolls against those with lower Initiative than your own.
Rank 3 First and Last Strike A Kakita Bushi is feared throughout the Empire as a follower of the oldest and most venerated dueling tradition in the Empire. You may Strike first in a duel if you win the Iaijutsu/Void roll by a difference of 3 or higher. You gain a Free Raise on your Strike for each additional margin of 3 instead of 5.
Rank 4 Ashidaka Swordsmith You gain an additional Free Raise for the purpose of crafting any weapon with the Samurai keyword. When crafting a katana specifically, you gain a +2k1 bonus to the roll. You may make attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex with any blade you have created or any Kakita Blade.
Rank 5 Strike With No Thought A true student of Kakita requires no thought before the perfect strike, depending entirely on instinct. You may take one Simple Action per Turn while assuming the Center Stance. You gain the benefits of Center Stance while you assume the stance instead of the following Turn, and you may remain in the Center Stance as many consecutive Turns as desired. The Simple Action you take can be a Move Action (bypassing the normal restriction of the Center Stance).

The Empire Rests on its Edge
Air 3 Any School Upon learning this kata, choose one High Skill (Craft: Weaponsmithing) that is not a combat skill. You must spend +2 Experience Points each time you increase your rank in that Skill. When you are utilizing this Kata, you again a bonus to to the total of your Kenjutsu or Iaijutsu Skill Rolls equal to your Rank in the chosen High Skill.
Strength of the Crane
Air 3 Any Crane Bushi When fighting with a sword or spear you add an amount to equal to your Honor Rank -3 (minimum 1) to your Armor TN.

Allies Daidoji Aidogo Influence 4, Devotion 1 +5 Pts
Allies Geshiki of All Things Remembered Influence 1, Devotion 2 +3 Pts
Allies Kitsu Okura Influence 1, Devotion 1 +2 Pts
Allies Kitsune Sojin Influence 4, Devotion 1 +5 Pts
Allies Miya Keppon Influence 4, Devotion 4 +8 Pts
Favor Kitsune Sojin ? +2 Pts
Gentry Large Village +15 Pts
Gentry Unique Holding Chi-Yomi’s Estates and Forge +18 Pts
Great Potential Craft: Weaponsmithing +5 Pts
Imperial Spouse Miya Keppon +5 Pts
Social Position ? +6 Pts
Soul of Artistry Artisan Skills +3 Pts
Way of the Daimyo Duty Points +2 Pts
Wealthy (Material) Additional Koku +8 Pts
World of the Daimyo Duty Points +21 Pts
Fascination (Mental) Swords -1 Pts
Favor Owed Geshiki of All Things Remembered -5 Pts
Favor Owed Order of the Blessings of the Eternal Kami -5 Pts
Haunted (Spiritual) Kakita Chi-Yomi -3 Pts
Bad Fortune (Spiritual) Disfigurement 3 Pts

Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Yumi, Traveling Pack, 104 koku; Blacksmith’s Hammer, Chopsticks, Daisho Stand, Fan, Ink Brush Kit, Lantern, Personal Chop, Sake Cup, Spare Kimono and Sandals, Wicker Umbrella, Quality Craft: Weaponsmithing Equipment (One Free Raise), Asahina Fetish (Five Free Raises; One Time Use), Agasha Potion (Reduce Crafting Time by Weeks equal to Insight Rank) (3), Forging Blessing (One Free Raise), Fine Quality Katana by Kakita Chi-Yomi (56)



“The sword is just a tool. It is the hand that gives it life. It is the hand that delivers death.”

Ashidaka Tetsu, the son the Ashidaka family daimyo, was impressed upon at a young age by the words of an ise zumi attending his father’s court. As a vassal family of the Kakita his father was expected to attend court as any other Crane lord despite his unique position as a master swordsmith. The Dragon visitor, already strange by his unique appearance as a monk of the Togashi Order, spoke of a philosophy that conflicted with the traditional ideals of a samurai.

The Togashi declared that a sword was a tool no different than a smith’s hammer, a peasant’s sickle, or a woodcutter’s axe. This in and of itself was considered blasphemy to some. After all, a sword was much more than a tool; a sword was the very soul of a samurai – a mark of one’s station within the Empire, traditionally passed down from father to son, and a physical reminder of one’s duty to their lord.

The Togashi further declared that in the hand of a samurai the sword was given purpose: it would either be brought to life or deliver death. He explained that as a tool it possessed two unique paths that paralleled the path of man. A samurai either walked the high road or the low road. Where the high road valued the preservation of life, the path of Honor, and noble sacrifice, the low road valued the necessity of death, the path of Dishonor, and the means to an end. This philosophy directly brought Bushido into conflict as the Togashi elaborated that not all virtues were just and true.

The words of the ise zumi left the court divided but like all guests, he eventually took his leave. Tetsu did not recall the nature of the monk’s departure for he could have been requested to leave, challenged, or left on his own volition. Nonetheless, the impressionable young Crane took to the spoken words and considered them in his own life as a samurai, swordsmith, and heir – words that would shape his views for the years to come.

Growing up as the son and heir of the Ashidaka daimyo, Tetsu was trained in the tradition of the Kakita. His father reasoned a true swordsmith needed to be intimately familiar with the blades he was expected to forge. His duty as a vassal of the Ashidaka family was to craft the famed Kakita blades of the Crane. He was trained as a swordsman by a sensei of the Kakita Academy by day and apprenticed to his father by night at the seat of the Ashidaka family.

On his gempukku he was tasked to forge a sword as his rite of passage. Tetsu labored in his family’s forge for two months, folding steel on an anvil. What he produced was a fine sword worthy of a samurai. While not a Kakita blade, it was a fine piece of work from a promising young swordsmith. When he presented the sword to his father, the Ashidaka Lord approved of the blade and presented it to Tetsu as the sword he would carry henceforth as a samurai.

Tetsu took the name Koutetsu on his gempukku, a parallel to his duty as a swordsmith; just as iron became steel, so had a child become samurai – stronger when forged by fire and pressure. He too gave his sword a name: Katsujinken, the life giving sword, inspired by the teachings of the ise zumi he still carried.

Koutetsu, the eldest of three, was the only son his mother gave his father. His mother Fumiko, formerly of the Dragon, was said to have been of the Agasha and learned in the art of swordsmithing. However, for as long as Koutetsu could recall she had never been involved in their family’s forge. She was a modest woman, lacking the strangeness of the Dragon. While not a beauty of the Crane or Scorpion, she was a dutiful and loyal bride to the Ashidaka Lord.

His two siblings, Ichiko and Niko, were born identical twins – a rarity in Rokugan. The two younger girls were considered gifted in the finer arts and invited to the Kakita Academy to study poetry, painting, song, origami, bonsai, and other arts. They played their appearances to their advantage, becoming tricksters of sorts – they enjoyed styling their hair similarly and wearing the same fashions to purposely confuse others.

Doji Kurotema, the Chief Hatamoto to the Juramashi Governor of Otosan Uchi, called upon his father for a favor owed. Several years after his gempukku he was sent to the Imperial City on behalf of his father. As a young lordling, a promising swordsmith, and capable swordsman Koutetsu was expected to represent the Ashidaka and the Crane amicably in court. He was, however, disadvantaged as he was not yet afforded the position within his family deserving of his birthright. As such he saw the opportunity to prove himself on the Empire’s largest stage.

    • Find suitable matches for his twin sisters, Ichiko and Niiko.
    • Establish a network of allies and Favors in the Imperial City.
    • Maneuver the Ashidaka family into a more prominent position within the Empire.
    • Become recognized by the Emperor for crafting a sword of peerless quality.
    • Forge a sword from the shards of the Blade of Execution, his great-grandfather’s sword, Kakita Chi-Yomi’s sword and the Twilight Mountain Blade.
    • Avenge his father’s shame by destroying Doji Kurotema.
Entry Cost Total
Awareness 3 12 XP 12 XP
Intelligence 3 12 XP 24 XP
Void 3 18 XP 42 XP
Craft: Weaponsmithing 2 2 XP 44 XP
Craft: Weaponsmithing 3 3 XP 47 XP
Iaijutsu 2 2 XP 49 XP
Iaijutsu 3 3 XP 52 XP
Kenjutsu 2 2 XP 54 XP
Kenjutsu 3 3 XP 57 XP
Great Potential (Craft: Weaponsmithing) 5 XP 62 XP
Craft: Weaponsmithing 4 4 XP 66 XP
Athletics 1 1 XP 67 XP
Defense 1 1 XP 68 XP
Courtier 1 1 XP 69 XP
Lore: Swords 1 1 XP 70 XP
Athletics 2 2 XP 72 XP
Defense 2 2 XP 74 XP
Etiquette 2 2 XP 76 XP
Lore: Swords 2 2 XP 78 XP
Sincerity 2 2 XP 80 XP
Soul of Artistry 3 XP 83 XP
Wealthy 1 XP 84 XP
Social Position 6 XP 90 XP
Entry Cost Total
Meditation 1 1 XP 91 XP
Investigation 1 1 XP 92 XP
Lore: Heraldry 1 1 XP 93 XP
Iaijutsu 4 4 XP 97 XP
Lore: Otosan Uchi 1 0 XP 97 XP
Intelligence 4 16 XP 113 XP
Katana Emphasis 0 XP 113 XP
Meditation 2 2 XP 115 XP
Craft: Weaponsmithing 5 5 XP 120 XP
Ally: Kakita Chi-Yom (1 Influence/2 Devotion) 0 XP 120 XP
Strength 3 0 XP 120 XP
Kenjutsu 4 4 XP 124 XP
Defense 3 3 XP 127 XP
Strength of the Crane Kata 3 XP 130 XP
Meditation 3 3 XP 133 XP
Artisan: Gardening 1 1 XP 134 XP
Artisan: Gardening 2 2 XP 136 XP
Games: Go 1 1 XP 137 XP
Lore: History 1 1 XP 138 XP
Lore: Law 1 0 XP 138 XP
Commerce 1 0 XP 138 XP
Willpower 3 0 XP 138 XP
Craft: Weaponsmithing 6 0 XP 138 XP
Kenjutsu 5 5 XP 143 XP
Iaijutsu 5 5 XP 148 XP
Defense 4 4 XP 152 XP
Sincerity 3 3 XP 155 XP
Etiquette 3 3 XP 158 XP
Courtier 2 2 XP 160 XP
Lore: Swords 3 3 XP 163 XP
Stamina 3 12 XP 175 XP
Assessment Emphasis 2 XP 177 XP
Honesty Emphasis 2 XP 179 XP
Ally: Agasha Hiroshi 1/1 1 XP 180 XP
Ally: Geshiki of All Things Remembered 1/2 2 XP 182 XP
Ally: Kitsu Okura 1/1 1 XP 183 XP
Ally: Kitsune Sojin 4/1 4 XP 187 XP
Ally: Miya Keppon 4/1 4 XP 191 XP
Awareness 4 16 XP 207 XP
Entry Cost Total
The Empire Rests On Its Edge 3 XP 210 XP
Perception 3 0 XP 210 XP
Battle 1 1 XP 221 XP
Craft: Weaponsmithing 7 9 XP 230 XP
Iaijutsu 6 6 XP 236 XP
Meditation 4 4 XP 240 XP
Lore: Bushido 1 1 XP 241 XP
Calligraphy 2 2 XP 243 XP
Void 4 24 XP 267 XP
Doubt: Kenjutsu 4 XP 271 XP
Ally: Daidoji Aidogo 0 XP 271 XP
Agility 4 16 XP 287 XP
Kenjutsu 6 6 XP 293 XP
Defense 5 5 XP 298 XP
Reflexes 4 16 XP 314 XP
Craft: Weaponsmithing 8 10 XP 324 XP
Courtier 3 3 XP 327 XP

Ashidaka (Kakita) Koutetsu

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