Asako Fujiko [Logan Turman]

A quiet, enigmatic Pheonix monk with an obi displaying the five elements across the front and a flair for speaking in riddles and looking for something in the distance that isn't there.


Legend of the Five Rings, 4E

Rank 4, Insight 206, Experience Points: 0
h3. Kharma: 3


Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 4 Water 4 Strength 5 Perception 4
Fire 3 Agility 3 Intelligence 3 Air 3 Reflexes 3 Awareness 3
Void 3

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Unarmed Strike 8k3 6k1 notation
Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Tsuno Blade 9k3 8k3 +1k0 damage vs. spirit types

Armor TN Bonus: 0

TN to Be Hit (REF x 5 + Armor + Modifiers): 25

Reduction: 3

Initiative (Insight Rank + REF/ keep REF): 7k3

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Healthy)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 15/20
Nicked +3 21/28
Grazed +5 27/40
Hurt +10 33/48
Injured +15 39/56
Crippled +20 45/64
Down +40 51/72 Must spend Void to act
Out 57/80 Cannot act
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphases/Mastery Abilities School Skill?
High Skills
Artisan: Origami Awa. 1 4k3 No
Calligraphy Int. 1 4k3 Yes
Courtier Awa 3 6k3 (Conversation) No
Sincerity Awa. 1 4k3 No
Etiquette Awa. 3 5k3 No
Investigation Per. 1 5k4 (notice) No
Lore: Heraldry Int. 1 4k3 No
Meditation Void 5 9k4 regain 2 void points/ Inheritance robes Yes
Lore: Elements Int. 1 4k3 (Water) Yes
Lore: Theology Int. 4 7k3 Yes
Games: Go Int. 1 4k3 no
Tea Ceremony Void 1 4k3 no
Bugei Skills
Athletics Agi. 1 4k3 No
Horsemanship Awa. 1 4k3 No
Jujutsu Agi. 5 8k3 (Atemi) Yes
Iaijustu Ref. 1 4k3 (Focus) No
Kyujutsu Ref. 1 4k3 No
Heavy Weapons Agi. 6 9k3 (Tsuno Blade) No
Merchant Skills
Low Skills
Lore: Kolat Int. 2 5k3 No
Glory 2.1 Honor 7.5 Status 2.1 Infamy 0.0 Shadowlands Taint 0.0 Shadow 0.0

School Techniques (Asako Henshin/1) / (Defender of the Brotherhood/1) / (Temple of Persistence/1)/ (Dark Paragon/1)

Rank 1 The Four Mysteries The first lesson of the mysterious Henshin is the relationship
between the individual and the Elements that comprise all things. You may, as a Simple Action, increase or decrease both Traits associated with one of your Rings by an amount equal to your School Rank. This lasts for a number of minutes equal to your Insight Rank and may be done a total number of times per day equal to fi ve times your Insight Rank. You may instead increase or decrease the Traits of another in a similar manner, but only by an amount equal to half your School Rank, rounding down (to a minimum of 1). Altering the Traits of an unknowing or unwilling target requires a Contested Willpower Roll. Traits reduced in this manner do not affect a target’s Rings (and thus do not change Wound Ranks when the Earth Ring is targeted, etc.).
Rank 2 Harmony in Chaos Any time you spend a Void Point on an Etiquette or Courtier Social Skill roll, you gain a bonus of +Xk1 to the roll (where X is your Willpower) instead of the normal +1k1.
Rank 3 Unyielding Spirit You may spend a Void Point as a Free Action to ignore all penalties to an immediately subsequent die roll. If you use this Technique when making either a Contested Roll you did not initiate or an Attack Roll, you may also add +Xk0 to the roll, where X is your Earth Ring.
Rank 4 Ruthless Determination You gain two kiho for which you must meet all prerequisites. If you possess the ability to make a melee attack with a melee weapon as a Simple action, you also gain the ability to make an unarmed attack as a Simple action, and vice versa.
Rank # Name Mechanics


Forbidden Knowledge: Kolat Kolat: You are intimately familiar with the nature and operations of the blasphemous Kolat order, and may be a member of that organization. You gain one rank in Lore: Kolat and gain a bonus of +1k1 on Social Skill rolls with known members of the Kolat. – 5 pts
Higher Purpose: Expose Kolat There is some greater purpose to which you have devoted
your life. This is not a simple matter, but some grand work that will take years or perhaps even the whole of your life to accomplish. Whatever this goal is, during any session in which you and the GM agree you have made demonstrable progress toward it, you gain one additional Experience Point.
– 3 pts
Sacrosanct Because of some great service you or perhaps your parents performed on behalf of the Emperor, the Son of Heaven has placed you under his protection. You may not purchase this
Advantage unless you possess an Honor Rank of 6 or higher. So long as your Honor does not drop below 6.0, no one of Honor Rank 5 or higher may attack you unless you attack them fi rst; their rigid code of honor simply will not allow them to blatantly go against the Emperor’s wishes. Willingly entered duels ignore the effects of this Advantage. Imperial characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.
– 4 pts
Ascetic You have no taste for or interest in material things, and this minimalist attitude has impacted how others view you. Your School Outfi t includes only weapons, armor, clothing, necessary tools of the trade for your profession (such as a scroll satchel for shugenja), and nothing else. Any time you would be awarded Glory as a result of your actions, you receive only
half the normal amount. Coupled with the normal restriction for Monks in gaining Glory, ascetic monk characters would only gain one quarter the normal amount of Glory. This Disadvantage is worth 3 points to Dragon and monk characters.
+ 3 pts
Dark Secret: Kolat Seeker You possess some horrifi c secret that could lead not only to
your ruination, but perhaps others in your family as well. It may be something terrible you have learned about your family that you alone know (if a venerated ancestor was secretly a dishonorable buffoon), or something you personally have done (you may be a member of the Kolat or Gozoku). If your secret is exposed, you may be required to commit seppuku or possibly even be executed. This Disadvantage is worth 5 points to ninja characters.
+ 4 pts
Obligation: Kolat Seekers There is someone to whom you are indebted or for whom you must fulfi ll some signifi cant duty. The nature of this debt can vary considerably, but when it comes due, nothing else matters. You must honor it, even if it leads to your ruination. The first level of this Disadvantage is a relatively minor matter that nevertheless demands your full attention. The second level represents a major, signifi cant obligation that could potentially damage your family’s standing if you do not devote considerable time and resources to fulfi lling it. + 6 pts
Forced Retirement You have been forced into early retirement by entering a monastery, perhaps due to political reasons or because of some public disgrace. You may not advance any further in your School. When you gain a new Insight Rank, you must instead begin taking ranks of an unaligned Monk School (see the Book of Water). You need not purchase the Multiple Schools Advantage for this. You are no longer considered a member of your Clan. This Disadvantage is worth 5 points to monk characters. + 5 pts
Social Position You have received an illustrious social appointment, whether through your own accomplishments or purely because of political reasons. You gain +1 Status Rank. -6 pts
Inheritance/Monk’s Robes (Meditation) When you received your gempukku ceremony, your family
honored you with an heirloom of your ancestors. It is among your most precious possessions, and you would die before you allowed it to be harmed or brought dishonor to it. You possess one item in addition to the normal starting equipment provided by your School. Whenever you make a Skill Roll using this item, such as a Perform: Biwa roll with a biwa, a Games: Go roll with a go set, or a Kenjutsu roll with a katana, you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the roll. This bonus does not apply to any attack or damage rolls, only Skill Rolls made for non-combat purposes (rolls made outside of a skirmish).
– 5 pts
Dark Paragon/Will You have mastered one of the precepts of Shourido, the dark code that forms an antithesis of Bushido. Once per session, you may voluntarily sacrifi ce 5 points of Honor as a Free Action in order to affect a particular type of roll as indicated below, and gain a bonus of +5 to the total of that roll. If you do not have 5 points of Honor to spend in this manner, you may spend a Void Point instead. Will: Spending the Honor negates 10 Wounds at the
moment they are suffered.
– 5 pts
Correspondence/ Komaru’s Brother As per the Allies advantage but Devotion begins at 0. Influence 4/ Devotion 1. – 1 pts
Way of the Daimyo
The Daimyo’s Path
Darling of the Court: Kurogana Hana During a recent court session, you did something that gained the notice of the host, resulting in an instant increase in your importance with all those in attendance. Select one court, such as the court of Kyuden Bayushi, the court of the Okura district in Toshi Ranbo, etc. When in attendance at this court, your Status is effectively one rank higher, but only while court is in session. – 1 pts
Karmic Tie X2: Ikoma Jun For each point spent on this advantage, once per session you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all attack rolls made when fighting for or protecting the person to whom you are bonded. – 1 pts

|To the Last Breath | With a simple exhalation, a monk can expend his energy into the universe around him, allowing others to partake of it as they wish. Any one selected individual within twenty feet when this Kiho is activated gains a Void Point on their next Turn. No target may benefi t from this Kiho more than twice per day. |
| Embrace the Stone | When you activate this Kiho, you gain a Reduction Rating equal to twice your Earth Ring. This stacks with any other Reduction you have from other sources (such as spells or armor). This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Earth Ring. |
| Dance of the Flames | While this Kiho is in effect, you may make unarmed attacks as a Simple Action rather than a Complex Action. You must make an unarmed attack against an opponent (rather than an ally or inanimate object) every Round while this Kiho is active, or its effects end immediately. |
| Partaking the Waves | While this Kiho is active, you gain Reduction equal to your Water Ring. This stacks with Reduction from other sources such as spells and armor. This effect lasts a number of Rounds equal to twice your Water Ring. |
| Freezing the Lifeblood | The individual struck by the atemi attack is paralyzed, effectively Stunned and unable to take Move Actions, and may not move under his own power for a number of Rounds equal to your Insight Rank. |
| Touch of the Void Dragon | While this Kiho is active, one of your Rings and its associated Traits are considered one Rank higher. Which Ring is affected depends upon the environment. Mountains increase Earth, the seashore increases Water, the plains increase Air, the desert or volcanic
areas increase Fire, etc. |
| Void Fist | You must make a successful Raise to strike an opponent with Void Fist. A successful strike infl icts no damage, but you immediately regain two Void Points. This Kiho can only be used on enemies, and has no effect on allies. It has no effect on targets who do not have Void Points. |
| Rising Mountain | Once activated, this Kiho lasts a number of Rounds equal to your Insight Rank +1. While this Kiho is active, every time an attacker makes a Raise when attacking or
otherwise taking an offensive combat action against you (not including spells), you gain Reduction equal to twice the number of Raises made. (This effect does not trigger from Free Raises.) The Reduction is gained the moment the Raises are declared; the enemy attack does not have to be successful. These increases in Reduction are cumulative, but the total Reduction gained cannot exceed your Earth x 5. The Reduction lasts until the Kiho is deactivated or the skirmish ends, whichever comes first. |
| Steal the Air Dragon | This Kiho borders upon the Mystical, but is not quite as overt as those slivers of enlightenment. By drawing his chi inward, a monk can make himself less noticeable and more prone to being easily overlooked. While this Kiho is active, you gain additional rolled and kept dice equal to your Air Ring on all Stealth Skill Rolls. This effect lasts a number of minutes equal to your Insight Rank. |
| Harmony in Earth | When this Kiho is activated, you must remain perfectly still for a number of Turns equal to ten minus your Earth Ring. Once this is accomplished, you are immediately able to detect any spiritual and physical impurities within a range of fifty feet times your Earth for one Round.
(“Impurity” in this sense is not confined to things such as the Taint, but encompasses anything that the GM judges to be out of place either physically or spiritually.) You learn the direction of the impurity, its general nature (Shadowlands Taint, poison, disease, things not native to Ningen-do), and its relative strength compared to others in the area. The GM may choose to allow you to make an
appropriate Lore Skill roll for the subject in question to learn one more piece of useful information of his choice. You will only sense a total number of impurities equal to your Void, detecting the strongest ones first. This Kiho is not precise in pinpointing the location of the impurity. You will know a general direction but not a specific location. Intelligent beings who could be detected by this Kiho (such as the Lost) can attempt to defeat the Kiho’s power by making a Contested Earth Roll against you. (The GM may substitute a different type of Contested Roll if the specific circumstance seems in his judgment to require it.) |
| Breaking Blow | While this Kiho is active, your unarmed strikes infl ict full damage to all non-metal substances, including wood and stone, without infl icting any ill effects on you as a result of punching such objects. This effect lasts a number of minutes equal to your Fire Ring. The Game Master is the ultimate judge of how much damage a particular inanimate object can withstand before being destroyed. |
| Ride the Water Dragon | While this Kiho is active, for a number of Rounds equal to your Insight Rank, you recover Wounds equal to your Water Ring during the Reactions Stage of the Round. |
| Earth Needs No Eyes | You can attune yourself to minute vibrations in the earth and use them to detect the movement of others. While this Kiho is active you can detect the approach of any creature or individual that moves across the ground within a distance equalto your Insight Rank x50 in feet. You only know the location of moving things in contact with the ground. If this Kiho is active when a skirmish begins, you cannot be ambushed or surprised by any land-bound opponent. This effect lasts a number of minutes equal to your Earth Ring. |
| Eight Directions Awareness | Some monks are at a state of harmony with the world to such extent that they are aware of everything around them. While this Kiho is active, you become aware of all living things within a distance equal to your Void Ring x10 feet. You are also aware of any object or individual within that range that has been deliberately concealed, including secret doors, hidden compartments, buried objects, etc. |
| Buoyed by the Kami | While this Kiho is active, you may move across the surface of water as if it were basic terrain. This effect only continues as long as you are taking Simple Move Actions each round, and lasts for a maximum of fi ve minutes, at which time you may reactivate this Kiho if necessary. |

Water Hammer Tanto- Given to Fujiko by Yoritomo Ike. Blade is of excellent quality that cannot break, stain, or rust. Later on in the day that Fujiko received the blade he wrapped it up in a fine blue silk cloth with the riddle, “What is ever flowing but always appears still?”, in calligraphy on the cloth.
Four Mysteries Obi- A gold and red obi with the five elemental rings in a line across the front given to Fujiko by his sensei before departing to the Topaz Championship. Upon giving the obi to Fujiko, he merely gave him one last riddle to ponder as he pursues the Path of Man, “What do you seek?”
Kolat Koku- A simple coin confiscated by an Asako Inquisitor that paid for weapons used by the Kolat that was presented to Fujiko by Yoritomo Ike upon his induction into the Gray Chrysanthemum.
Tsuno Blade- Taken from a Tsuno bushi that he had slain. Fujiko etched a riddle in the handle that says, “What can burn but gives off no heat?”
A suit of Light Armor from the Crane worn during the Battle of Tsuma.


The water flowing back and forth, the air blowing through and around, the earth steady and resolute, and fire burning yet warm…the elements holding their own wisdom and standing the test of time. Most would agree that they could learn a lot from the elements, but a few known as the Henshin know that the elements also are interested to learn from man. This is accomplished through the Henshin offering the elements riddles to be solved in exchange for a small portion of their power. This kind of thinking and knowledge was first bestowed upon Lady Asako by Shiba shortly after his death and written down as the Path of Man. One such student of this knowledge is Asako Fujiko. His childhood consisted a lot of being taught about the court and the nature of politics, but his mind always sought for a higher meaning and always felt at home just pondering about the elements while sitting on a rock staring at the river. His parents thought it best that he should be taken to the Henshin order and meet with sensei to be judged whether he would be allowed to study withing the order. Upon meeting the sensei, the wise man just asked on question, “What do you seek?” The young Asako spoke only two words,“The Path”. The henshin merely motioned for the child to enter the monastery and bowed to the child and his parents. The child bowed to his parents and walked inside without expression or a sound.

Several years passed…

The young Asako had grown in body, mind, and spirit. His studies of the Path of Man was intense, and he drank it all in happily. His belief in the Path was absolute. He slowly began offering riddles to the elements to appease them, but failed miserably in his earlier attempts. One day after a failed attempt to entertain the elemental kami, he sat upon his favorite rock overlooking a koi fish pond in deep meditation. He started to doubt in his abilities and purpose in the order. He asked himself riddles in deep introspection. As he pondered in deep thought, he heard a whisper in the ripples on the water, “Ask again.” He asked again and he felt his inner water rise and flow with the ripples on the pond. It was in that moment that he realized that in order to ask questions of the elements he must first ask questions of himself. This epiphony kickstarted his understanding of the inner meanings of the Path and its uses…

Asako Fujiko [Logan Turman]

Legends of Rokugan Ghesh