Legends of Rokugan

Winter Court, Kyuden Seppun, IV

Players: Eric, Bobby, Chris, JJ, Jack (absent), Kyle

“The victorious general strikes while the enemy plans.” – Otomo Madoko, Subtlety of the Court

Astrological Events:
Shiba ambassador, Katsuda, arrives with the bones of the star that fell from the Heavens in Phoenix territory. The meteorite bones are an especially important raw material for the creation of nemuranai and draws powerful spirits to it.
—> Increases the occurrence of all spiritual aspects in the court (Saku’s visions, the Mujina activities, divination attempts become clearer, spells become more potent, etc.)
—> Increases the experience of spirits (Gaki, Yorei, etc)

Matsu Tadaka —> Comes across a missive going between the Crane and Iuchi about the Unicorn/Crane/Lion/Falcon situation. Gossip TN 40 (information) on the situation between these clans.


  • Miya Yoto officially steps down turning over control of the Miya family to his son, Satoshi.
  • Isawa Eju officially steps down for Isawa Uona at Winter Court. The Phoenix go through the process of showing an Elemental Master achieving her position. The magnificent ceremony will be interrupted by Mujina.


  • Yurei offers Unmei the ability to return to life in return for more Shadowlands Taint.
    —> Unmei absolutely refuses to accept the Taint in return for gaining power to fight off Hiroru
  • Mikado drives off Hiroru
    —> After fighting off Hiroru, Mikado drags Unmei’s body through the maze, eventually leaving him to go find Atari and Saku
    —> Mikado witnesses a brown-robed figure [Akodo Kage?]stabbing Daidoji Oshihime through the throat
    —> Mikado sees Akodo Kage speaking with Imperial Guards
  • Matsu Hiroru is found dead in part of the maze seemingly slain by a spear-blade (near Oshihime’s body)
    —> Hiroru was killed by Akodo Kage – as witnessed by Bayushi Aramoro.
  • Otomo Kikashi (Atari) and Isawa Ujina-uo take command of the investigation
    —> Atari vs. Ishikawa (causes enmity between the Seppun and Atari)
    —> Ujina-uo sends Seppun Ishikawa to retrieve Matsu Tadaka
  • PC’s witness Hiroru and Oshihime dead against each other – Oshihime has a yari in her throat; Hiroru has his own sword stuck in his chest.
    —> Imperial Guards who were to be guarding the Imperial Maze were Kolat Sleeper Agents (Soko’s agents) activated by Akodo Kage
    —> They do no remember because they were ordered not to remember.
  • Determination:
    —> Tadaka states that Unmei met with Oshihime in the gardens privately
    —> He and she were attacked by two individuals (one of whom is Hiroru)
    —> Unmei states that an unknown assailant is responsible for Hiroru and Oshihime’s deaths
    —> Seppun Ishikawa has the three wayward guards commit seppuku for failing in their duties (sleeper agents)
    —> Gossip spreads throughout the court that Matsu Hiroru was involved in an assassination attempt on Akodo Unmei and may have truly been a member of this “Kolat” organization.


  • comes back to his room to find a Mujina rubbing urine all over his clothing
  • casts Rings of the Void to speak with the Void Dragon
    —> Dragon tells him that Akodo Kage and Isawa Tsuke can tell him what Hiroru’s Gi does (Amaterasu’s gi)
    —> Tells Ujina-uo that in order for Ujina’s spirit to be saved his killer must be avenged
    —> “The last Hantei will be the downfall of the Empire.” (He may be required to kill Hantei Sotorii).


  • Meets with Matsu Tsuko about the events of the evening
    —> Gives her Hiroru’s Akodo Blade
    —> Demands that Hiroru’s Gi be returned to the Matsu Family! Isawa Ujina-uo assures that it will be done.
    —> Matsu Tsuko tells Tadaka that Kuwanan must remain in Matsu territory as a hostage
  • Tadaka learns that the Unicorn seek rice from the Crane; the Unicorn will give this rice to the Falcon in order to go to war with the Crab; also, they will give their own rice (because of the rice given by the Crane) to the Lion so that they can go to war with the Crane

Otomo Kikashi:

  • Meets with Bayushi Aramoro
    —> Aramoro informs Atari that Kage killed Hiroru for his “failure” and arranged the scene.
    —> Starts a rumor that Hiroru and Oshihime Kharmic struck each other in a duel (Lion v. Crane)
    —> Rumor: Hiroru attacked the Crane (TN 25)
  • States to Otomo Banu that Tadaka is at fault for the weakness in security
    —> Banu attempts to pin this on Tadaka, but the Seppun family refuse to allow blame to fall upon Tadaka, instead accepting responsibility for the failure themselves (in light of the Rumor spread)

Akodo Unmei

  • Meets with Daidoji Uji
    —> Returns Oshihime’s blades
    —> Informed that Matsu Hiroru assaulted them (Unmei and Oshihime)
    —> Unmei was rendered unconscious
    —> Uji believes that Hiroru assassinated his cousin alongside a ‘ninja’ of the Scorpion Clan (Matsu and Scorpion working against the Crane!)

Court Reconvenes

  • Otomo Sorai calls forth Tadaka and Ujina-uo to resolve the matter of the investigation
    —> Unmei says that he met Oshihime at Benten’s fountain; they were attacked by Hiroru; a fourth assailant appeared and attacked both other individuals; Unmei was rendered unconscious to awaken to Ujina-uo healing him
    —> Ujina-uo states that Matsu Hiroru is to blame for the attack and the death of Daidoji Oshihime
    —> Hiroru is further implicated as a Kolat
    —> Kage steps forth and proclaims his testimony blaming Hiroru for the actions that have been lain upon him
  • Daidoji Uji and Matsu Tsuko declare a blood feud upon one another. The Lion and Crane war peace-talks are all but destroyed by this action, though the Akodo and Doji families will continue to find some form of peaceable solution.
  • Ujina-uo returns Hiroru’s gi to Matsu Tsuko


  • +11 xp (177)



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