Legends of Rokugan

Winter Court, Kyuden Seppun, III

Players: Eric, Bobby, Chris, JJ, Jack (absent), Kyle

“If the sun rises, it is out of love for the favored son. When the world ends, it will be from the hand of the Emperor. All things belong to the Hantei.” – Seppun Baka


Isawa Ujina-uo

  • Ujina-uo: Learns of the Mujina problem and Tsuke/Kaede’s opposition to one another regarding it. Learns of the Mujina “plans” (they want to humiliate and disrupt, embarrass and annoy).
    —> Mujina threat is from the Kuni family (Kuni Yori specifically).
  • Learns that Kaede does not have the spell “Drawing the Void” on her, but she knows that the Seppun Libraries hold numerous secret void spells hidden there by the Isawa family. If Ujina-o can gain access to these Libraries he can perhaps find the spell.
  • Ujina-o seeks out Seppun Baka in order to attempt to broker ability to get into the Library.
    —> When he meets with Baka, the Seppun lord is playing in the Go Masters tournament with Yasuki Aritomo in a Shinto garden.
    —> Discuss the religious implications of the Yasuki family’s spiritual responsibility regarding the Fortune of Wealth (Daikoku)
    —> Seppun Baka makes an agreement with Isawa Ujina-o to take a copy of Isawa Tadaka’s Journal PLUS a favor owed in return for Ujina-o owing him a favor.
  • Meets with Usuia again
    —>Makes him an Emerald Magistrate; holds a ceremony before the Imperial Court (minus the Emperor); Ide Tadaji spreads the information about Usuia
  • Meets with the Phoenix
    —> With Kaede: discusses the possibility that Yori is corrupt
  • Meets with Seppun Daiori
    —>Informs him that Yasuki Aritomo may be dangerous


  • Crane, Crab, Lion, and Unicorn relations (Tsuko considering going after the Unicorn for not giving them proper rice that was “stolen” by bandits) TIED with Crab Unicorn relations over Falcon Clan (Falcon giving Unicorn rice to give Lion; Unicorn trying to get rice from CRANE to give Lion).

Matsu Tadaka

  • Matsu Tadaka meets with Matsu Tsuko and Matsu Koekitemi at the Shrine to Bishamon (Fortune of Strength) after Court
    —> Matsu Gohei, the Butcher, meets with them as well
    —> Tadaka implicates Doji Satsume in a conspiracy threatening the Emperor
    —> Believes that the conspiracy intends to discredit the Matsu and Imperial Legions
    —> Implicates Akodo Kage and Toturi in the conspiracy with Satsume
    —> Implicates Doji Hoturi and Bayushi Kachiko w/Shoju
    —> Suggests that Toturi return to the Monastery


  • Requests a meeting with Otomo Sorai before the Court resumes
    —> Sorai learns that the Kolat have Masters, have a “base” and that Unmei knows where they are
    —> Unmei reveals that he is a Kolat Agent to Otomo Sorai
  • Relays for Backup from the Kolat Masters (Cloud Sect – Magician)
  • Daidoji Uji, daimyo of the Daidoji of the Crane informs Unmei that the arrangement between himself and Oshihime will be resolved before the end of court (by Imperial Matchmaker Seppun Kossori)
    —> Visits the Gardens with Oshihime
    —> Receives a secret message from Kage
    —> “Meet me here at midnight”
    —> Doji Shizue is activated by Taka to tell Unmei that Soko is on their side.

Otomo Kikashi:

  • Has Doji Hokaro hung up by Bayushi Denbe and wife (Akemi) in court
  • Asks Denbe to act as his Yojimbo while in the court
  • Asks Kakita Dejiko to help tie up Ikoma Zai’s allies. (Effectively prevents Zai from performing most of his behind-the-scenes activities that he is not directly a part directing).
  • Atari meets with Goshiu and Kachiko
    —> Has a tea ceremony
    —> Goshiu asks Atari to reveal all the information he has on the Kolat
    —> Goes over Tomaru’s situation
    —> Tells Atari to infiltrate the Kolat
    —> Goshiu/Kachiko bring Atari into the Scorpion Conspiracy
    —> The Hantei must be killed

Court Reconvenes

  • Sorai/Emperor asks Unmei to answer the question: “What ARE the Kolat?”
    —> Unmei speaks: They seek the overthrow of the Celestial Order.
    —> Reveals Daidoji Dajan, Soshi Seiryoku, Kitsune Hamato (Magistrate), Asako Nakiro (Inquisitor), Matsu Akira (Taisa of the 4th Legion), Shinjo Noriyori (Caravan Master)
    —> Yasuki Maemi and Bayushi Tomaru also implicated/accused
  • Akodo Unmei declares Matsu Hiroru to be an Agent of the Kolat
    —> Matsu Tsuko is PISSED at Unmei
    —> Ujina-uo declares that Unmei found this information from his “sensei”
    —> Atari suggests that Isawa Ujina-uo offer himself as the lead in the investigation to learn more (he does so)
  • Crab Issue before the Court
    —> Sorai reminds the Court of Kisada’s quote about the Hantei sucking balls
    —> Goshiu asks Tadaka to state what the Crab intend militarily
    —> Tadaka accuses them of planning a Coup
    —> Yori calls the Hantei the same thing as an eta
    —> Matsu Tadaka steps forward and cuts off Kuni Yori’s head. After, the body: Ujina-uo declares that Yori should be burned. Hantei declares that Yori’s body along with Oyo will go back to Hida Kisada
    —> Yasuki Aritomo is the last remaining member of the Crab as a representative to the court. It has been declared that the Crab will be allowed no official rights in any court until Kisada comes before the Emperor and declares his loyalty.
    —> Tadaka gains Infamy (1.0) and the nickname Wrath of the Emperor

Kolat Assassins

  • Hiroru and Oshihime ambush Unmei
    —> Mikado assists Unmei in the attack
    Leaves off as follows:

Unmei is garroted by Hiroru
Oshihime is running off.
Guards will not come because Kage has arranged it.

Current Kolat Split

  • New Kolat
    “Tiger” – Akodo Unmei
    Chrysanthemum – Seppun (Ikoma) Soko
    Silk – Kaouta
    Steel – Shino Yokatsu (simply opposes Kage) [Not yet confirmed, but assumed by Taka]
    Coin – Yasuki Taka
  • Old Kolat
    Tiger – Akodo Kage
    Lotus – Chinoko
    Cloud – Kereikado
    Dream – Kuni Shugenja
  • Neutral Kolat
    Jade – Emon
    Roc – al-Hazaad


  • +10 xp (166 Total)
  • Matsu Tadaka +1.0 Infamy (Wrath of the Emperor)


  • Kuni Yori died.



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