Legends of Rokugan

Topaz Details

Topaz Details

Investigation Teams

  • Doji O and Utaku Lao-Kira
  • Akodo Hitomi and Atari Uchigon
  • Hiruma Renzo and Asako Fujiko
  • Doji Seiyami and Ikoma Jun
  • Komaru and Kitsuki Iweko
  • Bayushi Konitsu and Toturi Kohatsu
  • Bayushi Kiwadoi and Yoritomo Zenwadi
  • Kuni Retsuhime and Shiba Tsukimi


In order of highest to lowest (not counting Investigation or the Iaijutsu Contest)

  • Asako Fujiko: 11
  • Ikoma Jun: 10
  • Hiruma Renzo: 10
  • Doji Seiyami: 10
  • Bayushi Konitsu: 9
  • Komaru: 8
  • Bayushi Kiwadoi: 8 (Investigation can give 3 points)
  • Shiba Tsukimi 6
  • Toturi Kohatsu: 5 (Must get Investigation point)
  • Akodo Hitomi: 5 (Must get Investigation point)
  • Doji O: 5 (Must get Investigation point)
  • Utaku Lao-Kira: 5 (Must get Investigation point)
  • Yoritomo Zenwadi: 5 (Must get Investigation point)
  • Kuni Retsuhime: 3 (Cannot achieve 6 points)
  • Kitsuki Iweko: 3 (Must get Investigation point)
  • Atari Uchigon: 2 (Cannot achieve 6 points)

NPCs and Notes

Kuni retsuhime

Kuni Retsuhime

Retsuhime is the 2nd child of Kuni O-Yama and feels a special distaste for the Phoenix Clan. They took over her father’s position as Jade Champion, forcing him to retire and she considers them to be arrogant beyond belief. Restuhime is idealistic in her view of honor and permanently pessimistic after viewing what she sees as the horrors of the Wall.

Hiruma renzo

Hiruma Renzo (Kyle Carroll)

Doji o

Doji O

A seductive beauty covered in paints and oils, Doji O (Mikohime) is the 3rd child of the Crane Champion and the Imperial Chancellor. She has a constant air of boredom, as if tired of life at the age of 15, and considers the samurai of today weak, soft, and uninteresting. She is known to be deadly with a blade and a skilled player of Sadane.

Doji seiyami

Doji Seiyami (Lindsey Hand)

Kitsuki iweko

Kitsuki Iweko

Granddaughter to the Sacrosanct Kitsuki Daimyo, Iweko is the likely next choice for the Kitsuki Daimyo position. Her parents are dead and she feels an unusual tug from the Spirit Realms. Iweko puts on a display of cold logic that she does not quite feel, doubt creeping into her mind.

Ikoma jun

Ikoma Jun (Jason Weeks)

Akodo hitomi

Akodo Hitomi

Hitomi is the protege of the monk Heigei (the former Akodo Ginawa). He is a barrel-chested, loud, boisterous, braggart who often looks the fool. He has a carefully cultivated reputation as a Drunken Buffoon, though believed highly skilled at warfare.

Yoritomo zenwadi

Yoritomo Zenwadi

Son of Yoritomo Naizen (Rikugunshokan of the First Storm), Zenwadi is a bullish courtier used to getting what he wants by sheer force of will. He has a special interest in the Crane and prizes their gold, their women, and their favors. He favors intimidation seeking to throw his opponents off-guard with bruque and blunt behavior.

Asako mon

Asako Fujiko (Logan Turman)

Shiba tsukimi

Shiba Tsukimi

Tsukimi is a perfect representative of the Shiba family – quiet, honorable, and possessed of an unnatural inner calm. She is a Paragon of Honor with a great destiny ahead of her.

Bayushi mon

Bayushi Konitsu (Bobby Turman)

Bayushi kiwadoi  fritz

Bayushi Kiwadoi (Chris Drennan)

Utaku lao kira

Utaku Lao-Kira

Favored prodigy of the Utaku School and likely successor of Utaku Yu-Pan, Lao-Kira has a personal interest in the Shouganate, the Ministry of War, and all things Lion. She is virtuous to a fault and a descendant of Utaku and seems to have an unusual draw towards Ikoma Jun.

Toturi kohatsu

Toturi Kohatsu

Known only for his ability to oversee the Strategic Field of a battle, the Wolf representative seeks to make a name for himself and raise the prestige of his clan. He bears Toturi’s Daisho as a gift to the Emperor and maintains a stoic, if eager disposition.

Atari uchigon

Atari Uchigon

The only Imperial Contestant, Uchigon represents the new Imperial Treasury family, the Atari. He is betrothed to a daughter of the Otomo Daimyo, but possessed of a long history of bad luck and a predilection for compulsion.

Ronin   kumaro


A secretive female duelist who always wears a basket hat or full armor head dress. Komaru is reclusive, always seen with a servant she argues with when others are not paying attention, and possessed of a fiery disposition.



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