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The Battle for Tsuma

The Battle for Tsuma

Tsuno leader

Tsuno Ravager

The Battle for Tsuma

The Battle for Tsuma is going to be done in an unusual way. I am “playtesting” a few options that I would like to include for the Sword and Fan book and this battle is the guinea pig. I would dearly love input before and after the battle. The PCs have cobbled together all of the Kakita Dojo students worthwhile, the Contestants from the Topaz, and each other to form a unit (The Bokken Unit).

The Situation:
- The city of Tsuma is in total chaos as the Shadowlands army, led by Hakai the Onisu of Death, have chosen this gathering of power to make a move against the Empire. Whether a part of the Shadowlands machinations or not, the Steel Champion (Daidoji Hei) is dead. The Jade Champion has fallen to Hakai’s ploy in summoning the Tsuno.

- Kakita Noritoshi sacrificed himself in order to rid the Kakita Dojo of Kyofu’s presence as the Contestants rallied and found armor and Kakita Blades within the Dojo.

- Doji Midoru, the Corpse, is under direction of the Empress and is trying to cobble the loose defenders into a real army, but many seek their own ends in the confusion.

- Ikoma Jun, Bayushi Konitsu, and the Topaz Champion are looked to as leaders in all the confusion, especially since the Daughter of the Empress (Komaru/Tadaka Eideiyohime) is supporting them (for now).


  • PC Goal: Defeat Hakai, the Onisu of Death, and his Shadowlands Army before they can kill the Empress
  • Shadowlands Goal: Kill or Corrupt every Champion, Daimyo, and prominent Member of the Court

The Command Staff:
The Command Staff, as loose as it is, will be inside the Kakita Dojo along with the highest ranking courtiers and influential Leadership present in the city. Many of the High Rank NPCs are caught in various levels of engagement out of the city and cannot be present. Many of the Emerald and Jade Magistrates have already been killed in the initial onslaught.

  • Courtier PC’s will be given the opportunity to engage with the Command Staff and the Imperial Court in an effort to grant benefits to the battle and the PC’s unit, the Bokken.
    - Examples: Jun: Inspire, Cite Precedence, etc. ; Seiyami: Manipulate, Call Favors, etc.
  • Bayushi Konitsu and(the Bokken Unit) will be able to “Spend” Contestants and members of their Unit to enhance the Battle Rolls.
    - Contestants will start with 24 (lowered by the “Tsuno Assault”) non-Contestant members of the Bokken Unit as well as the Contestants and the PCs. The size of this unit might be changeable through RP.

The Levels of Battle:

Note that these will shift towards Heavily Engaged each time the opponent’s win a round. Also, each time the enemy wins a round, the levels of engagement will shift downwards, permanently. For example, if you lose Round 1, Tsuma and the Castle Walls are now Heavily Engaged. If the Display Room/Empress becomes Heavily Engaged and the Enemy wins the Battle Roll, all is lost.

1. Tsuma, the Town - Heavily Engaged (5k3 damage)
2. The Castle Walls - Engaged (3k2 damage)
3. The Outer Dojo - Disengaged (2k1 damage)
4. The Inner Dojo - Reserves (0k0 damage)
5. The Display Room/Empress - Reserves (0k0 damage)

  • Battle rolls are made normally for each turn. You can only do one tactic per turn. Every 2 rounds of battle causes 1k1 damage no matter where in the placement you are located. Damage dice do not explode.
  • Every other round Hakai will roll Battle against your result. If it is higher, he will push forward, Advancing the Line no matter what.

Battle Results:

  • Base TN: 25
  • Failed Battle Roll: Fall Back (The Onisu Army Advances – see above)
  • ?? Raises: Hold the Line (Stop the Advance for 1 Round)
  • ?? Raises: Scout the Field (1 Raise to the next Battle Roll)
  • ?? Raises: Rally the Troops; gathers troops into concerted lines, reducing the chaos (+1 Raise to all future tactics)
  • ?? Raises: Attack the Tsuno Spellcasters (clear their disrupting magic; +2 Raises to draw out Kyofu/Yokubo)
  • ?? Raises: Destroy the closest Summoning Portals (Free Hold the Line for next 2 rounds) and remove a great power from the Shadowlands side; must send troops out to Heavily Engaged
  • ?? Raises: Ignition; burn down key targets in the battlefield, perhaps ruining traditional structures if inside the Keep; stalls the enemy (Fall Back this round, but free Hold the Line next round and +3 Raises to the next Battle Roll)
  • ?? Raises: Attack Kyofu/Yokubo, the Onisu of Fear and Desire (Skirmish; if defeated, lower the Raises to assault Hakai by 2 permanently).
  • ?? Raises: Assault Hakai, the Onisu of Death (Skirmish; if defeated, the Battle Ends)
  • ?? Raises: Other Tactics: May include seeking out deliberate Heroic Opportunities or Duels as listed on the normal Mass Battle Table.
  • You will learn the amount of Raises required to achieve each condition AFTER you have made enough raises to unlock that condition.
  • You will make the Battle Roll first, then choose ONE of the above tactics after finding out what you have unlocked.

Courtiers and the Impromptu War Council/Command Staff

Interaction with NPCs to gain bonuses for the Bokken Unit will be done through RP and Dice Rolls. These occur prior to the Battle Rolls. Many of the following are usable only one time as per the uniqueness of the tactic. Like the Battle rolls above, the Mechanical benefits and TN required to affect each of these individuals is hidden until you succeed with them. I have included the Emerald Champion’s benefit because it is “last ditch.”

  • TN ??: Doji Tanitsu, the Imperial Chancellor: Able to affect the rest of the War Council favorably for the PCs.
  • TN ??: Yasuki Jinn-Kuen: Able to access supplies/troops.
  • TN ??: Isawa Mitsuko’s Hatamoto (Rusugi): Able to direct Jade Magistrates.
  • TN ??: Susumu, the Imperial Advisor: Has the most direct sway over the Emerald Champion (can lower Midoru’s TN for affect). Additionally, he has the only real chance to convince the rest to abandon the city if it comes to that.
  • TN (really high): Doji Midoru, the Emerald Champion: Free Hold the Line for 2 rounds as the Emerald Champion repositions troops along with the Bokken and goes out to meet the Tsuno himself. After 2 rounds, Midoru will either be dead or out of the combat and the Base Battle TN will increase by 15 permanently.
  • TN ??: Daidoji Kikaze’s Hatamoto, Daidoji Supai: Aid of the Daidoji Iron Crane troops; may only be done once
  • TN ??: Heigai (Ginawa): Wisdom of the Akodo for Battle rolls
  • TN ??: Bayushi Juramu (ranking Courtier): Sends Bayushi Rosojin, Sensei of the Bitter Lies Dojo, to the aid of the Bokken
  • TN ??: Matsu Kenji, the Turquoise Champion: Kenji has extensive knowledge of the Battlefield. Reusable.

“Spending” Troops

  • Extreme Effort: Spend a single Bokken member (non-Contestant) to gain +1k0 to the Battle Roll. May be done multiple times at once.
  • Suicide Mission: Spend 3 Bokken to gain a Free Raise to the Battle Roll this round. 6 Bokken must be used this way to gain the Raise when trying to Attack Hakai.
    - Contestants each count as 3 Bokken and their Raises may be used to attack Hakai.
  • Final Sacrifice: Spend a Contestant to reroll the Battle Roll.
  • PC Spending: PCs spend the same as a Contestant. If they are successful in their attack, they grant a Free Raise to the next Battle Roll as well.
  • Modifiers to the Battle Roll:
    - Tactician Advantage: +5 to the Battle Roll
    - Inspire/Rally Troops (Skill Roll): +2, +2/Raise called
    - Manipulate the Command Staff (Skill Roll): As above
    - Leadership Advantage: Free Raise only when spending troops
    - Optional ideas: Either +bonus to Battle Roll or Free Raise(s)

Special Notes:

  • Outfitted: All Contestants and all members of the “Bokken Unit” have a Kakita Blade and a suit of Light Armor thanks to the quick thinking of the PCs and raiding of the Kakita Armory.
  • Doji Seiyami has the Twin Jade Aiguchi (the blades call out for her to kill Hakai, Yokubo, and Kyofu
  • Eiko-to and Toturi’s Daisho are …?
  • Glory/Infamy: Each successful Court attempt or Battle Achievement is cause for gaining Glory or Infamy as per Heroic Opportunities.

Post Battle

Most likely, spending your troops will cause them to die. However, there will be a percentage chance based on how each NPC Contestant died for them to have somehow managed to survive the battle.

  • Base death % is 60, increased depending on how they were spent during the fighting.



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