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Introductory Scenes

RPG Idea: Introductory Scenes

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Introductory Scenes

After the Topaz Championship, the characters will have been introduced, played through, and a general feel for them created. Each player will know the ideology, emotions, and general line of development for their character. However, I would still like to introduce them.

There will be “roughly a year” between the end of the Topaz Championship and the beginning of Act II: Iron Flower Castle. I want to use an idea I found (see link below) on a GMing article and “Introduce the Characters” as we go into the Kurogane-Hana section of the game.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Each player will get about 15 minutes or so of an Introduction, an opening scene that focuses solely on their character. You will get to reveal character, abilities, motivations, and changes. It will not take longer than 15 minutes so it doesn’t bog down the entire session.
  • I will likely do only 2-3 of these each session. That means some characters will get introduced out of order of play, but I don’t see it being a problem. If this works well, we can simply treat the scenes as Flashbacks that enhance play.

Rules for Creation:
- Outcome will be in the character’s favor.
- General plot of the scene will be created by the player. You will give me a quick 4 or 5 bullet point list of how you want the scene to play out and I will do the rest.

Example Scene for Jose the Escape Artist/Thief/Paramour:

1. The scene should start on a train with Jose sitting in a seat with his best suit on.
2. He should get a chance to pickpocket a secret document from someone in some amazing way, but then get discovered by one of the train guards or a conductor.
3. There should be an incredible chase where he gets on top of the train and is cornered by someone.
4. He should escape in a way that makes the person think he jumped off, but in reality he drops into someone else’s private car without them noticing.
5. It should end with him using his face change skill to change the way he looks and finding somebody beautiful in the private car, allowing him to seduce them as the scene fades.

- There will be very little mechanics in the scene and the scene will focus on showing how absolutely awesome your character is while the rest of the group watches this stunning display.
- The scene will tie-in to the larger story (my job, you can help though).

So, be thinking about how you want this to go down. You can take notes as we go along and when the time comes, I would like a good scene idea worked out for each player!

Bear with me. I think this will be fun. If you don’t, we can scrap it.

Link: Enabling Player Fun



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