Legends of Rokugan

Interlude: Kolat vs Kolat

I will not mince words.
You were once a valued asset, a rare find indeed. A man of honor capable of being indoctrinated into the ways of our organization and still holding on to the ways of Bushido is unique in this lifetime and I am gravely upset to lose such a find. However, lose I have done.
I admit my failing in this regard. I have been busy with my duties and have neglected to properly observe your proper upbringing within the philosophy. I have allowed your failures to compound from minor mistakes into absolute betrayal and it is not entirely your fault.
This cannot stand. I must rectify my mistakes. It is a pity that in order to accomplish this goal you must no longer live. You prove time and again your ability and value, yet simultaneously, you reveal your betrayal to the cause. The death of your sensei – another of my most prized pupils! – is the final straw. You cannot live. Your ways cannot spread.
I will seek out those who have allied with you. I have begun to identify some of them already and my agents will carry forth swift justice. Your treatise will not stand – I will find its bearer and destroy it. Everything you stand for is anathema to MY organization.
This is the last communication you will receive from me. It is the only warning you will ever get. You will die at the hands of the true Kolat. You will die at the hands of the true Master.
Master Tiger



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