Legends of Rokugan

GM's Log - The Topaz Report, Part I

GM’s Log: The Topaz Report, Part I

Tsuma dojo from afar   the kakita dojo

Game 1

Experience and Rewards

  • Experience (All): 8
  • Karma Points (Cumulative Bonus XP):
    - Hiruma Renzo: 0 (0)
    - Bayushi Konitsu: 0 (0)
    - Bayushi Kiwadoi: 0 (0)
    - Asako Fujiko: 0 (0)
    - Doji Seiyami: 0 (0)
    - Ikoma Jun: 0 (0)
  • Honor: TBD
  • Glory: Ikoma Jun (2 Boxes of Glory – see below); All Winners (1 Box of Glory)
  • Other/Extra XP based on Disadvantages: TBD

Out of Character Notes

  • A comment on Experience; in order to maintain some level of believability and minimize min/maxing during the Topaz Championship and in order to make it so that I do not have to constantly update the NPC Contestants as well, I am instituting a rule.
    - You may only spend experience on Skills or Emphases that you have used or attempted to use at some point in the game thus far. You may raise Traits/Rings and used skills as you desire, but no more than 1 level per session (2 to 3, not 2 to 5).
    - Stating that your character is giving up Social Time and time between rounds to study/train in a skill is acceptable, but try not to be doing it JUST to min/max your character – make it fit your story as well.
    - Assume the rule on limiting the raising of a Skill by 1 point per session is in effect for the entire Campaign. This is to ensure that a character doesn’t go from 1 Kenjutsu to 6 in two games unrealistically.
  • We also went over the basic introduction to the game, accomplished the Other 100 Points for each player, overviewed Karma Points and extra XP based on Disadvantages, and established basic connections between various characters:
    - Hiruma Renzo [Kyle] – Sister is Betrothed to Ikoma Jun; personal interest in the Path of Man
    - Bayushi Konitsu [Bobby] – twin to Bayushi X; was invited to the Topaz Championship, but twin was not; arranged with Doji Seiyami to take an Obligation in exchange for a second invitation
    - Bayushi Kiwadoi [Fritz] – twin to Konitsu; suspects Asako Fujiko’s reason for being Sacrosanct and is considering a tie
    - Ikoma Jun [Jason] – Bitter Betrothal/Dependent (the future wife is tied to Renzo); sealed scroll from an anonymous writer that the Ikoma Historians wish identified by Doji Seiyami
    - Asako Fujiko [Logan] – 2nd cousin twice removed (on the Phoenix side) to the Bayushi Twins (their mother) [Shiba Odako]; Kiwadoi connection (see above)
    - Doji Seiyami [Lindsey] – Ally (Bayushi Konitsu) (see above); personal interest in Hiruma Renzo because of his Scouting abilities

In Character Events

Day 1 – Pre-Tournament Events

  • A quick meeting at the River outside of town engages Hiruma Renzo, Asako Fujiko, and Toturi Kohatsu and the display of Toturi’s Daisho. The trio engage with Bayushi Paneki, Chief Emerald Magistrate and Judge of the Law/Etiquette/Bushido Contest
  • The Inn of the Last Light sees considerable action as the Bayushi Twins (Konitsu and Kiwadoi) involve themselves with the manipulative Yoritomo Zenwadi and the braggart, Akodo Hitomi. Doji Seiyami and Ikoma Jun look down on the festivities with amusement before finally engaging as a brawl threatens to break out. Insults are hurled, tempers flare and the events finally end with Akodo Hitomi’s failed punch at Bayushi Konitsu.
  • The Registration Table is overseen by the personal attention of the Emerald Champion himself, Doji Midoru, “The Corpse” who requests that the contestants seek safety in all aspects of the Tournament
  • Asako Fujiko eagerly meets with what he hopes will be an ally in his war against the Kolat at the Naga’s Smile. Yoritomo Ike has few words for the young Asako, feeling him out and testing his political skills. Fujiko is gifted with a knife created by the Water Hammer Anvil, a scale of the Water Dragon; the knife cannot rust, break, or go dull
  • A dinner is held during which the contestants are paired in their teams for the Game of Gifts (Investigation) and given their gifts to begin.
    - The Investigation Game of Gifts is explained. Each team receives a gift, together. It is wrapped in particular fashion and will have a single clue that will lead to a fellow contestant who may have information that will lead further onward. You may open the gift, but doing so will afford a smaller amount of Glory at the end. You are to determine to whom the gift belongs and present, as a Team, to that person on the last day, just before the Iaijutsu Challenge.

Day 2 – Let the Games Begin!

“Proceed safely, with Glory. As the first event, this is your opening opportunity to express your honor and ability!”

  • The Athletics Competition takes place on a specially made track surrounding the overgrown Town of Tsuma. It wraps all of the newly made buildings and has several obstacles to include a slippery gravel pit, thin rails over the river, and extended, but blunted spears sticking out from the side of the wall. The Race pits 8 Contestants head-to-head at a time.
    - Round 1 Winners (and Losers): Hiruma Renzo/Asako Fujiko, Toturi Kohatsu, Kitsuki Iweko (Bayushi Konitsu, Doji O, Shiba Tsukimi, and Komaru the Ronin)
    - Round 2 Winners (and Losers): Kuni Retsuhime, Doji Seiyami/Bayushi Kiwadoi, Ikoma Jun (Akodo Hitomi, Yoritomo Zenwadi, Utaku Lao-Kira)
    - Atari Uchigon fails to appear at this contest at all.
  • Between Rounds
    - Many meditate and a Tea Ceremony is performed between Seiyami and Konitsu
    - Ikoma Jun and Bayushi Kiwadoi dress to impress (Gaining +2 Glory and +1 Glory respectively if they win their Heraldry while thusly dressed)
    - Ikoma Jun interacts with the Ronin, Komaru, and offers her tips on dress; he notices that in her disheveled state, she carries a Kakita Blade
  • Lore: Heraldry overseen by the Steel Champion, Daidoji Hei
    - Doji Seiyami defeats Bayushi Kiwadoi
    - Ikoma Jun defeats Utaku Lao-Kira
    - Asako Fujiko “defeats” Atari Uchigon, as he fails to appear at this event as well
    - Yoritomo Zenwadi defeats Kitsuki Iweko
    - The Ronin, Komaru, defeats Shiba Tsukimi
    - Akodo Hitomi defeats Bayushi Konitsu and presents himself, laughing
    - Hiruma Renzo vs. Toturi Kohatsu yet to be determined

Loose Threads

The following are tidbits, gossip, and information learned thus far that have yet to see resolution or confirmation. Pick up on them or ignore them as you desire.

  • The Topaz Championship has not taken place for 4 years. Moreover, the entire court seems to be keeping the events of that last tournament under wraps. The city of Tsuma has exploded in population and the entire town, save the Kakita Dojo, has been rebuilt with new materials to serve as a small, but permanent city.
  • Dozens of high ranking Emerald and Jade Magistrates as well as a sizable contingent of Daidoji bushi are stationed throughout the town of Tsuma, always seen on alert as if seeking something.
  • The Imperial Contestant, Atari Uchigon, has failed to show up to a single contest thus far.
  • The ronin Komaru secretly carries a Kakita Blade (known only to Ikoma Jun, thus far, unless shared).



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