Ryoko Owari-Toshi

Ryoko owari toshi

Ryoko Owari Toshi, or Journey’s End City is possibly the largest city in Scorpion Clan territory. The city is alternately called “City of Lies,” “City of Stories,” “City of Green Walls,” or the popular shortened form, “Ryoko Owari.”

While control of the city has changed hands several times, Ryoko Owari has retained its reputation for being a hotbed of criminal activity. Its involvement in the opium trade (both legal and illegal) makes the city very profitable for its rulers. Poppies are grown in vast fields that surround the city. The city maintains a mask of legitimacy as Rokugan’s center of medicinal opium trade.

The Unicorn Clan retained control over the city for a number of years, but the Scorpion have in recent times managed to negotiate its return. The Scorpion were unsurprised to discover the Unicorn had little luck reducing the crime in the city.

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Ryoko Owari-Toshi

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