Part Two-Duties

Part Two Duties
Section One: Tax and Tariff Collection

It is the duty of the office of the Emerald Magistrate to oversee the collection of the yearly Imperial Tax and to enforce tariffs upon goods being transported across clan boundaries. In the case of larger cities this duty may be delegated to tax officials operating under official charter from the Emerald Champion. In such cases, it is still the duty of the local Emerald Magistrate(s) to audit the collections, ensure their accuracy, and to protect the tax collectors and the gathered taxes.

Section Two: Authorizing Travel Papers

It is the duty of the Emerald Magistrate to make him- or herself available at least one day a week to sign Imperial travel documents. Such documents are required only in the following instances: for persons who intend to cross two different clan boundaries; for persons who require an open pass to travel to all points within the Emerald Empire; for persons whose travel papers are to remain valid for longer than one year but no longer than five years; or for residents who are not native to Rokugan.

Section Three: Protection of Visiting Dignitaries

Dignitaries from outside the Clan boundaries may, if they wish, request that the local Emerald Magistrates provide protection against threats mundane, military and supernatural. The Emerald Magistrate is bound to provide protection appropriate to the threat and to the visitor’s social station.

Section Four: Briefing The Emerald Champion

Once per month the Emerald Magistrate shall meet with the Emerald Champion to provide a briefing on his or her ongoing activities and investigations. The Emerald Champion shall also be informed about any matters of national concern.

Section Five: Notification of Non-Jurisdictional Crime

When any Emerald Magistrate becomes aware of a crime that is outside of his or her jurisdiction, that Magistrate is honor bound to give a through briefing on the matter to whatever authority has jurisdiction over the crime in question.

Section Six: Briefing the Governor

The city or regional Governor of the province in which an Emerald Magistrate is stationed may, at any time, demand an accounting of the Magistrate’s current and ongoing investigations. The Emerald Magistrate is to provide a detailed accounting in no less than three days. The Governor may not demand such an accounting more than once per month.

Section Seven: Notification of Accusations

If a person of the samurai class, living or dead, has been accused of or implicated in a crime being investigated by the Emerald Magistrates, it is the duty of said Magistrates to inform the local family and/or clan leader of the accusation.

Part Two-Duties

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