Part One-Jurisdiction

Part One Jurisdiction
Section One: Crimes Against the Emperor

Any attempt to harm, insult, endanger, steal from or otherwise inconvenience the Son of Heaven is a crime deserving of the utmost attention from all Emerald Magistrates. Any similar action taken against a member of the Emperor’s family shall be constituted as a gesture against the Emperor himself and as such merits the attention of the Emerald Magistrate. Similarly, any action against a direct servant of the Emperor or the Imperial Family shall be a matter of concern for the Emerald Magistrate.

Section Two: National Crimes

Crimes (including theft, murder, treason, robbery, forgery, armed uprising, tax fraud and other transgression of local law) which are national in scope, either in planning or execution, are a concern for all Emerald Magistrates.

Section Three: Shadowlands Incusions

Any entry into Rokugan by the denizens of the Shadowlands, or by those who have been corrupted by the influence of the Shadowlands, or by those who have made pacts with the sinister forces of the Shadowlands, are forbidden by law. The enforcement of this law is the duty of the Emerald Magistrates. Crimes committed within Rokugan by violators of this law also fall within the enforcement charter of the Emerald Magistrates.

Section Four: Fugitives

The capture of any criminal who has fled across city or clan territorial boundaries is a matter of concern for all Emerald Magistrates, regardless of the scope of the crime or the location of its commission. Similarly, any criminal who flees the location of his or her crime, falls within the operational purview of the Emerald Magistrates.

Section Five: Organized Blasphemy

Any meeting of more than two individuals for the express purpose of participating blasphemous or obscene rituals is forbidden, and is a matter of concern for Emerald Magistrates.

Section Six: Civil Disorder and General Lawlessness

Any crimes or actions which result in widespread civil disorder and/or general disrespect for the law and its enforcers is within the jurisdiction of the Emerald Magistrates.

Part One-Jurisdiction

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