Karma Points

Character Karma Points Available/Burned Ever

Character Current Karma Burned
Togashi Tajiri 2 0
Isawa Akihito 2 0
O-Yama 1 0
Mirumoto Tsanuke 2 0
Character Current Karma Burned
Asako Deki 1 0
Agasha Chiyo 1 0
Horiuchi Kesshite 1 0
Asako Sosuke 1 0

Acquiring Karma

Karma points are going to be awarded on a case-by-case basis for enhancing the story. This is deliberately vague, but overall, Karma will be given when you post, write, or otherwise create something for our game that increases the enjoyment of the game. Examples include: writing a detailed backstory, developing NPC’s for me to use relating to your character (sensei, family members, other individuals I might not normally enter into the game, etc.), creating useful/interesting nemuranai, items, spells, and other mechanical items of interest.

In short, you will gain Karma points when you make the game more enjoyable for everyone.


Karma points will be utilized in 2 ways: Burn and XP increase.

“Burn” Karma Point Powers

Ability Benefit Point Cost
Karmic Cycle Reroll; keep best result 1
Avoid Fate Enemy’s dice do not explode on 1 roll 1
Fortune’s Favor Opponent re-rolls with -3k0 penalty 2
Elemental Power Use alternate Trait for any Roll 2
Awaken Prominent item beings to awaken 3

Burnt Karma points are forever lost and can be regained through the method listed above.
XP Increase
At the end of every session, any Karma Points remaining grant the same amount of additional experience.





Karma Points

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