Duties, Assignments, Roles - from Otomo Oniwabanshu


“The primary goal of an Emerald Magistrate is to maintain civic order. In many ways, a reliable criminal is preferable to an unpredictable ‘hero.’”
- Daidoji Yayoi, Emerald Champion to Hantei XI

Otomo oniwabanshu  the demon judge

“Simple intelligence often appears malicious to the naive." – Ashidaka (Kakita) Naritoki

Pet Peeves of the “Demon Judge”

  • You will not be one dimensional. I will learn you as I learn a scroll of lore and I despise reading flat material. You will become a well-rounded samurai who reaches out beyond his boundaries to expand his mind, body, and soul.
  • You will learn from the past. Read Ashidaka Naritoki’s journal, but keep its contents to yourself. I will interview regarding your opinions of Naritoki’s actions in order to understand how you comprehend the actions of an Imperial Magistrate.
  • Ryoko Owari is not the cesspool others wish it to appear to be. It is a major economic hub rich with private culture unique to the city walls. Learn it. Understand it. Be able to offer me suggestions on where I can go, what I can do, who I can speak to on all subjects of culture and art. Know your domain.

Otomo norichu  lore and cipher

- Otomo Norichu, Historian and Scribe



  • All yoriki will attend the upcoming Governor’s Ball (end of week) thrown in honor of the Otomo (even the Magistrate will attend, for a time).
  • Two yoriki will meet with the Abbot of the Temple of Daikoku and hear his grievances (and arrange to take care of them as necessary, if necessary). One of you will become his point of contact.
  • Two yoriki will arrange to be the points of contact for the Atari family Imperial Tax Collector (lives on Teardrop Island in the House of the Golden Dragonfly). Work out arrangements for his protection and that of the Imperial Taxes.
  • Two yoriki will become familiar with Magda and the House of Foreign Stories. As a gaijin, her presence within the Empire is controlled by an annually renewed Travel Paper signed by the Emerald Magistrate. You will determine if she may stay or go. Press upon her the full weight of this fact. She could be a useful ally.


  • Locate, apprehend, and put to death fugitives Mirumoto Bichezu and Akodo Aiketuhime; they allowed their love to lead them to dishonor and both abandoned their station and duties to become ronin. They are rumored to be living in the Fisherman’s Quarter as ronin. Such samurai cannot be allowed to flaunt blatant disregard for the social system and their clan daimyo have asked that they be dealt with by Imperial Authority.

Eyes and Ears

  • Obtain skilled eyes and ears throughout the city

Mechanically: Develop a Spy Network (Great Clans Book advantage)

Areas of Expertise

The following is a list of the assigned locations, duties, and special assignments that each of you will arrange to become responsible for by the end of week. Turn in documentation, signed and witnessed by all yoriki.

  • Districts

[Name of Yoriki] – Merchant Quarter (suggest that this be split between 2)

[Name of Yoriki] – Licensed Quarter

[Name of Yoriki] – Fisherman’s Quarter

[Name of Yoriki] – Temple Quarter

[Name of Yoriki] – Noble’s Quarter

Note: Oniwabanshu doesn’t give a shit about the Leatherworker’s Quarter. Fuck ’em.

  • Knowledge

[Name of Yoriki] – City History and Customs

[Name of Yoriki] – Underworld Elements

[Name of Yoriki] – City Law and Scorpion Law

[Name of Yoriki] – Commerce/The Atari Family

[Name of Yoriki] – Magistrate’s Charter and Esoteric Points of Law

[Name of Yoriki] – Fashion (local and Empire)

  • Jobs

[Kakita Sasuke] – Protection (hiring yojimbo; guards for the Emerald Magistrate’s Residence; always maintaining a yojimbo for Oniwabanshu even when this yoriki is not around – the yojimbo need not be a duelist)

[Name of Yoriki] – Enforcement of Law (hiring doshin; punishment; appropriating confession)

[Mirumoto Miyoto] – Hatamoto (funnel information to the Magistrate as needed)

[Name of Yoriki] – Travel Papers (all Yoriki expected to take on this task – funneling papers up the chain as necessary)

[Name of Yoriki] – Crimes and Fugitives (locating all crimes and fugitives that may fall under the purview of the Emerald Magistrate)


  • Yoriki have their own 50 koku and personal money to accomplish their goals. In addition, the Magistrate’s stipend of 500 koku is open for Magistrate purposes. Yoriki will petition Otomo NOrichu for use of the money and have a good reason for the expenditure.
  • Shosuro Yusuko will cultivate an aura of disloyalty against the Imperial Magistrate. The intent is to attract individuals to Yusuko who wish to bribe, manipulate, or otherwise dishonorably coerce the Magistrate. The weakest criminals will fall for this ploy and it will help weed out the weak.
  • Kakita Sasuke will be expected to know, at all times, who the best duelists in the city are and, if possible, to whom or what they are loyal.
  • Hiruma Shotaku will know the military capabilities of the city, offering monthly reports. In addition, he is given the specific task of building a bridge between the Towers of the East and West. This will require permission from the Governor, monetary support, support from the Thunder Guard, etc.
  • Mirumoto Miyoto will act as Hatamoto until/if he fails to perform the role adequately. He will be expected to attend high-profile parties in the Magistrate’s place whenever he chooses not to go utilizing his “celebrity” as the Topaz Champion to make up the difference in glory. Preferably wear the Topaz Armor when appropriate.

Miya umiko  fashion consultant

- Miya Umiko, Attendant (Fashion and Art)

Rules of Engagement

  • On (Face) – As yoriki, you are representations of the Emerald Magistrate and, by extension, the Emerald Champion and the Imperial Presence. Otomo Oniwabanshu has no desire to attend every ball, party, engagement, or event. You will go for him and act in his stead.
  • Partners – You are not trained Magistrates and you are not individuals. You are yoriki of the Emerald Magistrate. You are appendages of Imperial Authority. You will not work alone. At all times, when acting on Imperial Authority in your role as yoriki, you will have a partner. When necessary, you will take him or her with you. Otherwise, they will know what you are up to and be held accountable for your actions.

Mechanically – When you are on “assignment” you will document who your partner for that assignment is and whether they go with you or not. The Scribe (Norichu) will maintain documentation on who acts as your partner at what times.





Duties, Assignments, Roles - from Otomo Oniwabanshu

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