City Slang

City Slang
Basket hat
A hat that completely covers the head. Staple garment of people visiting the Licensed Quarter. Also any action or plan used to conceal shame or identity.

The City of Green Walls, The City of Lies, The City That Dung Built
Ryoko Owari Toshi

Crab water
Shochu and other hard liquors.

Dragon’s breath
Smokable opium.

Dragon’s instrument or instrument
Opium pipe.

The Floating World
The Licensed Quarter.

The Scorpion of Ryoko Owari use this is used to express disdain for novelty.

Getting your sword polished
Visiting the Licensed Quarter.

Going to the bridge or trying to find the bridge
Heavy drinking. A reference to the Bridge of Drunken Lovers.

Hand gift
A bribe.

Hearing the dragons sing
Smoking opium.

The eta of Ryoko Owari.

Liquid void
Purified opium in alcohol.

The Little Shadowlands
The Leatherworkers Quarter.

Little Sister
A patsy.

The Nightless City
The Licensed Quarter.

Red Plumes
The Thunder Guard.

The Sevenfold Gate
The Pious Gate.

The eta who collect human refuse.

Swimming for honor
Someone who has been murdered and had their body dumped in the bay or the river.

City Slang

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