Charter of the Emerald Magistrate

Charter of the Emerald Magistrate
Wherein is delineated: those matters which concern the Emerald Magistrae; those duties which the Emerald Magistrate shall at all times labor to discharge; those restrictions placed on the Magistrate to ensure honorable justice within his or her jurisdiction; and those rights and privileges given to the Magistrate to aid in the pursuit of justice and social order.

Part One-Jurisdiction
Wherein is delineated those crimes which are specifically the concern of the Emerald Magistrate and which require diligent pursuit.

Part Two-Duties
Wherein are delineated those tasks that the Emerald Magistrate is honor-bound to perform in addition to enforcing Imperial Law.

Part Three-Restrictions
Wherein are delineated those tasks, investigations and duties which are excluded from the obligations of the Emerald Magistrate.

Part Four-Rights
Wherein are delineated those special privileges, powers and rights which are given to Emerald Magistrates to enable them to better pursue their goals and duties.

Charter of the Emerald Magistrate

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