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  • Yasuki Kimuda

    The irony of Yasuki Kimuda's situation is incomprehensively laughable. He is both blessed by a Fortune and touched by a spirit realm. Many would find these blessings a boon, but not Kimuda. Growing up, he was not overly devout, not overy spiritual, not …

  • Daidoji Iagi

    As a young samurai Iagi was tasked with the duty of protecting Crane caravans from Mura Sabishii Toshi to Crab and Scorpion lands. He was quite capable and quickly garnered a reputation for protecting the merchants at all personal cost. He would let …

  • Ide Hen-Tang

    Ide Hen-Tang was sent to Ryoko Owari to further his clan interests in the courts. The sheer ammount of koku and goods flowing through the city have opened his eyes to the influence of wealth and he has taken personal interest in gaining influence .

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