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  • Smile

    Smile (real name Dairya) is the son of the famous ronin duelist Dairya. He was abandoned by his father to be a servant at the tea house where his mother worked. His mother told him stories of his father the great Dairya and told him that one day he …

  • Sanzo

    Once known as Mirumoto Sanzo, this proud samurai was the protector of a remote mountain village. One fateful day, a band of marauding ogres and ronin attacked Sanzo's home. He returned to his village too late to prevent the attack, too late to do anything …

  • Hasame

    With the destruction of the Akodo family line, Hasame lost his position within the Lion and was dismissed by the Matsu family. Hasame traveled east to the Islands of Silk and Spice. The Mantis Clan bushi with whom he worked despised him, regarding him as …

  • Otomo Yayu

    Otomo Yayu was an idealistic young scholar who left his family behind to fight at Toturi the Black's side. He painted Toturi's war banner, also known as the Banner of the Black Lion. [3] In the top corner he made a mark with his personal chop.

  • Toku

    A peasant village was attacked by bandits. Seven samurai gathered to defend it - Ikoma Hidemasa, a ronin formerly of the Lion Clan, an Otaku family magistrate, and five other ronin. They trained the peasants, and were impressed by the heroic spirit of one …

  • Matsu Goemon

    Matsu Daoquan was the brother of Goemon. The success of Goemon overshadowed Daoquan and it was the cause of his brother's dawnfall into corruption.

  • Mikio

    Mikio is an exceptional duelist. He moves swiftly through every kata and rose quickly through the ranks of Kakita Toshimoko's students. For years he was a friendly rival of Doji Hoturi. Unlike his rival, he favored the way of the sword over etiquette and …

  • Asuma

    Asuma is a rare example of a cohesive ronin family. They oversee a smaill farming village northeast of Lion territory. His father is Hisao and his son is Hayosai. They are a terribly boring people.

  • Saigorei

    Saigorei considers himself as a coward. Despite that he often attempts the impossible. He is also the leader of the Broken Guard, a ronin anti-cavalry force.

  • Ginawa

    Akodo Ginawa was already a taisa in the Akodo House Guard at the age of seventeen, and showed a huge amount of promise for his future. His promising future was destroyed when he was manipulated into killing his master. He became a ronin for approximately …

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