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Fortune Hunter [An L5R Story by Christopher Hand]

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Fortune Hunter

Friendly Traveler Village is one of the more boisterous locations within Rokugan. During the calm season, when sake is being freshly brewed and most of the Yasuki bottles are depleted, traffic through the small port town grinds to a halt. A few months later, the town changes considerably. The tides roll in and with them travelers arrive from all over the Empire. Foot traffic brings visitors from every clan. The Yasuki courtiers and merchants descend upon the famous village to scoop up as much of their family’s famous sake as possible and Friendly Traveler Village truly comes to life.

This season is more lucrative than most despite the presence of the mysterious Wasting Disease wreaking havoc on merchants and peasants alike. Yasuki Taka, daimyo of his family, has declared a state of intense celebration. Taka’s personal brewers have created the perfect bottle of sake – a brew beyond all mortal ability to properly appreciate! The master Yasuki brewers distilled the perfect bottle into a single, tiny clay jar. To celebrate such a miracle of creation, the Yasuki coffers flow and the town sees a weeklong celebration the likes of which have not been witnessed in recent memory.

Toturi's Army Alternate Rules

Please review the Alternate Rules under the Toturi’s Army timeline!

Toturi’s Army (Clan War Alternate Timeline)

L5R CCG Post - Experience a Personality



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Official L5R Canon - A Tale of Honor and Rivarly


Matsu Tadaka's bid for power

Tadaka blinked the smoke from his eyes and looked over his war council. Nijiri and other guy the assembled officer corps of the first Matsu Legion, and his cousin, Gohei.

Sleep had become a fantasy over the past 4 days. Tadaka could feel his body screaming to lie down just for a moment. His men would not last another day. Order was already breaking down with their ranks.

He must steel himself. The men must not suspect any weakness within him. The assault depended upon him alone.

And now Gohei had questioned his order to use the forbidden gaijin powder. He must be shown that it was the only way.

“The Emperor is dead Gohei-san. His laws no longer apply to us.”
“Tsuko would not have condoned these methos.” Gohei returned.

“Tsuko-sama’s honor has forced her to side with Toturi. The lord who abandoned us to stand with his koibito.”

No one could have noticed the minute shift in Gohei’s stance. The twitch of a finger to his katana. But Tadaka had learned the secrets of the katana. He could see the path the sword would take to his throat in the blink of an eye. Gohei’s blade showed his intention as clearly as words on a scroll.

“I have noticed my cousin that you felt no need to accompany her to bow and scrape at Toturi’s side.”

Gohei blanched and the coming violence dissolved from him. “This is so.”

“We must take the imperial city, cousin.”. Tadaka continued. “Kisada will meet with Shoju in the early morning. We will not have another chance to strike. We must press our meager advantages and take the Imperial City while him army is distracted by the machinations of the assembled clans.”

As Tadaka pause for his breath Gohei gazed into his eyes and a part of his soul seemed to flee from him. Tadaka mourned that he must ask this affront of him. Never again would he see the joyfull child he had grown to love as his brother, playing heroes in the fields outside the Hall of Ancestors. Yet another failure Shoju would soon attone for.

“The Akodo have failed. They have failed to protect the Hantei. They have failed our campaign against the Crane. They have failed to lead this clan to glorious battle against the Usurper. The Akodo have fallen far since the time of Akodo One-eye.”

Blasphemy! Tadaka’s soul cried. Your lord is surrounded by enemies he cannot see and you forsake him for your own glory!

“Matsu would not stand with these poor weaklings playing samurai. And my honor will not allow me to stand with him any longer.”

Sleep called to him, still days away. He longed to be back in the Toyotomi with Hoekitime at his side, cutting down the Scorpion ambush as the fire consumed them both.

“Kisada and Shoju will discuss the particulars of their alliance tomorrow. And the Matsu will be there. We will control the Forbidden City. Kisada will find himself brought low by the Matsu, and it will be us that he will plan his new empire with.”

There were shocked looks and some mumbled dissensions but no one challenged him. None of them could deny the wisdom in his words. And none would challenge him.

“Daidoji guy will use his ‘magic’ to open the gates for us. Gohei will clear the gate with the bulk of our samurai while the ashigaru under two guys move our rams into position. After the gate is breached Gohei’s troops will form a staging area for the ashigaru within the walls. The ashigaru will flood the city and provide support to Gohei. We must subdue the Scorpion quickly and establish our dominance. I will personally lead our veteran troops into the forbidden city and assault the Imperial Palace. Once this is complete Kisada will be forced accomodate our demands or he will die.”

Nijiri offered a question. “What of your promise to the ashigaru? We can’t well hold the city and put down a revolt at the same time.”

“We can. And we will if we must.” Doubtful looks showed that Tadaka had betrayed his own doubts. Without the ashigaru their plan was suicide. “Allow the ashigaru to take their spoils from the city. The goods former owners no long have need of them.”

With that Tadaka rose from his stool and was followed by his men. “We must remain vigilant. Return to your posts before the Scorpion capitalize on our vunerability.”


Please post your up-to-date information on your current (Scorpion Coup) characters in the character section at least by the time we finish this setting. I want to convert them all to NPC status in the character section with their existing stats as appropriate.


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Winter Court, Kyuden Seppun, V

End of Winter Court Wrap-up

Note: These are my direct notes (somewhat edited to remove a few key pieces of information that haven’t come up in teh story yet. Apologies for the disorganized nature. Sometime in teh future (after we finish the SCC) I will probably go back through and do a timeline with detail for ease of reference.
Not enough time right now.


Players: Eric, Bobby, Chris, JJ, Jack (absent), Kyle

“Knowledge is neither good nor evil…it is merely a tool in the hands of one who knows how to use it.” – Bayushi Kachiko


I will try to post the previous game sessions here soon. May just infodump from my direct files instead of trying to sugar it up on here.

Want there to be a history of events online for people to comment about.

Upcoming Scorpion Clan Coup events and the follow-on Clan War game seem like they are going to be AWESOME!

Upcoming Posts

I will try to post the previous game sessions here soon. May just infodump from my direct files instead of trying to sugar it up on here.

Want there to be a history of events online for people to comment about.

Upcoming Scorpion Clan Coup events and the follow-on Clan War game seem like they are going to be AWESOME!


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