Legends of Rokugan

The Carpenter Wall (Kaiu Kabe - Crab Lands Session 5

Crab Lands Session 5

“One man can keep a secret. Two, if one is dead. Conspiracies never work.” – Yasuki Taka, Yasuki Family Daimyo, Kolat Master

Soshi Saku

  • Atari’s servant, Makoto, informs him that she “accidentally saw” a message from Ikoma Zai Ciphered and sent to Yasuki Aritomo stating “It is done. They are dead. Thank you.” The message was accompanied by a message from a Scorpion magistrate detailing the destruction of the Silken Smile and the deaths of all within.
  • Soshi Saku’s servants arrive – Chukan Ueshiba, a Phoenix Servant (Scribe); vassal of the Asako family; Lore skills high (Sage Adv) and lots of scribing skills; minor acolyte of water (has about 5 spells); middle-aged, unambitious; goal is lore and knowledge of all types. Nanbu Yujifuka, a Scorpion servant; loyal to the Soshi family (ji-samurai budoka); vassal of the Soshi; primary skills in Investigation, Etiqutte, Kenjutsu; extremely loyal the Scorpion; motivated by a desire to bring his family into status within the Scorpion
  • Saku gives each servant a task: Scorpion assigned to gain new information every day from the heimin and other Crab regarding maho without letting on what he is doing. Phoenix is tasked with gaining information from the Kuni Libraries (research the lineage of the Kuni and seek any suspicious activities; information about Kuni using maho).
  • Saku also copied Isawa Tadaka’s journals twice (one just information about the Shadowlands minus personal detail).
  • Oracle of the Void: in a meeting with Shosuro Atari, Soshi Saku witnesses Atari’s servant, Makoto, being taken over by the Oracle of the Void and acting as its Voice. The Oracle informs Saku that in the future he will have a choice; if he chooses Selfishly, a Dark Oracle will be created; if he chooses Unselfishly, a portion of both the Phoenix and the Scorpion will fall.
  • The Oracle also informs Shosuro Atari of the death of his mother and father and the destruction of the Silken Smile by a ronin named Dairya (Glory 6.3; renowned ronin duelist).

Akodo Unmei

  • Builds trust with his troops and gunso (Etsui) placing emphasis on Crab military theory and application while teaching them Lion military theory; purpose is to find out how the Crab would engage other clans in war (Beiden Pass, Iron Turtles, etc.).
  • Gifts the families of the Damned Crab who fell under his command with koku (5/each = 20 total).
  • Engages with the unusual Yasuki Taka. Taka informs him that he is a Kolat Master and that he seeks to “test” Unmei’s loyalty to the conspiracy. Unmei is to kill a young Hiruma (not yet past gempukku; thus, still a child) to prove himself. The child’s father is a local lord who owes the Kolat. In this conversation, Unmei learns that his Revered Sensei, Akodo Kage, is actually Master Tiger, the Master of the Kolat.

Shosuro Atari

  • Subtly works in the Crab court ot tie the Scorpion and Crab together with stories and gossip emphasizing Duty and Loyalty. (Courtier: Manipulation roll – TN 20 w/2 Raises (+1 free); succeeds, citing Soshi Saku and SHosuro Itode from Bearers of Jade).
  • Dealing with Aritomo; Aritomo agrees to secure Atari a tea house in Crab lands in exchange for an invitation to Winter Court.
  • Learns that Ikoma Zai utilized ronin warriors to kill his parents and burned down the Silken Smile; for some reason, Zai sent Aritomo a thank you letter after the fact.
  • Interaction with Bayushi Mizuru – told that he will serve the Scorpion – when the moment comes, he will know it.


  • The old sensei, Maresuke, invites Soshi Saku to eat with him over the course of three days. On the third day, he invites the rest of the non-crab court (excepting Yasuki Aritomo, who comes as well) to a private meal so that he can “discuss private information.”
  • Before the meal, Maresuke serves Saku once more from a special rice dish. This dish contains his blood and before the Soshi becomes aware he is under the affects of Blood Domination and bound to the oni’s will.
  • During the meal, most of the rest of the attending group eats the rice and falls under his sway. In the process, Saku manages to warn Shosuro Atari that something is not right. Atari attempts to leave with Seppun Do, but is blocked by two Hida Guards.
  • Combat ensues when Maresuke reveals himself to be a Kommei no Oni (the original Maresuke having been long ago taken by the oni). The oni begins attacking all present and commands Saku (through Blood Domination) to attack as well. The oni breathes his foul gas which can steal or exchange souls.
  • Saku kills the two Crab henchmen, but manages to break out of the Blood Domination before he kills others.
  • Akodo Unmei uses his Fear ability to prevent most from attacking properly boosting his resistance to the Blood Domination with an Honor Roll.
  • Isawa Keikenna arrives mid-fight, but too late to save Atari.
  • Ikoma Ai, a Lion courtier, fails against the Oni’s Spirit Leeching ability and is consumed by the demon.
  • Shosuro Atari and Seppun Do both fail in the oni’s fog and their spirits are exchanged in their bodies. While this occurs, the oni takes advantage of the two’s weakened state and destroys Atari’s body before being pulled away in the combat.
  • Yasuki Aritomo manages to escape the room; the PC’s destroy the oni and watch as numerous, now-Gaki, spirits flee his body (including Ikoma Ai, Seppun Do, Maresuke, and others).
  • Kuni Yori confirms that Shosuro Atari’s spirit inhabits, free of the taint, Seppun Do’s body.


  • 10xp (Total gained 116)
  • All PC’s gain .3 boxes of Glory for slaying the Kommei no Oni
  • Shosuro Atari inhabits Seppun Do’s body; gains all Physical Traits, Physical/Social Advantages, and Disadvantages, losing his own. The physical traits do not affect Insight (he must still raise those normally to do so). Gained: Antisocial (-2), Reflex 3, Stamina 3, Agility 4, Strength 3, Crab Hands, Large
The Carpenter Wall (Kaiu Kabe) - Crab Lands Session 4

The Carpenter Wall Session 4

Players: Jeff, Bobby, Chris, JJ, and Jack

Continuation of the battle in the previous session.

  • Seppun Do arrives after securing Shosuro Atari within the walls of the keep below with another dozen Crab warriors, runners, informants.
  • One of these runners approaches Akodo Unmei and tells him that the first phase of the battle has turned – a massive unnamed oni has appeared on the major Crab front and they need a distraction to force the Shadowlands to withdraw some of the Horde. The battle is turning into a major offensive on the part of the Shadowlands instead of a minor probe, as previously thought.
  • Akodo Unmei, Bayushi Tomaru, and Daidoji Dajan are ordered to take half their men (around 100 each) through the tunnels under the Carpenter Wall and assault the Lost Kakita commander. If they can weaken his massive army (about 600 “troops” mixed oni, ogres, goblins, etc) then the Crab should be able to devastate the mass assault.

Full Attack!

  • During the full-out attack against the Shadowlands, Daidoji Dajan and his men get cut off. Instead of leaving them alone to die, Akodo Unmei takes many of his troops to rescue the Daidoji and is successful, though barely so. Unmei is assaulted many ties and almost dies in the attempt. Unmei and Dajan hold the line and then take the Shadowlands line and assist in the destruction of the Ogre General.
  • Bayushi Tomaru attempts to reach the Shadowlands General, a Lost Kenshinzen, and fails to reach him before the fallen Crane flees the field.
  • Hida Amoro, the infamous Crab Berserker, is saved from death by Soshi Saku mid-battle.
  • Various PC’s gain small amounts of the Shadowlands Taint when they embrace it to successfully cast spells, prevent damage, and keep them alive.
  • Akodo Unmei gains the undying respect of his gunso (Hida Etsui) and his men for his willingness to go after Daidoji Dajan (and be successful in the attempt).
  • Post-battle, Shosuro Atari affects the Glory gains by utilizing Storytelling. He increases the Scorpion’s actions in the battle (raising their glory) and downplays all others.


  • In the relative safety of the Crab Court, Shosuro Atari utilizes his Go Set against Soshi Saku to discern that he is absolutely loyal to the Scorpion.
  • Isawa Keikenna (Xen-Gbo) trades spells with the Kuni Daimyo, Yori, in exchange for allowing Yori to have an eta open Isawa Tsuke’s Scroll. Later, Yori offers Keikenna free access to a few Crab Earth spells in exchange for the “Black Scroll” and gifts him with a secretive spell (Maho: Death Beyond Life).
  • Akodo Unmei finally reveals to Soshi Saku and Shosuro Atari his true reasons for being in Crab territory: the revelation that Bayushi Tomaru is a Traitor to the Scorpion. In addition, Tomaru is allied members of other clans (Daidoji Dajan being most prominent) in a conspiracy of his own loyalty.
  • Unmei informs Atari that evidence can be found on Tomaru’s person – Ciphered scrolls (Kolat Cipher). He gives up Soshi Seiryoku as a maho-tsukai that has bound her name to an oni (she is a Kuroiban – Black Watch of the Scorpion) and Dajan as fellow conspirators. He tells the Scorpion that he learned this from his “sensei” (leading them to believe he is referring to the ever-perception Kitsuki Vukyo, Taisa of the 13th Legion).
  • Unmei reveals Uji’s seal advocating Unmei as acting on the word of the Daidoji Daimyo regarding Dajan’s treachery.
  • Soshi Saku utilizes Void magic to gain knowledge about the Kolat and learns that they are an inter-clan conspiracy and traitors to the Empire – the DO exist and Unmei is implying that Tomaru and Co. are THE KOLAT.
  • Soshi Saku takes over the Investigation as is his right as an Emerald Magistrate. After some argument, Unmei vouchesafes Isawa Keikenna into the knowledge as well. The group comes to an agreement that this conspiracy must be revealed in a “discrete” manner to the “right people,” but not to the entire Empire.
  • Other PC’s learn that Bayushi Tomaru is responsible for the destruction and defamation of the minor clan, the Hare and that the clan’s only remaining namesake, Usagi Tomoe, is his wife and upon the Wall with him. They also learn that Soshi Seiryoku is apparently responsible for causing the major Opium War in Ryoko Owari Toshi this last year.


  • 14XP (Total Gained: 106)
  • Unmei: Ally (Hida Etsui 1/1); +1 Rank of Glory; some Taint
  • Saku: Ally (Hida Amoro 1/2); +1.1 Rank of Glory; +3 boxes of Taint
  • Atari: Blackmail (Akodo Unmei – 6pt Obligation to Yasuki Aritomo)
  • Keikenna: Dark Secret (Maho); free Earth Spells; +1 Rank of Glory (halved: Ascetic); +2 Boxes Taint
  • Seppun Do: .6 Glory
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    The Carpenter Wall (Kaiu Kabe) - Crab Lands Session 3

    The Carpenter Wall, Session 3

    Players: Jeff, Chris, JJ, Bobby (out), Jack

    “There are a thousand beasts within the Shadowlands, but man remains the most dangerous.” – Kuni Mokuna

    Approaching the Wall

    Saku – Tadaka stuff (test of loyalty?)

    • Offers scrolls for gaining rank in exchange to “hold secrets” that would be extremely detrimental to the Phoenix if the Scorpion were to gain the information. Personal journals of Isawa Tadaka


    • Kuni Yori offers to teach Keikenna Forbidden Knowledge (Maho) in exchange for allowing him to open Tsuke’s Scroll and examine it; Keikenna agrees.

    *Unmei *

    • Issues with Dajan and Tomaru; Aritomo gifted mempo (allows weapon to be treated as bypassing Invulnerability and can be used to inspire Fear=Honor Rank 1/day by spending a Void Pt.
    • Oni’s Tear: Yasuki Taka’s go-between (Yasuki Maemi)
    • Kaiu Tengen (Unmei’s direct commander; Taisa of this section of the Wall)
      o Hida Etsui (Hida Bushi Rank 3; Heavy Weapons 6)
      o Hiruma Yobe (Scout advisor)


    • Speaking with Soshi Saku; offers minor training in Shadowlands Lore (reluctantly) in exchange for basic information regarding the other PCs.

    • Minor Favor (Soshi Saku)
    • Obligation (-3 pts) (Isawa Keikenna)
    • Offers Akodo Unmei his “ancestor’s mempo” (former Akodo, then ronin named Yorei; research may be done to gain more insight into Yorei); Yorei’s Obsidian Mempo. Major Obligation (-6 pts).

    Defending the Carpenter Wall (Kaiu Wall)

    • Battle at the Wall (Flinging Trees)
      • Rikugunshokan (former Kakita Duelist; Lost) Kakita Rezan (Arrogant)
      o Onikage, Undead, Goblins, Ogre, Lost, Crazy Trees
      o PC’s Heroic Opportunities/Duels (Battle Turn 1: Engaged; Tied)
      o Saku “Duels” Goblin Berserker (Magic Mud)
      o Unmei Heroic Opp. Vs Shadowlands Madness (4 Crab Bushi)
      o Saves Hida Etsui from certain death.
      o Keikenna “Duels” Maho-Tsukai Undead (succeeds)
      o Wounds (-Reduction and any similar effects, including Void Point spent)
      o Unmei 3k3, Saku 2k2, Keikenna 2k2

    • +12 XP (Total Gained 92)

    Battle Rewards (Defending the Kaiu Wall) (Round 1 – #)
    • Unmei – Shadowlands Madness (2 Glory)
    • Saku – +1 Glory (
    2 for Duel)
    • Keikenna – 1 (2 for Duel)
    • Seppun Do –

    Letter to a Scorpion
    ...and a Phoenix

    (In the dim light of morning’s earliest hour, a Crab courier arrives at the door of Soshi Saku with a scroll adressed to Saku. Saku is informed by the courier that he has been instructed to wait in Saku’s presence till the scroll is read.)


    It occurs to me that a recent project of collaberation finds itself in untested waters, and that I may have immediate need of its usefullness. Thus, if you will indulge me, please come immediately to my chambers where we may discuss matters of a most sincere nature. The courier who brought you this will bring you to my presence by the swiftest and least travelled route. Please leave quickly, as I do not wish awareness of our meeting to become public knowledge.

    ~Shosuro Atari
    chop of the office of Imperial Shizen

    The Carpenter Wall (Kaiu Kabe) - Crab Lands Session 2

    The Carpenter Wall, Session 2

    Players: Jeff, Chris, JJ, Bobby (late), Jack (late)

    “The first duty we have to the Empire is to die in its defense. All else is secondary.” –
    Hiruma Makasu, former Hiruma Daimyo


    • At the end of the battle against the Kyoso, a small contingent of Crab samurai (a patrol) arrive on the scene led by Hiruma Soro. Soro is Seppun Do’s uncle [Glory 3.4/Status 4.0] and is a Chui in the Hida Patrols. He is a very paranoid individual and has an aged retired-Crab as a monk advisor named Maresuke.
    • The Crab patrol has heard rumor that a group of people impersonating an Imperial Retinue is running around North Crab lands summoning demons as maho-tsukai (rumor spread by Ikoma Zai prior to the PC’s arrival – later learned by Soshi Saku). During the altercation, the PC’s are threatened with death if they do not obey. Eventually and reluctantly, the group accepts the arrest. Akodo Unmei loses 4 boxes of Honor as he turns over his weapons to the Crab patrol and Hiruma Soro accepts responsibility for the possibility of dishonor and death.
    • PC’s arrive at Kyuden Hida without the raiment of Imperial status and as prisoners. They are met at the gates of Kyuden Hida by the Crab Champion’s daughter, Hida O-Ushi, and her personal guard and interred into a large, but spartan “guest house” as prisoners.
    • PC’s are brought before the Crab Champion and his court – a number of samurai and courtiers from various clans. PC’s meet Kisada, Hida Yakamo, Hiruma Soro, Maresuke, Yasuki Aritomo, Kuni Yori, various generals, courtiers, and warriors.
    • After explanation and understanding of the accident of rumor, Kisada offers Unmei Soro’s life for the dishonor. Unmei wishes him to remain alive and serve the Crab further (Kisada acknowledges this)

    A Celebration, Bitches!

    • PC’s later attend celebration at Kyuden Hida as official Imperial personages. All save Saku dress in their Imperial raiment (Saku shows up dressed in white, the color of death).
    • Yasuki Aritomo (Yasuki Courtier assigned to the PC’s as their guide) offers gifts of jade to Akodo Unmei and Isawa Keikenna – Soshi Saku offers to trade information for the jade.
    • Kisada accepts the gift of koku without offering to refuse twice, dishonoring the Hantei Emperor and the Miya daimyo’s gift.
    • PC’s all partake of fugu sushi (dangerous puffer fish dish) and gain some status in the Crab court as brave for doing so.
    • Shosuro Atari attempts to start a story in the court and many ignore the “deceptive Scorpion” until he states that it is a story of Crab bravery and Kisada calls the court to silence. After retelling Seppun Do’s story, Atari regales the court with the story of the Lion and the Crab, emphasizing Ikoma Zai’s loss of his child and belittling the Lion courtier.
    • After the tale, Yasuki Aritomo approaches Atari with an offer of assistance against Zai. Atari rebuffs him (wins the Contested Courtier Roll).

    Non-Crab Court Attendants:

    • Scorpion: Bayushi Mizuru (Bayushi Courtier Rank 2), weak and ineffectual courtier sent here as punishment for his inability in some regard.
    • Phoenix: Isawa Tadaka, Elemental Master of Earth, here primarily visiting Kuni Yori regarding information about his ancestor’s nefarious actions in summoning the Akuma no Oni.
    • Lion: Ikoma Minori (Rank 3 Ikoma Courtier) and Ikoma Ai (Matsu Bushi Rank 2)
    • Crane: Daidoji Dajan and Daidoji Uetoru (his Chui)
    • _Dragon: _None
    • Unicorn: Shinjo Yasamura (3rd son of the Shinjo daimyo and Unicorn Champion, Yokatsu)
    • _Minor Clans: _(Falcon) Toritaka Ferengu (female Ghost Hunter specializing in Gaki)

    Crab Welcome:
    Taiko Drummers


    • Session XP: 7; Total XP Gained: 80
    • Isawa Tadaka gifts Soshi Saku and Isawa Keikenna with the spells Jade Strike and Courage of the Seven Thunders as he believes, without them, they are unprepared to face the Shadowlands.
    The Carpenter Wall (Kaiu Kabe) - Crab Lands Session 1

    22 September, 2011 17:00 @ Roll the Dice

    The Carpenter Wall, Session 1

    Players: Jeff, Bobby, Chris, JJ, Jack

    “First, we are enveloped by the womb; then, we are enveloped by custom; finally, we are enveloped by death.” – The Tao of Shinsei

    Downtime Information:

    • Alteration to the Meiwaku Fan (Shosuro Atari)
    • Topaz Armor is left behind in the Ishiken dojo in Phoenix lands in honor of the teachings of that dojo. Saku crafts a mask with the Topaz motif to symbolize his winning. The Phoenix consider this an honor (Soshi Saku)
    • The Hare Clan is destroyed as per the information previously received by specific PC’s; this confirms that the information was correct. Openly, the Hare are denounced as Bloodspeakers, their clan destroyed by Bayushi Tomaru and wiped from Imperial records by Hantei XXXVIII.
    • Unmei agrees to the conditions of marriage if Daidoji Uji agrees to grant him a decree stating that he (Unmei) has authority to investigate Dajan’s activity (Akodo Unmei)
    • Isawa Xen-Gbo becomes Isawa Keikenna (Devout) post-Topaz and spends time in the south of Rokugan amidst Mantis kobune (ships); he also becomes more closely tied with Isawa Tsuke (Isawa Xen-Gbo)

    Dojo of the Emerald Magistrates:

    • The various PC’s (and Seppun Do) are arranged together by various factions (primarily Bayushi Goshiu and Isawa Tsuke) to form a special Imperial Retinue with a specific and secretive Imperial task. Isawa Keikenna is assigned as the group’s official leader and granted travel papers for the entire group. Each member is given the chops and papers of their positions and outfitted with the proper accoutrements (standards in some cases, kimono, seals, and symbols in others; Soshi Saku is specifically granted a book of laws of Rokugan and a special seal of the Emerald Magistrates).
    • The Imperial group’s primary and open duty is to venture to Crab lands for various individual reasons with the overall goal of distributing the auspices of the Miya family and the Hantei Emperor to the Crab Clan Champion, Hida Kisada. The PC’s are given a small group (half a dozen ashigaru warriors) and a chest of koku (10,000) to offer Kisada as a token of the Miya family and the Emperor’s benevolence and respect for their duty to the Empire.
    • On the sly, the Imperial Retinue is informed that their underlying goal is to gauge the pulse of the Crab clan. Unkind rumors have spread that the Crab Champion, Kisada – the Great Bear, has been openly denouncing the Hantei Emperor as weak and ineffectual and might be considering the possibility of an uprising or coup. Miya Yoto wants the PC’s to determine if there is any truth to these rumors and, if so, report back and possibly attempt to assuage the Crab in the process.
    • Shosuro Atari’s specific goal is one of diplomacy. Convince the Crab NOT to go against the Hantei dynasty if at all possible and serve as “mouth” for Miya Yoto – this is in direct opposition to Goshiu’s stated wishes regarding the subject
    • Soshi Saku’s specific goal is to investigate as he can, utilizing his special magic, any truth to the Crab’s defection and exercise his capacity as an Imperial Magistrate if duly required.
    • Akodo Unmei’s specific goal is to gather intelligence on the strengths and weaknesses of the Crab military and has been assigned papers by the Miya daimyo that places him in a position of military advisement capacity towards the Hida daimyo. It has been arranged that Unmei share his wealth of Lion tactics with the Crab in return for their knowledge and training. He is told that, if absolutely necessary, he is to use the ashigaru assigned to him as runners to reach the nearest legion (6th Legion and 5th Legion assigned in Yasuki territory, led by Doji Watanabe and Shiba Jozan).
    • Isawa Xen-Gbo’s specific goal is to peruse the maps of the Crab and update Imperial maps. In addition, he will be making notes regarding troop placement and movement within the Crab lands for the Miya family.
    • Isawa Keikenna [Xen-Gbo] discusses religion and the Fortunes with Otomo Godairu (an Imperial Seppun trained shugenja); Godairu discusses his ancestry and brings into question his position as an Imperial Cartographer.
    • Shosuro Atari is quickly met by an Emerald Magistrate, Doji Hokaro – a karo of the Emerald Champion himself – as soon as he arrives. Hokaro takes Atari on a tour of the dojo along with a few others and it soon becomes obvious that Hokaro is an ally of Ikoma Zai (they are cousins by marriage) and that he has been tasked to “leash” Atari during his stay.
    • Akodo Unmei asks for and receives written information on the Imperial Legions, to include the 13th Legion.
    • Isawak Keikenna [Xen-Gbo] is placed in a position of leadership over the Imperial Retinue at the command of Miya Yoto who wants the group to be viewed peacefully. Keikenna presents Miya Satoshi with an unusual scroll mixing gaijin and Rokugani writing. Satoshi is pleased.
    • Atari begins a rumor that Hokaro and he are closely tied for Zai to hear (two raises).
    • On the road, Atari suggests that the PC’s commandeer more ashigaru as defenders and carriers. They take on 8 more peasants as bearers in Lion lands – Unmei and Keikenna bestow a gift of 16 koku for the use of the peasants to the local daimyo and Soshi Saku buys sake for the entire group of ashigaru defenders.
    • Keikenna sends missives to his gaijin friends regarding a servant.

    Almost as soon as the PCs enter Crab territory (within a week of doing so) they encounter a group of ashigaru and ji-samurai being slain by a wounded Kyoso no Oni spawn. The group engages.

    • Seppun Do cowers in fear for the beginning of the combat alongside Shosuro Atari and the ashigaru defenders. Makoto, Atari’s servant, runs screaming into the wood-line never to return.
    • Soshi Saku uses his magic to make the chest of koku go invisible as soon as sounds of assault appear on the road.
    • Akodo Unmei and Isawa Keikenna engage the Kyoso. Unmei fails to damage her with his Akodo Blade and Keikenna draws her ire by harming her with magic. With quick thinking, Akodo Unmei leaps onto the back of the demon and shoves his hand into her chest, near where her heart should be, sliding his finger of jade into her. The Kyoso dies shortly after, burning the road and tainting the area. Unbeknownst to him, Akodo Unmei acquires 1 box of the Shadowlands Taint.


    • Session and downtime XP: 19 (Total Gained: 73)
    • PC’s all given 500 koku as yearly stipend for their positions
    • Akodo Unmei gains 1 box of Shadowlands Taint
    • +1 Glory rank for those achieving Rank 2
    • +1 box of Glory for acknowledgement of defeat of the Kyoso to group
    Gifts and Favors
    5 months later...

    I’m creating this log so that we can have one central place to record our downtime for Chris. Each of us can reply to it as a comment on the log and make things tidy for our GM/Emperor. :)

    The Topaz Championship: Day 3 (end of adventure)

    8 September, 2011 18:00

    “Do not take this world for granted for beyond it there are enemies without number.”Toritaka Zumbe, Ghost Hunter

    The Test of the Topaz Champion, Day 3

    Evening before the Duel

    Players: Jeff, Bobby, Chris, JJ, Jason (Special Guest!), Jack

    - Togashi Gohan achieves all his sub-missions assigned to him by Togashi Mitsu and is granted the “wisdom” of a third tattoo before its appropriate time.

    - Doji Wakao meets with Shosuro Atari at the House of Poisoned Water and the two discuss the following day.

    - Isawa Xen-Gbo has an interesting encounter with Makoto (Atari’s handmaid); later, Isawa Tsuke reveals that Kuni Yori was secretly following Xen-Gbo. Tsuke reveals this information to Xen-Gbo and gives him a specially sealed scroll case to watch over. Also, Tsuke officially assigns Xen-Gbo as Soshi Saku’s “Watcher” (Hostage Disadvantage).

    - Akodo Unmei meditates tot he Seven Fortunes alongside Kakita Toshimoko (The Grey Crane).

    Day of the Duel

    - Akodo Unmei and Doji Wakao face off in a much-anticipated duel. Instead of accepting the fate that the court, gossip, and common hatred has drawn for him, Akodo Unmei attempts to broker some peace between himself and the Crane. After great and convincing debate before the court, Wakao secretly reveals to Unmei that more than he can see is going on and that a secret “master” has decreed he must slay Unmei. Akodo Kage refuses Unmei’s right to accept the challenge to the death and the Iaijutsu duel resolves normally.

    - Kakita Shino and Mirumoto Otokan Kharmic Strike in the official duel. Afterwards, Otokan decides that he must travel the empire as ronin on a Musha Shugyo (spiritual journey) to perfect his art for the period of a year. Kakita Shino, shamed, begs for seppuku and his emotional display gains him not only refusal, but dismissal from Kakita School and the Crane Clan (he becomes permanent Clan Ronin and loses his Kakita Blade).

    - In between rounds, the Ronin Hazu is seen talking with Akodo Kage, turns suddenly from the REvered Sensei and charges Doji Wakao as he sits. Wakao is slain and some see a mysterious knife wound in the magistrate’s back even as Hazu attacked from the front. A Kakita Kenshinzen and sensei cut down the ronin afterwards. Later, it is revealed by Kage that the ronin could not accept some information the honored Akodo was revealing and went insane.

    - Numerous Kharmic Strikes occur in the duel marking an important omen. Various Asahina shugenja, assisted by “rumor of the court” begin to whisper that this is an ill omen and will herald terrible news for the Empire.

    - The final duel is between Togashi Gohan, an ise zumi, and Soshi Saku, an Ishiken trained byt he Phoenix belonging to the Scorpion. Saku defeats Gohan and is forced to fight him again as the two tie for overall points in the tournament. Saku defeats the Dragon a second time and claims the title of Topaz Champion for the period of a year.

    Random Events Post-Tournament and In-Between Events

    —> It is announced during the Tournament Celebration that Kakita Akemi, formerly betrothed to Doji Wakao, has been betrothed instead to Bayushi Denbe (her True Love) in an arrangement between Kakita Yoshi and Bayushi Goshiu.

    —> It is announced by Miya Yoto that Hiruma Do has drawn the attention of the Imperial Seppun family and has been offered the chance to train among the Seppun guard and take the Seppun family name for his honorable actions during the tournament.

    —> Bayushi Goshiu gifts Shosuro Atari with a Meiwaku Fan (See Items section) and utilizes its abilities to test his loyalty to the Scorpion as a whole. He suggests that Atari do with it as he wishes afterwards.

    —> Matsu Hiroru gifts Akodo Unmei with a special crystal figurine of a large tear.

    —> Isawa Kaede (Soshi Saku’s Acolyte Sensei) has requested via Isawa Tsuke, Master of Fire, that Saku return to Phoenix lands for further training and review of his abilities for a short time before venturing to Soshi lands. Later, Saku is gifted with a spell (in addition to his newly learned spells), Voice of the Void, and a special Candle of the Void (see Items section) crafted by her father, Isawa Ujina, Master of the Void.

    —> Bayushi Denbe loses Lost Love and Driven and gains the disadvantage Obligation (Shosuro Atari) for 6 pts and the advantage Blissful Betrothal.

    Experience: 20(+previous game 34xp): 54 Total for Topaz Story Arc

    Glory: Shosuro (gains 2 boxes Glory for his Sumai duel, 3 boxes for his tournament courtier experiences thus far Infamy, 2 boxes for the Story at the final contest, 5 boxes of Infamy for Wakao’s encounter); 5 more boxes (Infamy) belief of Wakao’s assassination.

    Glory: Unmei gains 5 boxes of Glory for her place as Second to Kitsu Konoko’s seppuku; +3 boxes for combat in the woods.

    Glory: Togashi Gohan receives 4 boxes of Glory for his good showing on the first day; 3 boxes for combat in the woods.

    Glory: Soshi Saku receives 3 boxes for Glory in the woods

    Glory: Isawa Xen-Gbo receives 3 boxes for Glory in the woods

    Glory All: All gain 3 boxes for each duel won. Soshi Saku gains 1 full rank for winning the tournament.

    Other Gains:

    Shosuro Atari: Ally: Seppun (Hiruma) Do (2 Dev/1 Stat); Ally: Bayushi Denbe (2 Dev/1 Stat); Sworn Enemy: Akodo Shotako (even points)

    Akodo Unmei: Ally: [Mirumoto] Otokan (1 Dev/1 Stat)

    Soshi Saku gains ability to enter the Topaz Champion New Path at Rank 2

    Skip Week: 15SEPT2011

    Going to have to skip this week. Class and time constraints are preventing me from getting together the game stuff I need to run it. We will resume the following week.

    Please think about stuff you want your characters to be a part of during the roughly 5 months of downtime. I will have some stuff in mind for you and we can work it out back and forth.



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