Ujina's Candle of the Void


Ujina s candle of the void

Initiates of the Isawa Shugenja School learn to craft Candles of the Void as part of their regular training. They take the form of candles, imbued with faint but very practical elemental magic. Although they outwardly appear to hold only the power of Fire, each Candle of the Void actually incorporates all of the Elements. The creation process, which is taught exclusively at the Isawa Shugenja School, also infused the candle with the power of Void, giving the item a supernatural aura of peace and focus.

These magical candles are made of black wax. They are extremely thick and usually about one foot long when newly created. They burn like normal candles, melting slowly, until a shugenja casts a spell near them. Each time a shugenja spell draws upon the enchantment of a Candle of the Void, the wax instantaneously melts several inches forming strange patterns at the base of the item. These patterns sometimes take the forms of dangerous creatures, strange human visages, or trees and mountains found in Rokugan, but other times they do not look like anything from the Realm of Mortals. Despite these strange shapes and patterns a Candle of the Void never seems ugly or menacing – indeed, many claim these wax forms only make the candle more beautiful.

Abilities of a Typical Candle:
When a shugenja casts a spell within 10’ of a burning Candle of the Void, she gains a +5 bonus to her Spellcasting Roll. Furthermore, while she is within the radius she can cast any spell she knows as an Innate Ability. Each Candle of the Void can be used up to 5 times before its wax fully melts and its magic becomes burned up.

Ujina’s Candle (the one Saku has) has a radius of 50’. In addition, the user gains a +10 to Spellcasting rolls and the candle has 10 uses. Otherwise, it remains the same.


Ujina's Candle of the Void

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