The Oni's Heart


The Oni’s Heart

The oni s heart


Lore: 45 (Shadowlands)


The oni’s heart was taken by Raiko from an unnamed, powerful unique oni traversing the Shadowlands. The oni was specifically weak against magic, but Raiko found his blood to be particularly potent when used to cast maho. It is unknown if the oni has any spawn or has ever been encountered in Rokugan since its heart was taken, but it remains likely that the oni cannot spread its influence while its heart remains a cursed nemuranai.

In order to use the stone, the possessor must sacrifice wounds/blood to it. The stone can store up to 100 Wounds worth of blood at a time. When the user wishes to cast a spell requiring blood, he or she focuses their Willpower upon it (Willpower roll TN 15) and expends 5 Wounds/Rank of the spell to be cast. If the Willpower roll fails, the energy is wasted and expended out into the world – the stone pulsates, blood flows, and nothing happens.

The stone can also be used to store any spells, maho or otherwise, and allow the user to effectively cast them as if they had the spells memorized.

Arsenal of Spells:
- From Kuni’s era: Spells
- Raiko’s Additions: Maho + others + Kuni’s Crystal Breath (see new spell)






The Oni's Heart

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