The Dragon Helm of Thunder


“A samurai must fight battle after battle, war after war… and a samurai must know that the greatest duty is not to win. It is to fight, and to continue fighting until the last drop of blood has fallen from the veins of the last servant of the Empire.” – Osano-Wo, Fortune of Fire and Thunder

The Dragon Helms are powerful, legendary artifacts, and have been the subject of much debate throughout history. The helms wer created when a particularly clever and devious Soshi shugenja discovered a means by which she could tap into the pure power of the Elemental Dragons and contain a tiny fragment of their essence in a mortal object, much as the kami could be contained within nemuranai. Although the shugenja was destroyed by the Oracle of Fire for her temerity, her apprentices managed to complete her work, and create one helm for each of the six great dragons (the existence of the Celestial Dragon was unknown by mortals at tha time). Many consider the helms to be blasphemous by their very existence, but others believe that if the dragons wished them destroyed, they would have ceased to exist long ago.

All of the Dragon Helms allow those who wear them to see the true form of an Elemental Dragon, their Oracles, or their servants (such as the ryu spirits of Tengoku), no matter what form they may have taken. Each Helm also allows its owner to issue one command to the Dragon associated with it, in exchange for giving the helm to that Dragon. However, those who abuse the privelage of commanding a Celestial Dragon by demanding something selfish or dishonorable are unlikely to live to regret their lack of wisdom.

Dragon Helm of Thunder: The Helm of Thunder carries with it the blessing of the Thunder Dragon, an incarnation of the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, Osano-wo. Wearing the Helm of Thunder renders the owner completely immune to any effect that would cause Fear or sleep. When the helm is put on for the very first time, the owner chooses 1 Trait as the Trait that he link to it; he gains a 1 Rank bonus to that trait for as long as he physically wears the helm.


The Dragon Helm of Thunder

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