Shinme de Raikou (Shoot with Lightning)

Shinoda's yumi which he awakened after the first skirmish in the Battle of Beiden Pass

weapon (ranged)

Radiant Yumi, creates its own ammunition (lightning arrows), one free raise toward bow attacks


Shinoda’s yumi is a family heirloom that has been passed down his family for centuries. It is powered by his father’s departed soul and was awakened when their ancestor, Osano-Wo, gave Shinoda his blessing with a bolt of fire and lightning striking his bow from the heavens.

The wood of the bow seems charred and hardened as if it had been burned over a slow fire. There is no bow string, but instead an arc of lightning that connects one end of the bow to the other. When the “string” is pulled, an arrow of the wielder’s choosing forms along the sight of the bow and then arcs towards it’s intended target.

Shinme de Raikou (Shoot with Lightning)

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