New Dawn

Manifesto of the New Dawn (Kolat)


New Dawn

The power of creation is stronger than destruction. The bonds that men make in brotherhood and sincerity can be broken by no army. No sword can pierce the loyalty within a true heart. No prayer is stronger than one man standing next to another. I help my brother and he is strengthened. He helps out sister and she is strengthened. No power in the world, no light or darkness can defeats us when we stand as one, free from tyranny and oppression of the heart, mind and soul. A free man cano not be defeated, the worst they may do is kill him and his strength will be passed on to others who desire to be free.

For too long we have destroyed our brothers instead of freeing them from their slavery. Let us not curse our brothers while they suffer, let us be the tool and manner of their salvation. All souls yearn to be free. It is our sacred duty to help them be so.

The time for destruction is past. We must build bridges to our brothers and hold out our hands so they may climb out of their pits of deprivations. Remember, no man is truly free while one is imprisoned. All people must be free, no matter the manner or station of their birth.

The sun rises on a new day. Let all be free to bask in its warmth, let no man claim dominion over another. Do not let your brother suffer while you hold the key to his prison.


The scroll is written in normal Rokugani script, but is written in a certain way and employs the brainwashing and mnemonic keywords and techniques of the Kolat to bypass the Kolat brainwashing.

The core of the programming within the scroll is to implant the belief that the Kolat’s method of operating is dishonorable and wrong. Regardless of whether the Agent continues to engage in those activities or changes his ways, the Idea will sit in his mind. He will have the Belief embedded inside him.

Suggested Mechanics: When an Agent reads the scroll he may make a Honor roll in order to experience a moment of clarity. In that moment he is temporarily freed from the conditioning of the Kolat and may make a free choice. If he decides to continue with the old ways, no damage is done to him, but the Belief stays with him. He may act as he chooses, but a part of him will Believe that what he is doing is wrong.

If he decides to change his ways and embrace the New Dawn, the programming of the scroll attacks the Kolat brainwashing and overwrites it. He retains the Belief of the scroll, but it does not compel him to act in any manner.

Unmei is infusing this document with his true belief in the ideals of the Kolat. It is his Belief that infects the Agents. As he is imparting some of his essence, his soul, into the document, there is a great toll on him. He will lose the Great Destiny advantage and the Dark Fate disadvantage, as this act is both a Great Deed (freeing Kolat agents from their brainwashing, trying to help all people, samurai and eta) and Terrible Betrayal (Betraying his master, Akodo Kage, but more importantly dedicating and wagering his very soul to fight against the Celestial Heavens and Emperor). As the Agent reading the scroll is being infected with a part of Unmei’s soul and Beliefs, the Agent may use Unmei’s Honor Rank (Currently 8.4) when making the Honor Roll.

New Dawn

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