Meiwaku Fan

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Meiwaku fan

A Meiwaku Fan only works properly when the item is offered as a gift. Once the item has been accepted, a link is formed between the giver of the Fan and the person who received it. Any time the giver is within line of sight of the recipient, as long as that person carries the gift, he may spend a Void Point to read his thoughts. Each Void Point spent in this manner allows the giver to read the recipient’s thoughts for a number of minutes equal to his Void Ring. This ability may only be used a number of times per day equal to the Void Ring of the giver.


About 200 years ago, Asahina Meiwaku, a talented Crane shugenja, married Soshi Toraburu, himself a prominent shugenja of the Soshi Family. The marriage, like most, was strictly a political arrangement. Meiwaku spent many years alone, for her husband was rarely
home and most Scorpion were reluctant to trust her. Ostracized in her husband’s house, Meiwaku decided to show the Scorpion the meaning of true loyalty. She fashioned a fan which she imbued with powerful magic. When her husband returned from a particularly long trip, Meiwaku presented it to him. She asked him to offer the device as a gift to her father the next time he visited her Crane cousins on the coast. Toraburu promised to honor his wife’s request and kept his lord. After he had given the fan to his wife’s father, however, something
strange occurred: Toraburu began to hear the old man’s thoughts as he spoke to him. Toraburu noticed that the old man was carrying his daughter’s fan, and a thin smile grew on his face.
Soshi Toraburu was so impressed with the fan that as soon as he returned home he begged Meiwaku to produce more. Meiwaku agreed to his request on one condition: that her husband showed the rest of the Scorpion she was truly part of the Clan, and not merely a useless Crane wife. She asked him to perform a second gempukku that would officially make her a part of his Family and a full-fledged member of the Scorpion Clan. Toraburu performed the ceremony himself, in front of the Soshi Daimyo and 90 other members of the Family. On every anniversary of that ceremony, Meiwaku gave her husband a new fan.
As far as anyone can tell, Meiwaku created seventeen of these magical fans. Each of these items is unique in appearance, but they all share the same magical power. Unfortunately for the Scorpion, over the years many of these wondrous devices fell into the hands of members
of rival Clans. Although many Soshi shugenja have tried to copy the formula Meiwaku used, they have thus far failed to replicate these fans. As far as they know, no other shugenja has been able to reproduce them either, thus making the seventeen Meiwaku Fans even more valuable.

Meiwaku Fan

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