Lao-Kira's Favor

Purple Tassle


This numeranai is a white and purple tassle, cut from an ornate saddle and given as a gift to Ikoma Jun by Utaku Lao-Kira. When Lao-Kira died, she stayed beside Jun as a spiritual protector but soon saw that Jun was refusing to go forward with his life. As a final act of love, she said goodbye and invested her spirit into the tassle where she shows her favor by giving back what he has lost while pining for his lost love; time. The bearer of the tassle needs to sleep only half as much as usual, typically 4 hours, to become rested. In addition, they may spend a void point to erase the need to sleep completely for one day, though this may never be done for two days consecutively. +


Lao-Kira's Favor

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