Kokuyouseki; Akodo Yurei's Obsidian Mempo


Kokuyouseki [Akodo Yurei’s Obsidian Mempo]

According to Yasuki Aritomo, Akodo Yurei is his great-grandfather and was assigned to the wall over a century ago in order to bring Akodo tactical knowledge to bear against the Shadowlands.

At some point, Yurei was killed fighting the Shadowlands and the only item salvageable from his body was his Obsidian Mempo. Kokuyouseki took on some of Yurei’s famed Honor and has developed a fearsome countenance more useful when born by an honorable samurai.

Description and Effects:
Kokuyouseki is made entirely of Obsidian, but is magically hardened to the strength of steel. It molds to the face of the bearer with soft silk and spreads wide into a fearsome, fang-filled grimace when placed on the face.

The mempo has one primary advantage that is always active: any weapon wielded by the mempo’s wearer is considered Radiant (acts as if it is Jade for the purpose of bypassing Invulnerability). In addition, 1/day, the wearer ma spend a Void Point to engage a Fear effect against the wearer’s enemies equal to his Honor Rank.


Kokuyouseki; Akodo Yurei's Obsidian Mempo

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