Kaminari de Kōgeki (Strike with Thunder)

Tetsubo, nemuranai, Crab

weapon (melee)

Kaminari de Kōgeki (Strike with Thunder)

Tetsubo of thunder


Lore: 40 (Crab or Nemuranai)

4k3 Tetsubo


Originally crafted by Kaiu Kako, the daughter of a Kaiu daimyo, as a wedding git for her groom-to-be, Hiruma Mashiroisho. Unfortunately, Kako was killed by goblin raiders as she traveled to her wedding. Mashiroisho discovered his dead bride and undelivered weapon and, speaking to no one, traveled alone into the Shadowlands. He returned five days later, sorely wounded, but grimly satisfied. Upon his death, years later, the weapon was passed to his son (by a later wife). The tetsubo was passed from father to son for over 100 years until it was lost in teh Shadowlands more than fifty years ago.

Strike with Thunder is a massive tetsubo, over five feet in length. When held, the weapon is much lighter than normal, almost as if the center of the weapon were hollow; however, the balance of the weapon seems subtly wrong. As a result, the weapon can be unwieldy.

When used in battle Strike with Thunder provides two advantages and one disadvantage:

  • First, the weapon is astoundingly fast. When rolling for initiative the bearer may roll an extra 4k0.
  • Second, when rolling for a hit, the user must roll one(-1k0 to attack) fewer die than normal, due to the poor balance.
  • Finally, when the weapon strikes an opponent a clap of thunder often accompanies it. Strike with Thunder rolls 4k3 for damage. If any dice roll a ten, the attack is accompanied by a clap of thunder (louder for each ten rolled). One ten results in the target being automatically Dazed. Two tens increase this to Stunned. Three tens increase this effect to Prone and Stunned. Any additional tens only increase the magnitude of the sound.
  • In addition, Strike with Thunder grants a Free Raise on the Knockdown maneuver.

Additional Note: A PC returning this weapon to the Kaiu or Hiruma families will gain +1 rank of Glory and the favor of the daimyo of that clan.

Additional Note: Strikes with Thunder is cursed. The nature of the curse is unknown at this time.






Kaminari de Kōgeki (Strike with Thunder)

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