Kakko-Fudo (The Blade of Kuni)

Kuni, sword, nemuranai

weapon (melee)

Kakko-Fudo (The Blade of Kuni)

Jade katana


Lore: 35 (Crab or Nemuranai)

4k3 Katana


Kakko-fudo was designed to aid Kuni in his research of the Shadowlands, preventing its bearer from acquiring Taint and being possessed by spirits as long as he carries the sword. Though the 4k3 katana of unrotting jade may be used by anyone, its powers are geared toward shugenja. The bearer take a Wound Rank to “regain” one cast spell as a Simple Action as the blade exchanges spiritual energy for physical. This damage may only be healed by natural rest. Kakko-fudo also counts as Radiant, Obsidian, Jade, and Crystal for the purposes of bypassing Reduction and Invulnerability.

Historically, Kakko-fudo remains lost to the Dark One. The blade’s markings are unmistakable. Forged by both Kuni and Kaiu, its layers of purest jade and darkest obsidian are bound in steel, still gleaming with the purity of the snow and blessed salt the blade was quenched in. The tsuba is gilt with silver and crystal, symbols of the five elements ringing it, and the black teak saya is decorated only with burnished iron.

The bloodspeaker, Raiko, found Kakko-fudo on a powerful oni in the Shadowlands and defeated it for the nemuranai. Raiko, known then by the moniker “Fortune of Luck” for his interactions with fate (he has 3 Ranks of Luck and Unluck – they do not interact on the same rolls), also found within the oni the Oni’s Heart, a dangerous cursed nemuranai that channels maho and other magic. Raiko fled the Shadowlands with both items, permanently unable to be corrupted and still able to use his precious maho on his enemies. He was found and defeated by an honorable shugenja – bound into the earth near what would become Toritaka lands, but not dead. He was recently released by Toritaka Arinmihime and her brother, Harike.






Kakko-Fudo (The Blade of Kuni)

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