Atari's Go Set


[See Meiwaku Fan]


Nemuranai Go Set (Meiwaku’s Go Table)
This is Shosuro Atari’s nemuranai-enhanced go set he received from Inheritance. It retains its current +1k1 to all Games: Go rolls. It has been further modified with the Meiwaku Fan he was given by Bayushi Goshiu, Master of Lies by Soshi Saku, Acolyte of Void. The fan has been broken down to its subsequent parts and now lines the outside of the go set in elaborate fashion. Pieces of the cloth of the fan lie as felt on the bottom of the go set and also line the inside of the bowls for the pieces. More importantly, the awakened Air spirits within the fan have attached themselves to the board and have further enhanced its capabilities.
This new ability of the go set only works if an opponent willingly accepts invitation to a game of Go on the board. A link becomes forged between the two players and the owner of the board may choose to activate this link at any time during play. The controller may spend a Void point to attempt to read the thoughts of his opponent. He must first make a contested Air Ring roll to establish the link after spending the Void point. If successful, he may read the surface thoughts of his opponent for a number of rounds equal to his Void Ring.


Atari's Go Set

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